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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12A bird’s-eye view of brain activity in socially interacting mice through mobile edge computing최지현; 김지수; 김채우; 한효빈; 조철준; 염우섭; 이성규
2019-10cBRAIN: Tracking all individuals and marking their brain activity for the study of collective brain research최지현; 김지수; 김채우; 염우섭; 이성규
2012-12Effects of improved porosity and electrical conductivity on pitch-based carbon nanofibers for high-performance gas sensors이성규; 임지선; 강석창; 이성호; 이영석
1995-08Experimental investigation on the mass transfer characteristics of a mechanically agitated slurry reactor for the liquid phase methanol synthesis catalyst이병권; 박건유; 이성규
2012-11Identification, structural, and biochemical characterization of a group of large Csn2 proteins involved in CRISPR-mediated bacterial immunity이광훈; 이성규; 이경은; 전혜성; Howard Robinson; 오병하
1990-01Kinetics of liquid phase catalytic dehydration of methanol to dimethyl etherMakarand R. Gogate; 이병권; 이성규; Conrad J. Kulik
1994-09Liquid phase methanol synthesis catalyst deactivation - LPMeOH process vs. LPDME process이병권; P. Vijayaraghavan; Conrad J. Kulik; 이성규
1991-01Mass transfer in the liquid phase methanol synthesis processVetkav R. Parameswaran; Makarand R. Gogate; 이병권; 이성규
2019-09Mathematical approach on social hierarchical behaviors with cBRAIN(The novel system for research of collective animals)최지현; 김지수; 김채우; 염우섭; 이성규
1994-01Methanol catalyst deactivation under dual catalytic mode for DME synthesis이병권; T.L. Tartamella; 이성규
1991-01Post-reduction treatment of liquid phase methanol synthesis catalyst using carbon dioxide이성규; 이병권; Conrad J. Kulik
1991-01Regeneration of liquid phase methanol synthesis catalyst이병권; 이성규
1989-01Selective removal of organic sulfur from coal by perchloroethylene extraction.이성규; Sunil K. Kesavan; 이병권; Amit Ghosh; Conrad J. Kulik
1996-01Spectro-ellipsometric studies of diamond-like carbon films deposited by the plasma decomposition of hydrocarbons.이광렬; 이성규; 이순일; Soo-Ghee Oh
1999-01Structure and optical properties of Si incorporated diamond-like carbon films deposited by r.f. plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition이순일; 김동섭; 이성규; 오수기; 이광렬
1994-01Sulfonation of nylon-6 by solid phase reaction곽순종; 이성규
1998-09Syngas to olefins via dimethyl ether over zeolite catalysts이병권; A. Sardesai; 이성규
2020-09-16무구속 신경신호 분석을 위한 모니터링 장치, 시스템, 및 방법염우섭; 이성규; 최지현
1999-08-10무기질 성형체를 이용한 진공 단열재김구대; 박노경; 이성규; 정형진
2000-05-12유리백솜을 이용한 진공단열재 및 그 제조방법김구대; 박노경; 신용규; 윤성호; 이성규; 정형진