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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-022D Single-Crystalline Copper Nanoplates as a Conductive Filler for Electronic Ink Applications김태욱; 이동수; 이상현; 문병준; 배수강; 이승기; 한지윤; 이진원; 최철종; 왕건욱
2015-04A Facile Strategy for Preparing Self-Healing Agarose Microcapsule이승민; 손다빈; 노호균; 박미나; 김태욱; 배수강; 이상현
1999-07A gas phase mass transport model for multi-component nonaqueous phase liquid in unsaturated zone이상현; 염익태; 안규홍; 김지형
2017-08A graphene superficial layer for advanced electroforming process이상현; 배수강; 이승민; 노호균; 박미나; 하준석
2016-07A graphene superficial layer for the advanced electroforming process김태욱; 이상현; 배수강; 박미나; 노호균; 이승민; Jun-Seok Ha
2004-12A Monoacyldigalactosyl Glycerol from the Green Alga Entermorpha prolifera김주선; 심상희; 이상현; 채성욱; 한상준; 강삼식; 이연실; 정상훈; 신국현
2016-10A novel method for graded doping in graphene using microfluidic channels김태욱; 이상현; 배수강; 박미나; Yeonho Ihm
2000-12A simplified model approach for mass transfer of a complex liquid mixture during soil venting이상현; 염익태; 안규홍; 김지형
2011-05A single element phase change memory이상현; 김문경; 정병기; 김주연; 이조원; Sandip TIWARI
2003-03Aldose Reductase Inhibitory Activity of Methanol Extracts from the Korean Plants정상훈; 임순성; 이상현; 이연실; 신국현; 김영식
2003-05Aldose reductase inhibitory constituents from Ganoderma applanatum심상희; 류지영; 김주선; 강삼식; 정상훈; 이연실; 이상현; 신국현
2014-04Aminostyrylbenzofuran Directly Reduces Oligomeric Amyloid-β and Reverses Cognitive Deficits in Alzheimer Transgenic Mice이상현; 김영수; 김혜연; 김영훈; 김맹섭; 공재양; 이문한; 김동진; 안영길
2017-01An All-Organic Composite System for Resistive Change Memory via the Self-Assembly of Plastic-Crystalline Molecules김태욱; 이동수; 이상현; 배수강; 이상아; 차안나; 왕건욱
2002-05Anti-angiogenic activities of isoflavonoids isolated from the rhizomes of Belamcanda chinensis정상훈; 이연실; 이상현; 임순성; 김영식; 신국현
2003-07Anti-Angiogenic and Anti-Tumor Activities of Isoflavonoids from the Rhizomes of Belamcanda chinensis정상훈; 이연실; 이상현; 임순성; 김영식; Ohuchi Kazuo; 신국현
2002-10Anti-angiogenic and anti-tumor activity of 2'-hydroxy-4'-methoxychalcone정상훈; 이연실; 이상현; 임순성; 김영식; 신국현
2004-01Anti-Oxidant Activities of Acanthopanax senticosus Stems and Their Lignan Components이상현; 손동욱; 류지영; 이연실; 정상훈; 강정일; 이상윤; 김현수; 신국현
2003-10Anti-oxidant activities of fucosterol from Pelvetia siliquosa정상훈; 이상현; 이연실; 신국현; 김영식
2003-09Anti-Oxidant Activities of Fucosterol from the Marine Algae Pelvetia siliquosa이상현; 이연실; 정상훈; 강삼식; 신국현
2003-03Anti-oxidant activities of the extracts from the herbs of Artemisia apiacea김경순; 이상현; 이연실; 정상훈; 박유미; 신국현; 김박광
2003-05Anti-oxidant activities of the extracts from the herbs of Artemisia apiacea김경순; 이상현; 이연실; 정상훈; 신국현; 김박광
2003-09Anti-Tumor Activities of Decursinol Angelate and Decursin from Angelica gigas이상현; 이연실; 정상훈; 신국현; 김박광; 강삼식
2003-08Anti-tumour and Immuno-stimulating Activities of The Fruiting Bodies of Paecilomyces japonica, a New Type of Cordyceps spp.신국현; 임순성; 이상현; 이연실; 정상훈; 조세연
2004-06Antiinflammatory Activity of Hyperin from Acanthopanax chiisanensis Roots이상현; 정상훈; 이연실; Masateru Yamada; 김박광; Kazuo Ohuchi; 신국현
2003-09Antioxidant Activities of Decursinol Angelate and Decursin from Angelica gigas Roots이상현; 이연실; 정상훈; 신국현; 김박광; 강삼식
2004-02Antioxidant Activities of Isoflavones from the Rhizomes of Belamcanda chinensis on Carbon tetrachloride-Induced Hepatic Injury in Rats정상훈; 이연실; 임순성; 이상현; 신국현; 김영식
2003-06Antitumor and Immunostimulating Activities of Acanthopanax sessiliflorus Fruits이상현; 이연실; 정상훈; 지준; 신국현; 김박광; 강삼식
2006-08Apicin, A New Flavonoid from Artemisia apiacea이성진; 김혜민; 이상현; 김현영; 엄병헌; 안영희
2016-10Biomass, strain engineering, and fermentation processes for butanol production by solventogenic clostridia엄영순; 이상현; 윤은주; 김정연; 이상준; 김경헌
1999-08Biotreatability of diesel compounds in a contaminated soil염익태; 이상현; 안규홍