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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997-03A development of a feature-based modeler providing features interaction information김경영; 이수홍; 고희동; 김현석
2010-11A Development of the Context-Based Information Service Agent Considering Contextual Change over Time임재권; 이수홍; 박면웅; 손영태; 김재관; 배일주; 안원빈; 이태우
2003-02A genetic algorithm based an optimal design methodology for a lever sub-assembly of an auto lever.정현효; 서광규; 박지형; 이수홍
2005-10A method of accumulation and adaptation of design knowledge고희병; 하성도; 김태수; 이수홍
2015-06A Mobile Application for Supporting Surgical Workflow김재관; 박면웅; 황현태; 이수홍
2017-02A Process Integrated Engineering Knowledge Acquisition and Management Model for a Project based Manufacturing김재관; 한진택; 이수홍
2014-10A Research about Generating and Utilizing the Generalized Surgical Process with Surgical Workflow Manager황현태; 이수홍; 양웅; 박면웅; 권규현; 손영태; 김재관; 정다희
1997-09A study on the expression of features interaction김경영; 이수홍; 고희동; 김현석
2020-12Bile acid-based dual-functional prodrug nanoparticles for bone regeneration through hydrogen peroxide scavenging and osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells박귀덕; Yoshie Arai; 박효은; 박성현; 김도현; 백인호; Lipjeong Jeong; 김병주; 이동원; 이수홍
2017-10Biodegradable scaffold-based chondrogenesis by addition of magnesium hydroxide nanoparticles for inhibition of cell death and following calcification정윤기; 박광숙; 김병주; 이수홍; 한동근
2000-08Biodegradable scaffolds with various properties for Tissue Engineering이수홍; 최성원; 이상영; 김수현; 김영하; 한양규
2003-08Design knowledge management with reconstructible structure고희병; 하성도; 김태수; 노형민; 이수홍
2018-06Design of a Mandibular Advancement Device for Patients with Partial Dentures김래현; 박시명; 박소연; 최혜인; 이수홍; 노건우
2020-06Designing a mandibular advancement device with topology optimization for a partially edentulous patient김래현; 박시명; 박소영; 신상균; 이효정; 안수진; 이수홍; 노건우
2011-10Development of a Context-Aware Information System for Baseball Service손영태; 김재관; 박면웅; 임재권; 이수홍
2001-06Development of a direct metal freeform fabrication technique using CO2 laser welding and milling technology최두선; 이수홍; 신보성; 황경현; 송용억; 지해성; 박세형
2011-07Development of a System for Proactive Information Service박면웅; 이수홍; 손영태; 김재관; 배일주; 임재권
2003-06Development of intelligent product design system using design DNA고희병; 하성도; 김태수; 김원기; 이수홍
2003-07Elastic biodegradable poly(glycolide-co-caprolactone) scaffold for tissue engineering이수홍; 김병수; 김수현; 최성원; 정성인; 권일근; 강선웅; Janeta Nikolovski; David J. Mooney; 한양규; 김영하
2000-05End group modified polylactide김수현; 이수홍; 한양규; 김영하
2000-08Epithelial cell and human stromal fibroblast culture on surface modified poly(L-lactide-co-glycolide)(PLGA) scaffold for corneal regeneration이상영; 권일근; 이수홍; 박기동; 김수현; 김영하; 최정우
1999-03Feature based automatic generation of divided process drawing박철민; 노형민; 이수홍
2001-11Fibroblast culture on surface-modified poly(glycolide-co- ε -caprolactone) scaffold for soft tissue regeneration권일근; 박기동; 최성원; 이수홍; 배은희; 나재석; 김수현; 김영하
2000-04Fuzzy conflict resolution methodology for intelligent product design system하성도; 김경환; 김재중; 이수홍
2005-07Histological Behavior of HDPE Scaffolds Fabricated by the "Press-and-Baking" method권재현; 김상수; 김병수; 성원준; 이수홍; 임진익; 정영미; 김상헌; 김수현; 김영하
2000-05Intelligent product design with fuzzy conflict resolution methodology하성도; 김재중; 김경환; 이수홍
2005-11Knee Joint Implant Design and Surgery Planning Using Mechanical CAD Software CATIA윤영수; 박세형; 이수홍; 최귀원; 김래현
2003-06Reconstructible design knowledge expression using design DNA method.고희병; 하성도; 김태수; 이수홍
2002-09Reconstructible design knowledge expression-design DNA고희병; 하성도; 김태수; 이수홍
2014-11Regulation of cell fate through physical modification of cell culture substrate박광숙; B. CHOI; 정윤기; 한동근; 이수홍