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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-11A flame retardant material for a building material using waste cotton fabric이성호; 장다원
2016-07A novel and facile approach of polymer-derived carbon nanosheets similar to graphene properties and their promising application for organic electronics이성호; 조한익; 손수영; 정건영
2011-04A preparation of conductive PI/GO films김양진; 송해경; 구본철; 나석인; 황상엽; 이성호
2010-04A review of Carbon Nanotube-Reinforced Carbon Fibers채한기; 이성호; 구본철; 박민; 김준경
2011-10A review of graphene-based polymer nanocomposites박옥경; 이성호; 구본철; 이중희
2018-06A Study of Relationship between Microstructure and Thermal Conductivity of Carbon Fibers이성호; 이동수; 장다원; 조한익
2018-11A Study of Relationship between Thermal Conductivity and Microstructure of Carbon Fibers이성호; 이동수; 장다원; 조한익
2019-05A study on electrical, mechanical, and thermal characteristics of non-woven fabric heating papers containing chopped graphitized carbon fibers이성호; 장다원; 이소라; 정용식
2019-11A study on relationship between electrical and mechanical properties, and thermal conductivity of carbon fibers이성호; 장다원
2019-06A study on relationship between electrical resistivity and thermal conductivity of carbon fibers이성호; 장다원
2019-05A synthetic approach to the enhanced Fe dispersion via Zn fence effect in Fe-N-C catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction이성호; 강길성; 이도창; 조한익
2019-05Accelerating the stabilization of polyacrylonitrile fibers by UV irradiation이성호; 손수영; 조아영; 정건영; 정용식
2019-08Amorphous MoSx embedded in graphite oxide as fast-charging anode material for lithium ion batteries이성호; 이미화; 이윤기; 조한익
2020-04Amorphous MoSx embedded within edges of modi?ed graphite as fastcharging anode material for rechargeable batteries이성호; 이관원; 이윤기; 이미화; 이명훈; 조한익; KwangSup Eom
1991-01An introduction of an apparatus for rapid heating coal gasification.이중기; 임태훈; 이성호
2003-06Antagonism of sophoricoside from Sophorica japonica on GM-CSF-induced eosinophil activation.원희철; 김영수; 정상헌; 이성호; 류재천; 김미경
2003-09Antagonism of sophoricoside from Sophorica japonica on IL-5.원희철; 김영수; 정상헌; 이성호; 류재천; 김미경
2013-04Atomically thin carbon nanosheet akin to graphene properties: Facile synthesis and promising application for organic electronics손수영; 이성호; 김태욱; 나석인; 조한익
2014-06Atomically Thin Carbon Nanosheets Akin to Graphene Properties Derived from Carbon Fiber Process손수영; 이성호; 조성무; 조한익
2017-01Bi-axial grown amorphous MoSx bridged with oxygen on r-GO as a superior stable and efficient nonprecious catalyst for hydrogen evolution조성무; 이성호; 이철호; 윤진문; 엄광섭; 이도창; 조한익; Thomas F. Fuller
2013-11Carbon fiber manufacturing and its mechanical properties이성호; 조성무
2012-10Carbon nano sheet fabricated from petroleum residue and its application in organic thin film transistor electrode이재선; 조한익; 김태욱; 이성호
2018-09Carbon Nanosheet from Polyethylene Thin Film as a Transparent Conducting Film: "Upcycling" of Waste to Organic Photovoltaics Application이성호; 최달수; 여준석; 조한익
2018-11Carbon Nanosheet from Polyethylene Thin Film as a Transparent Conducting Film: Upcycling of Waste to OPV application이성호; 최달수; 여준석; 조한익
2017-09Carbon nanosheets by the graphenization of ungraphitizable isotropic pitch molecules이성호; 황준연; 김영관; 조한익; 박종래; 이재선
2014-01Carbon nanosheets derived from soluble pitch molecules and their applications in organic transistors이재선; 조한익; 김태욱; 이성호
2017-11Carbon nanosheets with micrometer sized holes via phase-separation of immiscible polymer blends and their application in transparent conducting electrodes이성호; 여준석; 손수영; 정건영; 조한익
2015-05Carbonization of a stable b-sheet-rich silk protein into a pseudographitic pyroproteinSe Youn Cho; Young Soo Yun; 이성호; 장다원; Kyu-Young Park; Jae Kyung Kim; Byung Hoon Kim; Kisuk Kang; David L. Kaplan; Hyoung-Joon Jin
2011-11Catalyst-free growth of carbon nanosheet from nitrogen-contained polymer황상엽; 이성호; 김태욱; 구본철; 조한익