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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997-09A comparative study of the surface resistances and microwave penetration depths of YBa2Cu3O7-δ thin films with various thicknesses이상영; J. Y. Cho; B. J. Soh; B. H. Park; C. S. Jung; J. W. Ahn; C. H. Kim; B. Oh; S. H. Moon; A. G. Denisov; V. B. Fedorov; 김영환; 한택상; 최상삼
1995-01A comparative study on the microwave penetration depth of various Y//1Ba//2Cu//3O//7//-// δ thin films using a non-contact method.한택상; 최상삼; 이상영; G. B. Kim; S. T. Lim; W. N. Kang; B. Oh; Y. W. Choi; S. H. Moon; A. G. Denisov
2017-03Amine-Functionalized Covalent Organic Framework for Efficient SO2 Capture with High Reversibility이현주; 이상영; 이주현; 휴엔; 김상원; 박태호
2000-05Biodegradable bone cement for bone ingrowth: preparation and physical properties김정구; 박기동; 김수현; 김영하; 이성재; 정덕영; 이상영; 최재봉
2000-08Biodegradable scaffolds with various properties for Tissue Engineering이수홍; 최성원; 이상영; 김수현; 김영하; 한양규
2013-10Chemical tuning of electrochemical properties of Pt-skin surface for highly active oxygen reduction reactions정남기; 정영훈; 정동영; 최광현; 박희영; 류재윤; 이상영; 김만수; 성영은; 유성종
2013-04Cobalt-Based Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction / Evolution Reactions in Alkaline Medium정남기; 박희영; 이상영; 김만수; 남석우; 임태훈; 장종현; 성영은; 유성종
2003-05Comparison of Corneal Substitutes using PLGA, Collagen, Collagen with Amniotic Membrane Homologous Cornea오정환; 이상영; 김영하; 김재찬
2020-03Ecofriendly Chemical Activation of Overlithiated Layered Oxides by DNA-Wrapped Carbon Nanotubes정경윤; 장원영; 김형석; 박재호; 조은미; 김주명; 김승혁; 이상영
2011-10Effect of Au in Pt-Based Alloy and Core-Shell Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction이국승; 이상영; 김형준; 조은애; 임태훈; 장종현
2013-02Effect of Se modification on RuSey/C electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction with phosphoric acid박희영; 유성종; 김수진; 이상영; 함형철; 성영은; 김수길; 황승준; 김형준; 조은애; 헨켄스마이어디억; 남석우; 임태훈; 장종현
1990-01Effect of the critical current criteria on the I//c vs realation near T//c in polycrystalline Y-Ba-Cu-O thin films.이상영; 박종혁; 최상삼; 김영환
2016-02Electronic Ensemble Effects of Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Surface on PtCo Nanoparticles for Oxygen Reduction Reactions정남기; Satadeep Bhattacharjee; Sanjeev Gautam; 박희영; 류재윤; 정영훈; 이상영; 장인준; 장종현; 박세흠; 정동영; 성영은; 채근화; Umesh V Waghmare; 이승철; 유성종
2014-09Enhancement of formic acid oxidation reaction on Pd3Au/C nanocatalysts via CO-induced surface Pd enrichment이상영; 박희영; 정남기; 정영훈; 장인준; 류재윤; 안도천; 박일규; 장종현; 유성종
2000-08Epithelial cell and human stromal fibroblast culture on surface modified poly(L-lactide-co-glycolide)(PLGA) scaffold for corneal regeneration이상영; 권일근; 이수홍; 박기동; 김수현; 김영하; 최정우
1990-05Fabrication of RF-sputtered Y-Ba-Cu-O-Ag composite thin films.한택상; 이상영; 김영환; 최상삼; S. J. Park
2013-08Facile synthesis of Pt/C using Glucose with sputter-deposited Pt layer for PEMFC catalyst장인준; 박희영; 정남기; 이상영; 류재윤; 김수진; 유성종
1994-10Flux-flow 1/f noise properties in epitaxial YBa//2Cu//3O//7//-//y thin films.한택상; 최상삼; 김영환; 강원남; 박종혁; 김동호; 이상영
2012-11High stability and activity of Pt-based alloy nanocatalysts for oxygen reduction정남기; 이상영; 박희영; 안상현; 김만수; 유성종
2003-12In vivo conjunctival reconstruction using modified PLGA grafts for decreased scar formation and contraction이상영; 오정환; 김재찬; 김영하; 김수현; 최정우
1990-01Low-field magnetic properties of the three-dimensional Y-Ba-Cu-O-Ag composite in the superconducting state.이상영; 박종혁; 최상삼; 김영환
1998-08Microwave properties of double-sided YBa2Cu3O7-δ thin films prepared by RF magnetron sputteringJong Min Lee; 유한영; 김영환; 김창훈; 한택상; 서준혁; 이상영
1996-01Microwave properties of high-Tc YBa2Cu3O7-δ microstrip resonators with different surface morphologies and finite thicknesses이상영; J. Y. Cho; 김영환; B. J. Soh; B. H. Park; J. W. Ahn; C. S. Jung; 한택상; 최상삼; B. Oh; S. H. Moon; V. B. Fedorov; A. G. Denisov
2015-09Morphology-controlled synthesis of ternary Pt-Pd-Cu alloy nanoparticles for efficient electrocatalytic oxygen reduction reactions류재윤; 최정훈; 임동희; 서혜린; 이상영; 손연선; 박진후; 장종현; 김형준; 홍성안; 김필; 유성종
2004-10Optimal Conditions for Decomposition of 2,4-Dichlorophenol in Batch Type Supercritical Water Oxidation이현철; 인정현; 이상영; 문추연; 박진식; 이창하; 황경엽
2014-09Pd3Au@Pt/C core-shell electroccatalysts with enhanced stability and activity for oxygen reduction reaction이상영; 박희영; 정남기; 정영훈; 장인준; 류재윤; 안도천; 박일규; 박융호; 장종현; 유성종
2012-01Properties of Atomic Layer Deposited HfO2 Films on Ge Substrates Depending on Process Temperatures정형석; 김효겸; 유일혁; 이상영; 이주휘; 박진호; 장재혁; 전상호; 정윤장; 조덕용; 이내인; 박태주; 최정혜; 황철성
2012-09Reduction of Charge Trapping in HfO2 Film on Ge Substrates by Atomic Layer Deposition of Various Passivating Interfacial Layers정형석; 유일혁; 김효겸; 이상영; 이주휘; 최유진; 정윤장; 이내인; 박태주; 최정혜; 황철성
2013-04Role of Electronic Perturbation in Stability and Activity of Pt-based Alloy Nanocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction정남기; 이상영; 김만수; 장종현; 성영은; 유성종
2017-06Self-healing Pd3Au@Pt/C core-shell electrocatalysts with substantially enhanced activity and durability towards oxygen reduction김형준; 장종현; 유성종; 박희영; 이상영; 정남기; 신동윤; 안도천; 임동희