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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12A 2D material-based floating gate device with linear synaptic weight update박종극; 김인호; 이수연; 김재욱; 곽준영; 김인수; 박종길; 정연주; 김민경; 박은표; 김태수; 김규태; 장지원; 강기범
2021-01A Comparison Study on Multilayered Barrier Oxide Structure in Charge Trap Flash for Synaptic Operation박종극; 김인호; 이수연; 김재욱; 곽준영; 김인수; 박종길; 정연주; 김민경; 박은표; 성태연
2018-01A Hierarchically Porous Carbon Fabric for Highly Sensitive Electrochemical Sensors이수연; 문명운; 김상훈; 허가현; 전승렬; 윤선미; 조성원; Jiao Yuan; Aiying Wang
2015-05A new simple method for point contact Andreev reflection (PCAR) using a self-aligned atomic filament in transition-metal oxides황인록; 이근동; 진현우; 최선화; 정은옥; 박배호; 이수연
2008-05A novel programming method to refresh a long-cycled phase change memory cell이수연; 정증현; 이택성; 김원목; 정병기
2009-05A Study on the Failure Mechanism of a Phase-Change Memory in Write/Erase Cycling이수연; 정증현; 이택성; 김원목; 정병기
2016-08A study on the interface between an amorphous chalcogenide and the electrode: Effect of the electrode on the characteristics of the Ovonic Threshold Switch (OTS)정병기; 이수연; 조성원; 서주희; 안형우
2013-07A Study on the Scalability of a Selector Device Using Threshold Switching in Pt/GeSe/Pt안형우; 정두석; 정병기; 김수동; 신상열; 임형광; 김동환; 이수연
2009-09A study on the temperature dependence of characteristics of phase change memory devices이수연; 정두석; 정증현; 우철; 박영욱; 안형우; 김원목; 정병기
2010-01A study on the temperature dependence of the threshold switching characteristics of Ge2Sb2Te5이수연; 정두석; 정증현; 우철; 박영욱; 안형우; 정병기
2010-04A Study on the Temperature Dependence of the Threshold Switching Characteristics of Ge2Sb2Te5이수연; 정두석; 정증현; 우철; 박영욱; 안형우; 정병기
2009-01Analysis and improvement of interfacial adhesion of growth-dominant Ge-doped SbTe phase change materials정증현; 안형우; 이수연; 김원목; 하재근; 정병기
2014-04Anomalous reduction of the switching voltage of Bi-doped Ge0.5Se0.5 ovonic threshold switching devices서주희; 안형우; Sang-yeol Shin; 정병기; 이수연
2008-06Bias polarity dependence of a phase change memory with a Ge-doped SbTe: A method for multilevel programming이수연; 정증현; 이택성; 김원목; 정병기
2018-01Black ginseng activates Akt signaling, thereby enhancing myoblast differentiation and myotube growth김수남; 이설림; 이수연; 고가연; Tuan Anh Vuong; 김지원; 조아영; 안준민; 서동완; 김진석; 김용기; 강종선; 이상진; 배규운
2007-09Characteristics of phase change memory devices based on Ge-doped SbTe and its derivative정병기; 정증현; 이수연; 김인호; 우철; 안형우; 김슬참; 이현석; 박영욱
2009-09Characterization of interface between amorphous Ge2Sb2Te5 and TiN by x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy정두석; 이수연; 정증현; 정병기; 황철성
2007-10Characterization of Superresolution Effects of Te-based Chalcogenide Thin Films at Blue Light Regime이현석; 이택성; 최지훈; 이수연; 김원목; 김동환; 정병기
2020-12Charge transfer and magnetotransport properties of Sr1-xLaxRu1- xCoxO3 epitaxial thin films이수연; Umasankar Dash; D. Kumar; Kyoungjun Lee; T.S. Suraj; M.S. Ramachandra Rao; Seung Chul Chae; A. Fouchet; W. Prellier; Chang Uk Jung
2019-09Composition-dependent topological-insulator properties of epitaxial (Bi1-xSbx)2(Te1-ySey)3 thin films이수연; 이미림; 조성원; 이연진
2019-10Correlation between Ru-O Hybridization and Oxygen Evolution Reaction in Ruthenate Epitaxial Thin Films이수연; 이상아; 이제곤; 오석재; 배종성; 제갈원; Mangesh S. Diware; 박성균; 장서형; 최택집; 최우석
2009-02Crystallization and memory programming characteristics of Ge-doped SbTe materials of varying Sb:Te ratio정증현; 이현석; 이수연; 이택성; 김원목; 우철; 김슬참; 오규환; 정병기
2011-03Dc current transport behavior in amorphous GeSe films정두석; 박군호; 임형광; 황철성; 이수연; 정병기
2008-09Degradation Mechanism and Curing Method of Phase Change Memory (PCM) Device Characteristics during Cyclic Programming이수연; 정증현; 박영욱; Wu Zhe; 이택성; 정병기
2009-05Demonstration of a Reliable High Speed Phase-Change Memory Using Ge-Doped SbTe이수연; 정증현; 오철; 박영욱; 김원목; 정병기
2007-04Device Characteristics of Ge-doped SbTe Material System for Phase Change Random Access Memory정증현; 이수연; 우철; 이택성; 김원목; 김슬참; 오규환; 정병기
2018-04Dimensional Crossover Transport Induced by Substitutional Atomic Doping in SnSe2이수연; 황도경; 이영택; 박성곤; 이규형; 김성웅; 이기문
2013-07Effect of density of localized states on the ovonic threshold switching characteristics of the amorphous GeSe films안형우; 정두석; 정병기; 이호석; 이호선; 김수동; 신상열; 김동환; 이수연
2013-07Effect of Ge Concentration in GexSe1-x Chalcogenide Glass on the Electronic Structures and the Characteristics of Ovonic Threshold Switching (OTS) Devices김수동; 안형우; 신상열; 정두석; 손서희; 이호선; 정병기; 신동욱; 이수연
2018-04Effect of Nb concentration on the spin-orbit coupling strength in Nb-doped SrTiO3 epitaxial thin films이수연; 이미림; 조성원; 우성민; 임강훈; 한승우; 최우석