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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-05A research tool for biomechanics toward sensory-motor manipulation, Unity 3D이송주; 서은영; 올가 김; 김근태; 김수빈
2020-02Classification of Selective Attention based on Steady-State Somatosensory Evoked Potentials using High-Frequency Vibration Stimuli김형민; 이송주; 김근태; 이재형
2020-04Classification of Selective Attention within Steady-State Somatosensory Evoked Potentials from Dry Electrodes using Mutual Information-based Spatio-Spectral Feature Selection김충현; 김형민; 이송주; 김근태; 이재형
2019-09Combined Ankle/Knee Stretching and Pivoting Stepping Training for Children with Cerebral Palsy이송주; Dongmei Jin; Sang Hoon Kang; Deborah Gaebler-Spira; Li-Qun Zhang
2018-01Detecting Voluntary Gait Initiation/Termination Intention Using EEG이종민; 김승종; 김형민; 이송주; 최준혁
2020-12Developing a Motor Imagery-Based Real-Time Asynchronous Hybrid BCI Controller for a Lower-Limb Exoskeleton김래현; 김형민; 이송주; 김근태; 최준혁; 정지혁
2021-02Developing a Quantifying Device for Soft Tissue Material Prop-Erties around Lumbar Spines이득희; 이송주; 조용은; 김경현
2021-10Developing an in-vivo physiological porcine model of inducing acute atraumatic compartment syndrome towards a non-invasive diagnosis using shear wave elastography이송주; 임태현; 김근태; 강종우; 박종웅
2017-08EMG-Based Continuous and Simultaneous Estimation of Arm Kinematics in Able-Bodied Individuals and Stroke Survivors이송주; Jie Liu; Sang Hoon Kang; Dali Xu; Yupeng Ren; Li-Qun Zhang
2020-11Foot Pressure Feedback Pneumatic Orthosis: Implication of Daily Life WAlking Training for Knee Osteoarthritis Patients이종민; 이송주; 김재욱; 문현식; 박신석; 김승종
2017-05Improvement of Offaxis Neuromuscular Control under Slippery Conditions Following 6-week Pivoting Leg Neuromuscular Training이송주; Yupeng Ren; Joel M. Press; Jungwha Lee; Li-Qun Zhang
2019-02Learning Patterns of Pivoting Neuromuscular Control Training-Towards a Learning Model for Therapy Scheduling이송주; Li-Qun Zhang
2020-06Plane Dependent Subject-Specific Neuromuscular Training for Knee Rehabilitation이송주; Yupeng Ren; Alison H. Chang; Joel M. Press; Marc C. Hochberg; Li-Qun Zhang
2021-02Quantification of the Elastic Moduli of Lumbar Erector Spinae and Multifidus Muscles Using Shear-Wave Ultrasound Elastography이득희; 이송주; 임태현; 올가 김
2021-12Quantification of Upper Limb Isometric Force Control Abilities for Evaluating Upper Limb Functions among Prosthetic Users이송주; 이재형; 오예은; 이현주; 김기훈
2019-06Real-Time Three-Dimensional Knee Moment Estimation in Knee Osteoarthritis: Toward Biodynamic Knee Osteoarthritis Evaluation and Training이송주; Sang Hoon Kang; Joel M. Press; Li-Qun Zhang
2020-02Robust Semi-synchronous BCI Controller for Brain-Actuated Exoskeleton System김형민; 이송주; 김근태; 이재형; 최준혁
2020-05Stability of a robust interaction control for single-degree-of-freedom robots with unstructured environments이송주; Hyunah Kang; Sang Hoon Kang
2020-07-30실시간 피드백 하지 재활 시스템 및 방법윤인찬; 이송주; 이종민; 한성민
2020-10-16심부정맥 혈전증 진단 장치강종우; 김근태; 이송주
2020-07-30자기 공명 영상 장치용 하지 운동 보조 장치 및 이를 포함하는 자기 공명 영상 시스템김근태; 김동율; 박민지; 박상수; 윤인찬; 이송주; 이종환; 조성만
2021-02-25하지 근기능 평가를 통한 맞춤형 재활훈련 방법강상훈; 김학병; 범재원; 석동욱; 이송주; 임재영
2020-07-30하지 운동 능력 평가 방법 및 시스템김근태; 박상수; 윤인찬; 이송주; 임태현
2021-02-17하지 제어능력의 향상을 위한 훈련 장치김충현; 윤인찬; 이송주; 한성민