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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-041,1-difluoroethane(HFC-152a) + propane(HC-290) 혼합물의 기-액 상평형 측정진현상; 이병권; 김재덕; 임종성; 양대륙
1998-09-171,1-디플루오로에틸메틸에테르의 제조방법김홍곤; 김훈식; 안병성; 이병권; 이현주
2005-05A comparative study of water gas shift reaction over ceria supported metallic catalysts류종우; 문동주; 최은형; 이병권; 이상득; 홍석인
2002-10A study of adsorption equilibria for pure CH4,C2H6,C2H4,N2,H2 component onto activated carbon최병욱; 김성현; 최대기; 이창하; 이병권
1996-10A study of chromium/magnesium/calcium/aluminum catalysts on the fluorination reaction of HCFC-133a정우식; 김경림; 김홍곤; 김훈식; 이병권
2001-10A study of vapor-liquid equilibria and refrigeration performance of refrigerant mixtures박지영; 이병권; 임종성
2003-06A study of vapor-liquid equilibria and refrigeration performance of refrigerant mixtures임종성; 박지영; 김재덕; 이병권
2003-04A study of VLE and refrigeration performance of refrigerant mixtures composed of HF and hydrocarbon.박지영; 이병권; 김재덕; 임종성
2004-05A study on the catalytic dimerization of TFE over Ru/A.C. catalyst이용준; 문동주; 류종우; 김홍곤; 이병권; 안병성; 홍석인
2000-05A study on the dimethyl carbonate synthesis catalysts and reaction characteristics이병권; 김훈식; 김재준; 한만석; 박건유
1993-06A study on the fluorination of pentachloroethane박건유; 이상득; 이병권; 권영수; 김훈식
1996-01A study on the hydrodechlorination reaction of dichlorodifluoromethane over Pd/AlF3 catalyst안병성; 이상철; 문동주; 이병권
1998-05A study on the phase equilibria of binary refrigerant mixtures as CFC alternatives박지영; 임종성; 이병권; 박건유; 이창하
1985-12A study on the reaction kinetics for ethanolamines synthesis박건유; 박태기; 이병권
2004-05A study on the WGS reaction over Pt-Ni based catalyst류종우; 문동주; 김안나; 이상득; 이병권; 안병성; 홍석인
2004-08Adsorption and Regeneration Dynamic Characteristics of Methane and Hydrogen Binary System최병욱; 남기문; 최대기; 이병권; 김성현; 이창하
2002-04Adsorption dynamic behavior of H₂/CH₄ in activated carbon adsorber최병욱; 최대기; 이영환; 김성현; 이창하; 이병권
2004-08Adsorption Eqilibria and Dynamic Characteristics of Pure and Mixture Gases on Heterogeneous Adsorbents남기문; 정병만; 강석현; 이병권; 최대기
1998-11Adsorption equilibria of chloropentafluoroethane on activated carbon powder문동주; 정문조; 김홍곤; 이병권; 이상득; 박건유
2003-06Adsorption equilibria of methane ethane, ethylene, nitrogen, and hydrogen onto activated carbon최병욱; 최대기; 이영환; 이병권; 김성현
2003-11An attempt to solve plugging problem during thermal decomposition of natural gas장훈; 임종성; 이병권; 최대기; 백영순
2000-04Azeotropic behavior of HFCs and hydrocarbon refrigerant mixtures박지영; 임종성; 이병권; 이윤우; 김재덕
2003-04Azeotropy and criteria for prediction of azeotropes in forty refrigerant mixtures.양준열; 박지영; 이병권; 이창하; 임종성
2003-05Breakage mechanisms and properties of attrition-milled alumina powder for fuel powered vehicles applications강동민; 문동주; 류종우; 이병권; 김홍곤; 홍석인
2012-08Carbon coating on lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4): Comparison between continuous supercritical hydrothermal method and solid-state method홍승아; 김수진; 김재훈; 이병권; 정경윤; 이윤우
2004-04Carbon Dioxide Reforming by Methane over Ni-YSZ-CeO2 Catalyst강동민; 문동주; 류종우; 박종민; 이병권; 홍석인
2004-10Carbon dioxide reforming by methane over Ni-YSZ-CeO2 catalyst문동주; 박종민; 류종우; 강동민; 유계상; 김홍곤; 이병권
2004-08Catalytic decomposition of methane over carbon blacks for CO2-free hydrogen productionEun Kyoung Lee; Sang Yeob Lee; Gui Young Han; 이병권; Tae-Jin Lee; jin Hyuk Jun; Ki June Yoon
2006-04Catalytic decomposition of sulfur trioxide on the binary metal oxide catalysts of Fe/Al and Fe/Ti김태호; 공경택; 이병권; 이관영; 전희영; 신채호; 김홍곤; 정광덕
2005-10Catalytic decomposition of sulfur trioxide with metallic catalysts for the IS cycle of thermochemical hydrogen production김태호; 공경택; 이병권; 정광덕; 김홍곤; 이관용; 전희용; 신채호