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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-09A fuzzy expert system based on hybrid database for fault diagnosis of industrial turbomachinery.백두진; 이용복; 김승종; 김창호; 장건희
1997-01A numerical analysis on the rotordynamic characteristics of a hybrid journal bearing with pair-type angled injection orifices김창호; 이용복
2006-12A Study on the Air Foil Journal Bearing Analysis with Perturbed Rarefaction Coefficients이용복; 박동진; 김창호; 장건희
2001-12A study on the lift-off characteristics of an air-lubricated bump foil journal bearing이용복; 이남수; 최동훈; 김창호
2001-08A study on the lift-off characteristics of an air-lubricated multi-leaf foil journal bearing이용복; 김태호; 김창호; 이남수; 장건희
2003-03A study on the oil-free turbocharger supported by air foil bearing.이용복; 김태호; 김창호; 사종성; 이남수
1992-01A study on the parameter identification for a mechanical dynamic system using a time-domain extended kalman filter algorithm.김창호; 이용복; 사종성; 김광식
2003-06A study on the reliability of an air foil journal bearing for high speed turbomachinery.김태호; 이용복; 김창호; 이남수
2003-06A study on the rotordynamic stability of turbo pump unit.곽현덕; 이용복; 김창호; 하태웅; 유우철
2006-10A study on the structural stiffness and coulomb damping of air foil bearing considering the interaction among bumps박동진; 김창호; 이용복
1996-01An analysis for turbulent hybrid bearings with fluid inertia and swirl injection effects.이용복; 김창호; 최동훈
1996-01An application of the instrumental variable method (IVM) to parameter identification of a noise contaminated bearing test rig.이용복; 김창호; 최동훈
1995-01An optimal correction balancing of a high-speed flexible rotor.이용복; 김창호; 이동수; 최동훈
2001-06An optimal design of an ER-SFD supporting a rigid rotor system이용복; 김종립; 이남수; 김창호; 최동훈
2000-12Characteristics of a coupled gas lubricated bearing for a scaled-up micro gas turbine이용복; 곽현덕; 김창호; 장건희
2001-06Critical speeds evaluation of turbo pump unit with a elasticring inserted ball bearing이용복; 김창호; 곽현덕; 하태웅; 우유철
2000-04Damping performance analysis of electro-rheological squeeze film damper sealed with slotted rings정시영; 김창호; 이용복
2010-07Dynamic Behavior of Bump Foils withThermal Effect in Air Foil Bearings이용복; 조준현; 심규호; 임윤철
2000-11Dynamic coefficients of a high-speed rotor supported by a slotted ER squeeze film damper이용복; 김창호; 정시영; 이남수; 최동훈
2001-08Dynamic stability and leakage characteristics of turbo pump unit installed with high-pressure seals이용복; 곽현덕; 김창호; 하태웅
2002-08Electromechanical characteristics of a squirrel cage induction motor due to broken rotor bars and rotor eccentricity박상진; 장정환; 장건희; 이용복; 김창호
2000-06Experimental parametric study on the rotordynamic characteristics and optimal design of a flexible rotor supported by a slotted-ring electro-rheological squeeze film damper이용복; 김창호; 이남수; 최동훈; 정시영
2001-12Feasibility study on design of thrust bearing for micro gas turbine generator이용복; 곽현덕; 김창호; 장건희
2006-07FEM 연료전지의 공기 공급기이용복
2003-12Leakage and Rotordynamic Analysis of Damper Floating Ring Seal with Round­Hole Surfaces in the High Pressure Turbo Pump하태웅; 이용복; 김창호
2001-12Leakage and rotordynamic analysis of high pressure floating ring seal in turbo pump.하태웅; 이용복; 김창호
2023-12LNG 펌프용 깊은 홈 구름 베어링 시험장치: 동역학적 안정성 평가이영도; 곽원일; 하윤석; 이전국; 이용복
2001-12MEMS/MST 고속 회전체 요소의 안정성에 관한 연구이용복; 곽현덕; 김창호
2008-09PEM 연료전지용 터보 블로워의 내구성에 관한 실험적 연구이용복; 이희섭; 정진택
1999-12Rotordynamic characteristics of a rigid rotor supported by a sealed and pressurized squeeze film damper김창호; 이용복; 이남수; 최상호; 장효환