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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994-12A Novel Al-Reflow Process Using Surface Modification by the ECR Plasma Treatment and Its Application to the 256Mbit DRAM박인선; 이상인; 위영진; 정우상; 최길현; 박창수; 박선후; 안성태; 이문용; Y.K. Kim; R. Reynolds
1998-01A study for the standardization of Elsholtzia ciliata (Thunb.) Hylander and Elsholtzia splendens Nakai ex F. Maekawa윤종성; 이상인; 이재성; 박호군
1997-04A study on the qualitative and quantitative analysis of essential oil in Angelicae tenuissimae Radix or Ligustici Rhizoma박호군; 이상인; 이선현; 박현미; 이재성
1997-04A study on the standardization of Ligustici Rhizoma and Angelicae Tenuissimae Radix including the comparison for the biological activity on the active ingredients.김관호; 이상인; 김호철; 박호군; 이재성
2021-05Activation of Ti-Fe-Cr alloys containing identical AB2 fractions조영환; 서진유; 심재혁; 이영수; 홍지현; 무함마드 파이살; 이상인; 김하영; 김한진; 정지윤; 김도향
1994-01Application of the STEM II to air pollutant transport/chemistry/deposition in the Korea and Eastern China Area : I. Data preparation and model verification이상인; 조석연; 심상규
1995-01Application of the STEM II to air pollutant transport/chemistry/deposition in the Korea and Eastern China area :II. Transport of SO₂and sulfare between the Korea and Eastern China area이상인; 조석연; 심상규
2021-08EBSD microstructural analysis of AB-type TiFe hydrogen storage alloys조영환; 서진유; 심재혁; 김동익; 이영수; 이상인; 하태준; 황병철; 이준호
2021-05Effect of Cr addition on room temperature hydrogenation of TiFe alloys조영환; 서진유; 심재혁; 이영수; 무함마드 파이살; 이상인; 김하영; 정지윤; 허주열
2018-10Effect of Microstructural Factors on the Strength and Deformability of Ferrite-Pearlite Steels with Different Mn and V Contents심재혁; 홍태운; 이상인; 이준호; 이명규; 황병철
1995-07Enhanced via reliability by Al-reflow for multi-level metallization박인선; 위영진; 이현덕; 박창수; 최길현; 정우상; 이상인; 이문용
2022-01Hydrogen occupation in Ti4M2Oy compounds (M=Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, and y = 0, 1) and their hydrogen storage characteristics조영환; 서진유; 심재혁; 이영수; 이상인; 하태준; 이준호
2021-02Hydrogen storage behavior and microstructural feature of a TiFe-ZrCr2 alloy조영환; 서진유; 심재혁; 김동익; 이영수; 홍지현; 이상인; 하태준; 황병철; 이준호
2000-04Preparation of a functional inorganic membrane and for the separation of N₂/O₂ mixture and its application이상인; 이광래; 안병성
2019-10Tensile and fracture behaviors of austenitic high-manganese steels subject to different hydrogen embrittlement test methods서진유; 심재혁; 김한진; 이상인; 이지민; 이승용; 백운봉; 남승훈; 이준호; 황병철
1994-11The effect of H//2O from SOG on the reliability of submicron vias.정우상; 위영진; 최길현; 이상인; 안성태