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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-03Cation-dependent anomalous compression of gallosilicate zeolites with CGS topology: A high-pressure synchrotron powder diffraction study이용재; 이현휘; 이동렬; 김선진; Chi-chang Kao
2007-05Confined water clusters in a synthetic rubidium gallosilicate with zeolite LTL topology이용재; 김선진; 안도천; 신남수
2007-11Dehydration-Induced Water Disordering in a Synthetic Potassium Gallosilicate Natrolite이용재; 김선진; Ivor Bull; A. J. Celestian; J. B. Parise; C. C. Kao; T. Vogt
2018-05Enhanced Hydrogen-Storage Capacity and Structural Stability of an Organic Clathrate Structure with Fullerene (C60) Guests and Lithium Doping한상수; 여병철; 우예솔; 김병수; 이종원; 박지성; 차민준; Satoshi Takeya; 임준혁; 이용재; 전태인; 배현후; 이훈경; 김동선; 윤지호
2017-02Interactive CAD Review System for Super Multiview Autostereoscopic Displays based on Web Technologies유병현; 서대일; 김도연; 이용재
2001-04K5.76Ga5.76Si10.24O32ㆍ3.4H2O, a gallosilicate with the zeolite gismondine topologyAkhilesh Tripathi; John B. Parise; 김선진; 이용재; 어용선
1988-01Mechanistic studies on the photochemical degradation of nifedipine심상철; 배애님; 이용재
2010-12Pressure-induced hydration and cation migration in a Cs+ exchanged gallosilicate zeolite LTL: Sychrotron X-ray powder diffraction study at ambient and high pressures성동훈; 이용문; 김선진; 이현위; 안도천; 신남수; Thomas Vogt; 이용재
2008-03Pressure-Induced Hydration and Order-Disorder Transition in a Synthetic Potassium Gallosilicate Zeolite With Gismondine Topology이용재; 김선진; Chi-Chang Kao; Thomas Vogt
2021-11Sharing Ambient Objects Using Real-time Point Cloud Streaming in Web-based XR Remote Collaboration유병현; 이용재; 이수홍
2000-12Structural changes and cation site ordering in Na and K forms of aluminogermanates with the zeolite gismondine topologyAkhilesh Tripathi; John B. Parise; 김선진; 이용재; Geoffrey M. Johnson; 어용선
2020-11Unified Representation for XR Content and its Rendering Method고희동; 유병현; 문창현; 이용재; 이수홍
2007-12Water Nanostructures Confined inside the Quasi-One-Dimensional Channels of LTL Zeolite이용재; C. C. Kao; 김선진; 이현휘; 이동렬; 신태주; 최재영
2017-07Webizing Interactive CAD Review System using Super Multiview Autostereoscopic Displays유병현; 서대일; 이용재
2021-02XR Collaboration beyond Virtual Reality: Work in the Real World유병현; 이용재
2021-08-23증강현실 엔진에 독립적인 피처 데이터 기반의 엔터티 추적 방법 및 장치유병현; 이용재