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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-02A polymeric conjugate foreignizing tumor cells for targeted immunotherapy in vivo이영호; 윤홍열; 신정민; G. Saravanakumar; 노경희; 송권호; 전주홍; 김동완; 이경미; 김광명; 권익찬; 박재형; 김태우
2009-09Continuous hydrothermal synthesis of HT-LiCoO2 in supercritical water신영호; 구승모; 김대성; 이영호; Bambang Veriansyah; 김재훈; 이윤우
1994-11DC biased capacitance method for measuring thin film magnetostriction and ΔEeffect이영호; Y.D. Shin; P.H. Herr; K.H. Lee; 김희중; 한석희; 강일구; J.R. Rhee
2020-12Development of a Polo-like Kinase-1 Polo-Box Domain Inhibitor as a Tumor Growth Suppressor in Mice Models김은경; 신상철; Pethaiah Gunasekaran; 임민수; 안미자; 성낙균; 박정은; 김재희; 방글; 최준혁; 김민경; 김학남; 이영호; 정영호; 이경; 전영호; 김민주; 이경륜; 김보연; 이경상; 류은경; 방정규
1997-01Effect of Mn additions on age behavior and tensile properties of rapidly solidified Al-Zn-Mg-Zr alloy이영호; 장준연; 유재은; 문인기; 맹선재; 최종술
2009-05Effects of promoter and moisture on the deactivation of FSO3H catalyst in the synthesis of HFC-152a by hydrofluorination of acetylene이영호; 김재덕; 김재훈; 김화용; 이윤우
2016-09Engineered Human Ferritin Nanoparticles for Direct Delivery of Tumor Antigens to Lymph Node and Cancer Immunotherapy권익찬; 김광명; 류주희; 나진희; 고호경; 이보람; 안금영; 이영호; 오세진; 김태우; 변영로; 이지원
2006-08Growth of 1-D single crystalline InN nanowires and their defects변윤기; 한경섭; 박재관; 이영호; 최성철
2010-11Preparation of bitter taste masked cetirizine dihydrochloride/β-cyclodextrin inclusion complex by supercritical antisolvent (SAS) process이춘원; 김수정; 윤용석; Edward Widjojokusumo; 이영호; 김재훈; 이윤우; Raymond R. Tjandrawi
2009-10Size Controllable Synthesis of Barium Titanate Nanoparticles by Hydrothermal Method using Supercritical Water안기호; 이영호; 김재훈; 이윤우
2009-04Solvothermal synthesis of Co and Ni particles in supercritical methanol이영호; 안기호; 김재훈; 이윤우
2009-08Synergetic effect of copper-plating wastewater as a catalyst for the destruction of acrylonitrile wastewater in supercritical water oxidation신영호; 이홍식; 이영호; 김재훈; 김재덕; 이윤우
2006-04Synthesis and Electrochemical Characterization of Vanadium Oxide on Carbon Nanotube Film Substrate for Pseudocapacitor Applications김일환; 김재홍; 조병원; 이영호; 김광범
2009-04Synthesis of barium titanate (BaTiO3) nanoparticles by hydrothemal method using supercritical water안기호; 송봉근; 이영호; 이윤우; 김재훈
2010-11Synthesis of cobalt nanoparticles in supercritical methanol신내철; 이영호; 신영호; 김재훈; 이윤우
2009-05Synthesis of nano sized particles using supercritical fluids윤용석; 이영호; 안기호; Bambang Veriansyah; 김재훈; 김재덕; 이윤우
1989-12The effect of transition metals addition on soft magnetic properties in (Co0.94-xFe0.06Mx)78Si4B18 amorphous alloys김희중; 한석희; 이명복; 이영호; 강일구
2006-11-08소형 케이블 동력 전달 장치강성철; 김문상; 류동석; 이영호; 최준호; 황창순
2010-03-11원격현전 로봇, 이를 포함하는 원격현전 시스템 및 이의 제어 방법김문상; 김창구; 박인준; 신홍식; 유진환; 이영호; 최문택; 황적규