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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-05A real-time color-based object tracking robust to irregular illumination variationsYong-Beom Lee; 유범재; 이성환
2017-12A Robust Lane Detection Method Based on Vanishing Point Estimation Using the Relevance of Line Segments박성기; 김동환; 유주한; 이성환
2015-12Analysis of Time-Dependent Brain Network on Active and MI Tasks for Chronic Stroke Patients김다혜; 김래현; 박완주; 장원혁; 김연희; 이성환; 권규현
2003-05Characterization of a nickel-strontium phosphate catalyst for partial oxidation of methane전진혁; 이상진; 이성환; 이태진; 공상준; 임태훈; 남석우; 홍성안; 윤기준
2006-06Estimating 3D Human Body Pose from Stereo Image Sequences양희덕; 박성기; 이성환
2005-05Glasses Removal from Facial Image Using Recursive Error Compensation박정선; 오유화; 안상철; 이성환
2003-06Glasses removal from facial image using recursive PCA reconstruction박정선; 오유화; 안상철; 이성환
2004-05Glasses removal from facial images with recursive PCA reconstruction오유화; 안상철; 김형곤; 김익재; 이성환
2018-08Lanthanide complexes embedded in silicone resin as a spectral converter for solar cells유복렬; 한준수; 조소혜; 한재현; 이성환; 주병권
2014-05Lanthanide Ion Containing Down-Shifting Layer Prepared with Perhydropolysilazane이성환; 김찬호; 유복렬; 조소혜; 한준수
2015-10Motion Influence Map for Unusual Human Activity Detection and Localization in Crowded Scene이동규; 석흥일; 박성기; 이성환
2016-05Multi-Functional Transparent Luminescent Configuration for Advanced Photovoltaics한일기; 한준수; 권석준; 남민우; 권현근; 권순홍; 차민정; 이성환; 박상필; 정다운; 이규태; 이한주; 도영락; 김상진; 김경식; Richard Friend; 고두현
2005-08Reconstruction of 3D Human Body Pose Based on Top-Down Learning양희덕; 박성기; 이성환
2014-02Si 양자점의 합성 및 형광체 박막의 광학 특성이성환; 유복렬; 이규환; 한준수
2014-04Synthesis of Silicon Quantum Dot & Photo-Luminescence Thin Film for Application Solar Cell : Characterization and Quantum Properties이성환; 한준수; 이규환; 유복렬
2014-08Transparent Lanthanide Ion Containing Spectral Converters Prepared with Perhydropolysilazane이성환; 김찬호; 유복렬; 한준수
2011-10-12로봇을 이용한 인지 능력 훈련 장치 및 그 방법김문상; 백경근; 윤상석; 이성환; 최문택