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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-093D Multi-Spectrum Sensor System with Face Recognition김중락; 유선진; 김익재; 이상윤
2001-03A simple and efficient in vitro method for metabolism studies of radiotracers이상윤; 최영선; 김동현; 박복남; 김상은; 최용; 이경한; 이지우; 김병태
2004-01Anti-Oxidant Activities of Acanthopanax senticosus Stems and Their Lignan Components이상현; 손동욱; 류지영; 이연실; 정상훈; 강정일; 이상윤; 김현수; 신국현
2020-10Bright Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Diamond Inverted Nanocones송종한; 임원철; 한상욱; 김용수; 조영욱; 정호중; 임향택; 김양희; 이정현; 전승우; Matthias Niethammer; Shinobu Onoda; Takeshi Ohshima; Rolf Reuter; Andrej Denisenko; Joerg Wrachtrup; 이상윤
2018-06Bright single photon sources in lateral silicon carbide light emitting diodes이상윤; Matthias Widmann; Matthias Niethammer; Takahiro Makino; Torsten Rendler; Stefan Lasse; Takeshi Ohshima; Jawad Ul Hassan; Nguyen Tien Son; Joerg Wrachtrup
1995-10CaF2:Mn 박막 EL 소자의 제작 및 전기광학적 특성 조사곽민기; 박연수; 김형극; 장경동; 이상윤; 손상호; 한택상; 이윤희; 오명환
2000-10Characteristics of inclusions and precipitates in low carbon steels이상윤; 양원오; 오영주; 조영환; 이경우
2019-12Coherent electrical readout of defect spins in silicon carbide by photo-ionization at ambient conditions이상윤; Matthias Niethammer; Matthias Widmann; Torsten Rendler; Naoya Morioka; Yu-Chen Chen; Rainer Stohr; Jawad Ul Hassan; Shinobu Onoda; Takeshi Ohshima; Amlan Mukherjee; Junichi Isoya; Nguyen Tien Son; Jorg Wrachtrup
2018-01Direct quantum process tomography via measuring sequential weak values of incompatible observables문성욱; 한상욱; 김용수; 조영욱; 이상윤; 김요셉; 김윤호
2002-03Effects of titanium and oxygen content on microstructure in low carbon steels이상윤; 오영주; 이경우
2019-10Electrical charge state manipulation of single silicon vacancies in a silicon carbide quantum optoelectronic device이상윤; Matthias Widmann; Matthias Niethammer; Dmitry Yu. Fedyanin; Igor A. Khramtsov; Torsten Rendler; Ian D. Booker; Jawad Ul Hassan; Naoya Morioka; Yu-Chen Chen; Ivan G. Ivanov; Nguyen Tien Son; Takeshi Ohshima; Michel Bockstedte; Adam Gali; Cristian Bonato; Joerg Wrachtrup
2018-10Electrically controllable position-controlled color centers created in SiC pn junction diode by proton beam writing이상윤; Yuichi Yamazaki; Yoji Chiba; Takahiro Makino; Shin-Ichiro Sato; Naoto Yamada; Takahiro Satoh; Yasuto Hijikata; Kazutoshi Kojima; Takeshi Ohshima
2019-07Emergence of the geometric phase from quantum measurement back-action문성욱; 한상욱; 김용수; 조영욱; 이상윤; 최연호; Yosep Kim; Yoon-Ho Kim
2019-06Experimental comparison of various quantum key distribution protocols under reference frame rotation and fluctuation문성욱; 한상욱; 김용수; 조영욱; 이상윤; 타누모이; 윤주환; 박병권; 김상인
2018-07Experimental preparation and characterization of four-dimensional quantum states using polarization and time-bin modes of a single photon문성욱; 한상욱; 김용수; 조영욱; 이상윤; 최유준; 유진원; 오경환
2019-04High-fidelity spin and optical control of single silicon vacancy centres in silicon carbide이상윤; Roland Nagy; Matthias Niethammer; Matthias Widmann; Yu-Chen Chen; Peter Udvarhelyi; Cristian Bonato; Jawad Ul Hassan; Robin Karhu; Ivan G. Ivanov; Nguyen Tien Son; Jeronimo R. Maze; Takeshi Ohshima; Oney O. Soykal; Adam Gali; Florian Kaiser; Jorg Wrachtrup
2018-10Informationally symmetrical Bell state preparation and measurement문성욱; 한상욱; 김용수; 조영욱; 이상윤; 타누모이; 강민성; Ming Yang
2002-01Kinetic study on precipitation of Ti₂O₃ inclusion during solidification of Ti-killed low carbon steel정순효; 이상윤; 오영주
2018-04Material platforms for spin-based photonic quantum technologies이상윤; Mete Atature; Dirk Englund; Nick Vamivakas; Joerg Wrachtrup
2000-03Non-metallic inclusions and acicular ferrite in carbon-manganese steel오영주; 이상윤; 변정수; 심재혁; 조영환; 심재동
2000-12Non-metallic inclusions and acicular ferrite in low carbon steel오영주; 이상윤; 변정수; 심재혁; 조영환
2019-10Nonlocal quantum correlations under amplitude damping decoherence문성욱; 한상욱; 김용수; 조영욱; 이상윤; 타누모이
2020-03Perovskites fabricated on textured silicon surfaces for tandem solar cells김원목; 최성빈; 이상윤; 배수현; 황재근; 이원규; 이솔희; 현지연; 조경진; 김성택; Friedemann D. Heinz; 최동진; 강동균; 양지웅; 정수정; 박세진; Martin C. Schubert; 강윤묵; 이해석; 김동환
1998-01Photo-induced orientation and micropattern imaging of maleimide copolymers containing azobenzene side groups이상윤; 이후성; 정찬문; 김종만; 안광덕
2018-03Quantum Properties of Dichroic Silicon Vacancies in Silicon Carbide이상윤; Roland Nagy; Matthias Widmann; Matthias Niethammer; Durga B. R. Dasari; Ilja Gerhardt; Oney O. Soykal; Marina Radulaski; Takeshi Ohshima; Jelena Vuckovic; Nguyen Tien Son; Ivan G. Ivanov; Sophia E. Economou; Cristian Bonato; Jorg Wrachtrup
2019-03Revealing hidden quantum steerability using local filtering operations문성욱; 한상욱; 김용수; 조영욱; 이상윤; 타누모이
2018-12Robust and efficient quantum optimal control of spin probes in a complex (biological) environment. Towards sensing of fast temperature fluctuations이상윤; Philipp Konzelmann; Torsten Rendler; Ville A Bergholm; Andrea Zappe; Veronika Pfannenstill; Marwa Garsi; Florestan Ziem; Matthias Niethammer; Matthias Widman; Philipp Neumann; Joerg Wrachtrup
2018-08Room Temperature Electrical Control of Single Photon Sources at 4H-SiC Surface이상윤; Shin-ichiro Sato; Tomoya Honda; Takahiro Makino; Yasuto Hijikata; Takeshi Ohshima
2017-03Scalable Quantum Photonics with Single Color Centers in Silicon Carbide이상윤; Marina Radulask; Matthias Widmann; Matthias Niethammer; Jingyuan Linda Zhang; Torsten Rendler; Konstantinos G Lagoudakis; Nguyen Tien Son; Erik Janzen; Takeshi Ohshima; Joerg Wrachtrup; Jelena Vuckovic
2019-04Spectrally Stable Defect Qubits with no Inversion Symmetry for Robust Spin-To-Photon Interface이상윤; Peter Udvarhelyi; Roland Nagy; Florian Kaiser; Joerg Wrachtrup; Adam Gali