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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-092D reentrant auxetic structures of graphene/CNT networks for omnidirectionally stretchable supercapacitors이상수; 박종혁; 최인석; 손정곤; 표준범; 김병수; 이강석; 이소연; 강슬기; 차국헌; 이종휘
2017-08A Patterned Graphene/ZnO UV Sensor Driven by Integrated Asymmetric Micro-Supercapacitors on a Liquid Metal Patterned Foldable Paper이상수; 윤정연; 임예인; 이한찬; 이금비; 박훈; 홍수영; 진상우; 이영희; 하정숙
2012-10Acid-treated SWCNT/polyurethane nanoweb as a stretchable and transparent conductor김태안; 이상수; 김희숙; 박민
1989-01Active/passive mode-locking and single pulse selection of pulsed Nd:YAG laser이정환; 전영민; 이상수; 공홍진
2013-03Adhesion Behavior of Graphene Oxide on Spherical Polymer Particles김신우; 이상수; 이종휘
2020-10Analysis and Characterization of Catechol lipid based Natural Lacquers According to the Types of Catechol Lipid Molecules이연희; 이상수; 임정아; 이한나; 김동영; 이보라
2005-09Analysis of various governing factors of microcapsulation for electrophoretic display system김예진; 이상수; 김준경; 김미선; 김우년
1988-01autocorrelation measurements of mode-locked Nd:Glass laser pulses전영민; 이정환; 이상수; 공홍진
2017-03Biaxial Stretchability and Transparency of Ag Nanowire 2D Mass-Spring Networks Prepared by Floating Compression이상수; 박종혁; 손정곤; 김병수; Jun Beom Pyo; Goangseup Zi; Jonghwi Lee
2020-04Buckling Instability Control of 1D Nanowire Networks for a Large-Area Stretchable and Transparent Electrode이상수; 박종혁; 손정곤; 홍수영; 오진우; 권현정; 차국헌; 하정숙; 김병수; 권효원; 표준범
1989-01Characteristics of soft X-ray emission from the plasma produced by long pulse width laser beam.김동환; 이상수
2012-04Co-Sedimentation of TiO2 Nanoparticles and Polymer Beads to Fabricate Macroporous TiO2 Photoelectrodes김민아; 서영곤; 이상수; 이원목; 이현정
2005-07Comparisons of thermal properties between inorganic filler and acid-treated multiwall nanotube/polymer composites이건웅; 이재익; 이상수; 박민; 김준경
2008-05Construction of composite particles with monolayered poly(styrene-co-acrylic acid) spheres on gold surface via heterocoagulation박종혁; 우상욱; 김정현; 김래현; 김준경; 이상수
1990-03Contact microscopy by using soft X-ray radiation from iodine laser produced plasma.김동환; 최병일; 공홍진; 이상수
2008-09Control of the Area Density of Vertically Grown ZnO Nanowires by Blending PS-b-P4VP and PS-b-PAA Copolymer Micelles황원석; 최지혁; 김태희; 성진우; 명재민; 최대근; 손병혁; 이상수; 김동하; 박철민
2011-04Control of the interface between amorphous silicon cell and polymer cell of hybrid tandem solar cell by graphene thin layer김철기; 김태희; 주상아; 한승희; 김일원; 이상수; 김경곤; 김희숙
2016-10Controllable Formation of Nanofilaments in Resistive Memories via Tip-Enhanced Electric Fields이상수; 박종혁; 김영진; Keun-Young Shin; Felipe V. Antolinez; Jeong Sook Ha
2007-09Controlled assembly of carbon nanotubes encapsulated with amphiphilic block copolymer박지영; 이상화; 이정호; 임진호; 이상천; 박민; 이상수; 김준경; 박종래; 김철희
2014-10Controlled oxidation level of reduced graphene oxides and its effect on thermoelectric properties최재유; 뉴옌 카 투; 이상수; 이현정; 김진상; 김희숙
1977-12Coupling of modes in the optical fiber조재철; 이상수
2006-12Deformation and Durability Control of Microcapsules for Electrophoretic Display System김예진; 김준경; 이상수; 김우년; 김미선
2006-09Development of Dispersant for BaTiO3 Inorganic Nanoparticles through Living Radical Nanoparticles through Living Radical polymerization technique우주한; 박민; 이상수; 홍성철
2007-02Deveopment and application of nanoclay polymer nanocomposite이상수; 박민; 임순호; 김준경; 황진택
2012-04Dielectric Properties of Single-walled Carbon Nanotube/Poly(dimethylsiloxane) Nanocomposites Gelated with Ionic Liquids오기원; 이상수; 김대흠; 김희숙
2015-03Directed self-assembly of rhombic carbon nanotube nanomesh films for transparent and stretchable electrodes안세희; 최아영; 박종화; 김희숙; 손정곤; 이상수; 박민; 고현협
2005-10Disordering of clay layers in the nylon 6 / clay nanocomposites prepared by anionic polymerization박정훈; 김우년; 계형산; 이상수; 박민; 김준경; 임순호
2006-09Dispersion of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Water with Polyphosphazene Polyelectrolyte박혜진; 허혜영; 이승철; 박민; 이상수; 김준경; 장지영
2008-07Dye-sensitized solar cells employing solid-state oligomer electrolyte with secondary interaction박종혁; 김준경; 강용수; 이상수
2020-04Ecofriendly Catechol Lipid Bioresin for Low-Temperature Processed Electrode Patterns with Strong Durability도정만; 이상수; 임정아; 한혜미; 한호규; 이보라; 박세훈; 이은지; 박철민; 임호선