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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-04A Dexterous Robot Hand with a Bio-Mimetic Mechanism김은혜; 이석원; 이용권
2010-10A Dexterous Robot Hand with Bio-mimetic Mechanism이용권
2008-10A New type of Bolting Robot for Steel-frame structure Constructions이석원; 남형도; 이용권; 박종현
2008-04An End-Effector Design for H-beam Alignment in High-Rise Building Construction배기현; 주백석; 정경모; 이용권; 홍대희; 박신석; 임묘택
2011-08An Endoskeleton Framework Biped Robot, "ADDAM" with Coupled Link Mechanism이용권; 임동원
2010-10Analysis of Grasp Stability for Multi-fingered Robot Hand김은혜; 임묘택; 이용권
2011-11Anti-Vibration PID Control for a Robot Manipulator ExperimentsDong-Won Lim; 김은혜; 이용권
2010-10Bio-mimetic Hand with Dual Actuation Scheme조창현; 이용권
2010-06Cytotoxicity of diesel exhaust particles from various vehicles toward macrophage cells이장한; 이용권; 이지영; 이승복; 김선화; 배귀남; 이학성; 임철수; 정남현
2008-08Design analysis of a Robot Hand for Accurate Grasping Various Objects이민규; 이용훈; 정재일; 임홍재; 이용권
2009-08Design and Analysis of Anthropomorphic Robot Hand이석원; 이용훈; 이용권; 박종현
2008-10DESIGN OF A BIO-MIMETIC DEXTEROUS ROBOT HAND이민규; 이용훈; 이석원; 이용권; 임홍재
2007-10Design of a Bolting Robot for Constructing Steel Structure남형도; 최우석; 류동석; 이용권; 이세한; 유범재
2011-12Determining the Passive Region of the Multirate Wave Transform on the Practical Implementation조창현; 이진이; 이용권; 최문택
2006-05Development of a Slim Haptic Glove using McKibben Artificial Air Muscles문경원; 류동석; 이용권; 강성철
2006-10Development of a Slim haptic glove using McKibben artificial muscles문경원; 류동석; 전창묵; 이용권; 강성철; 박민용
2011-12Development of Bio-Machine based on the Plant Response to External StimuliAditya K.; Yuli Chen; 김은혜; Ganesha Udupa; 이용권
2011-12Development of Bio-Machine based on the Plant Response to External StimuliK. Aditya; Ganesha Udupa; 이용권
2009-12Development of Bio-mimetic Robot Hand Using Parallel Mechanisms이석원; 노삼열; 이용권; 박종현
2010-07Inline Skating Motion Generator with Passive Wheels for Small Size Humanoid Robots지브널; 이용권; 가에따노
2007-08Mechanism design of a robot hand for firm and accurate grasping various objects이민규; 이용훈; 임홍재; 최우석; 이용권
2008-09Micro Hydraulic System Using Slim Artificial Muscles for a Wearable Haptic Glove류동석; 문경원; 남형도; 이용권; 전창묵; 강성철; 송재복
2010-06Motion Generation for a Humanoid Robot with Inline-skate지브널; 이용권; 가에따노
2009-11On the Synthesis of PID Gains to Reduce Vibration on the Slender Robot Manipulator임동원; 이용권; 스왈로프
2009-02Robotic automation system for steel beam assembly in building construction주백석; 정경모; 추영수; 홍대희; 임묘택; 박신석; 이용권
2007-11Safety Design Analysis of a Robot Hand for Accurate Grasping Various Object이민규; 이용훈; 임홍재; 이용권
2007-08Safety design analysis of construction robot이용훈; 이민규; 임홍재; 남형도; 이용권
2011-12The Design of a Patient Transportation Robot's Lifting Arms Considering Comfort and Safety without the Presence of a SheetYong-Hoon Lee; Bok-Soo Bae; Hong Jae Yim; 이용권
2008-08Wearable Haptic Glove Using Micro Hydraulic System for Control of Construction Robot System with VR Environment이용권; 류동석
2010-09-07로봇의 손가락 구동장치이용권; 조창현