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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-11A Dynamic, Electrolyte-Blocking, and Single-Ion-Conductive Network for Stable Lithium-Metal Anodes이민아; Zhiao Yu; David G. Mackanic; Wesley Michaels; Allen Pei; Dawei Feng; Qiuhong Zhang; Yuchi Tsao; Chibueze V. Amanchukwu; Xuzhou Yan; Hansen Wang; Shucheng Chen; Kai Liu; Jiheong Kang; Jian Qin; Yi Cui; Zhenan Bao
2009-09A Flexible Microelectrode for Mouse EEG최지현; Klaus Koch; Wigand Poppendieck; 이민아; 신희섭
2007-10A flexible multichannel electrode for mouse brain and its application to mouse EEG최지현; 이민아; 김종호; 신희섭
2008-11A flexible, multi-channel electrode for mouse brain and its application to a mouse EEG최지현; 클라우스 코흐; 뷔간드 포펜딕크; 이민아; 신희섭
2008-03A Simultaneous NIRS-EEG study of absence seizure in the mouse brain이승덕; 이민아; Dalkwon Koh; 김법민; 최지현
2019-09An Electrochemical Gelation Method for Patterning Conductive PEDOT:PSS Hydrogels이민아; Vivian Rachel Feig; Helen Tran; Kathy Liu; Zhuojun Huang; Levent Beker; David G. Mackanic; Zhenan Bao
2014-10Biologically inspired pteridine redox centres for rechargeable batteries홍지현; 이민아; 이병주; 서동화; 박찬범; 강기석
2010-05Cerebral hemodynamic responses to seizure in the mouse brain: simultaneous near-infrared spectroscopy-electroencephalography study이승덕; 이민아; 고달권; 김법민; 최지현
2010-11Characterization of topographically different sleep spindles using simultaneous multi-channel EEG and thalamic LFP recording in mice김동욱; 이민아; 신희섭; 최지현
2015-01Characterization of Topographically Specific Sleep Spindles in Mice김동욱; 황은진; 이민아; 성호근; 최지현
2010-11Comparison of thalamocortical oscillatory characteristics between GBL-induced and PLCβ4 KO absence seizure model in mice이민아; 김동욱; 신희섭; 최지현
2012-06Critical Role of Oxygen Evolved from Layered Li-Excess Metal Oxides in Lithium Rechargeable Batteries임희대; 홍지현; 이민아; 김성욱; 김해겸; 오송택; 정근창; 강기석
2019-03Designing a Quinone-Based Redox Mediator to Facilitate Li2S Oxidation in Li-S Batteries이민아; Yuchi Tsao; Elizabeth C. Miller; Guoping Gao; Jihye Park; Shucheng Chen; Toru Katsumata; Helen Tran; Lin-Wang Wang; Michael F. Toney; Yi Cui; Zhenan Bao
2019-08Distinct topographical patterns of spike-wave discharge in transgenic and pharmacologically induced absence seizure models최지현; 이수정; 황은진; 이민아
2010-11Functional Connectivity and Information Flow Maps in the Thalamocortical Circuit: A Mouse Model최지현; 김동욱; 이민아; 황은진; 신희섭
2010-09High Resolution Electroencephalography in Freely Moving Mice최지현; Klaus Peter Koch; 뷔간드 포펜딕; 이민아; 신희섭
2011-01High-density EEG Recordings of the Freely Moving Mice using Polyimide-based Microelectrode이민아; 김동욱; 신희섭; Ho-Geun Sung; 최지현
2017-11High-performance sodium-organic battery by realizing four-sodium storage in disodium rhodizonate홍지현; 이민아; Jeffrey Lopez; Yongming Sun; Dawei Feng; Kipil Lim; William C. Chueh; Michael F. Toney; Yi Cui; Zhenan Bao
2009-10Mapping and assessment of 4-Aminopyridine induced seizures in the mouse brain최지현; 신희섭; 임중엽; 이민아
2020-08Molecularly Tailored Lithium-Arene Complex Enables Chemical Prelithiation of High ­Capacity Lithium­Ion Battery Anodes정향수; 홍지현; 이민아; 강인영; 장주영; 최진관; 이경우
2017-07Multi-electron redox phenazine for ready-to-charge organic batteries홍지현; 이민아; 이병주; 구교진; 이세찬; 박찬범; 강기석
2009-02Multi-modal Integration of High Resolution EEG and Neural Recording in the Mouse Brain in vivo이민아; 신희섭; 최지현
2014-04Organic Nanohybrids for Fast and Sustainable Energy Storage임희대; 이민아; 홍지현; 김해겸; 조성백; 강기석; 박찬범
2016-05Rational design of redox mediators for advanced Li-O2 batteries임희대; 홍지현; 이민아; 이병주; Yongping Zheng; 김진수; 권혁조; 고영민; 조경재; 강기석
2015-07Self-adhesive graphene oxide-wrapped TiO2 nanoparticles for UV-activated colorimetric oxygen detection이준석; 손은진; 이민아; Chau Hai Thai Vu; 이하나; 권기훈; 박찬범
2009-10Simultaneous recording of brain activity and connectivity in the mouse brain이민아; 김동욱; 신희섭; 최지현
2009-09Simultaneous Recording of Brain Activity and Functional Connectivity in the Mouse Brain이민아; 신희섭; 최지현
2009-07Simultaneous recording of EEG & LFP during Absence Seizure & Sleep Spindle이민아; 김동욱; 신희섭; 최지현
2021-03Solution Processing of Lithium-Rich Amorphous Li-La-Zr-O Ion Conductor and Its Application for Cycling Durability Improvement of LiCoO2 Cathode as Coating Layer이민아; Tan Tan Bui; Boseon Yun; Kwabena Darko; Seung Beom Shin; Jaehyun Kim; Jongin Hong; Sung Kyu Park; Myung-Gil Kim
2011-11Spatially different types of sleep spindles show distinct thalamocortical activity patterns in mice김동욱; 이민아; 최지현