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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-07Absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of gemigliptin, a novel dipeptidyl peptidase IV inhibitor, in rats김윤; 김운용; 김인숙; 이승학; 이재익; 김동현; 유혜현
2017-08Anomalous transport in disordered fracture networks: Spatial Markov model for dispersion with variable injection modes이승학; 강경철; Marco Dentz; Tanguy Le Borgne; Ruben Juanes
2013-06Attachment Efficiency of TiO2 Nanoparticles in Sands under Low Seepage Velocity이승학
2021-04Biogeochemical Alteration of an Aquifer Soil during In Situ Chemical Oxidation by Hydrogen Peroxide and Peroxymonosulfate이승학; 김은주; 조경진; 사와이라 아딜; 박새롬
2014-02Biotic and Abiotic Reduction of Goethite (α-FeOOH) by Subsurface Microorganisms in the Presence of Electron Donor and Sulfate권만재; 양중석; 심무준; 이승학; Maxim Boyanov; Kenneth Kemner; Edward O'Loughlin
2017-10Characterization of organic precursors in DBP formation and AOC in urban surface water and their fate during managed aquifer recharge이승학; 김현철; 이원모; 최재원; 맹승규
2006-10characterization of zirconium mesostructures immobilozed in calcium alginate for phosphate removal연경호; 이승학; 박용민; 조은진; 이상협; 최용수
2019-09Comparison of pre-oxidation between O3 and O3/H2O2 for subsequent managed aquifer recharge using laboratory-scale columns이승학; 김현철; 박세희; 노진형; 최재원; 맹승규
2019-10Degradation of organic matters during the aquifer storage and recovery홍석원; 정성필; 이승학; 최재우; 김은주; 조경진
2003-11Design and fabrication of the locomotive mechanism for capsule endoscopes using Shape Memory Alloys (SMA)이승학; 김병규; 박종현; 박종오
2021-08Discrimination methods for diesel origin by analyzing fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) composition in diesel?contaminated soil이승학; 고명수
2013-06Effect of Seepage Velocity on Attachment Efficiency of TiO2 Nanoparticles in Porous Media이승학; 김창우
2014-08Effect of seepage velocity on the attachment efficiency of TiO2 nanoparticles in porous media김창우; 이승학
2010-12Effect of soil organic carbon on the quantification of jet-fuels in soil using partitioning tracer method이성수; 이승학; 박준범
2014-08Effective phosphate removal from synthesized wastewater using copper-chitosan bead: Batch and fixed-bed column studies안병렬; 정가영; 이상협; 이승학; 최재우
2019-03Effects of hydraulic loading rate and organic load on the performance of a pilot-scale hybrid VF-HF constructed wetland in treating secondary effluent이승학; 방우혁; 정연성; 박지원; 맹승규
2015-01Effects of inorganic oxidants on kinetics and mechanisms of WO3-mediated photocatalytic degradation김희찬; 유하영; 홍석원; 이상협; 이승학; 박백수; 박현웅; 이창하; 이재상
2014-08Effects of particle size on the metal extraction with citrate in contaminated soils양중석; 이승학; 권만재
2020-01Effects of variable-density flow on the value-of-information of pressure and concentration data for aquifer characterization이승학; 윤선규; John R. Williams; Peter K. Kang
2014-02Effects of washing solution and drying condition on reactivity of nano-scale zero valent irons (nZVIs) synthesized by borohydride reduction우희수; 박준범; 이석헌; 이승학
2011-10Estimation of the potential TiO2 release into environment based on its sorption behaviour to sands김창우; 김지현; 이승학
2020-11Evolution of the radius of investigation during recovery tests이승학; 라그웬드라 나라얀; 브레시아니 에티엔; Peter K. Kang
2012-08Fate and transport of nanomaterials in subsurface이승학
2015-10Geochemical characteristics and microbial community composition intoxic metal-rich sediments contaminated with Au?Ag mine tailings권만재; 양중석; 이승학; Giehyeon Lee; 함박눈; Maxim I. Boyanov; Kenneth M. Kemner; Edward J. O’Loughlin
2014-04Heterogeneous photocatalytic treatment of pharmaceutical micropollutants: Effects of wastewater effluent matrix and catalyst modifications최지현; 이홍신; 최여선; 김순현; 이석헌; 이승학; 최원용; 이재상
2021-02Identification of iron and sulfate release processes during riverbank filtration using chemical mass balance modeling이승학; 안성남; Peter K. Kang; Pieter J. Stuyfzand; 이웅희; 박새롬; 윤성택
2015-08Identification of refined petroleum products in contaminated soils using an identification index for GC chromatograms권동욱; 고명수; 양중석; 권만재; 이승우; 이승학
2016-03Identification of the microbes mediating Fe reduction in a deep saline aquifer and their influence during managed aquifer recharge고명수; 조경진; 정다운; 이승학
2017-12Identification of weathered multiple petroleum products in contaminated soils by characterizing unresolved complex mixture hump in gas chromatograph data이승학; 전수경; 권동욱
2017-12Identifying the source of Zn in soils around a Zn smelter using Pb isotope ratios and mineralogical analysis양중석; 이승학; 권만재; 전수경