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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-10Effective Heat Transfer Pathways of Thermally Conductive Networks Formed by One-Dimensional Carbon Materials with Different Sizes양철민; 이윤선; Seung-Yong Lee; Keun Soo Kim; Suguru Noda; Sang Eun Shim
2018-09Electromagnetic Shielding by MXene-Graphene-PVDF Composite with Hydrophobic, Lightweight and Flexible Graphene Coated Fabric양철민; 이윤선; Kanthasamy Raagulan; Ramanaskanda Braveenth; Hee Jung Jang; Bo Mi Kim; Jai Jung Moon; Kyu Yun Chai
2014-11Enhanced in-plane thermal conductivity of flexible fewwalled carbon nanotubes (FWCNTs) sheet for thermal management이윤선; 이승용; 위재형; 심상은; 양철민
2018-12Fabrication of Nonwetting Flexible Free-Standing MXene-Carbon Fabric for Electromagnetic Shielding in S-Band Region양철민; 이윤선; Kanthasamy Raagulan; Ramanaskanda Braveenth; Hee Jung Jang; Bo Mi Kim; Jai Jung Moon; Kyu Yun Chai
2016-10Functionalization of mild oxidized graphene with O-phenylenediamine for highly thermally conductive and thermally stable epoxy composites양철민; 이윤선; M. Wasim Akhtar; 김종석
2018-07Genomic characterization of extensively drug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii strain, KAB03 belonging to ST451 from Korea송현석; 이상엽; 오만환; 윤성호; 최치원; 박창균; 이하영; 이윤선; 신주현; 정차욱; 문재영; 이재철; 김건화; 김승일
2015-01High-Performance (Na0. 5K0. 5) NbO3 Thin Film Piezoelectric Energy Harvester김보연; 서인태; 이윤선; 김진성; 남산; 강종윤; 윤석진; 백종후; 정영훈
2017-12MWCNT Coated Free-Standing Carbon Fiber Fabric for Enhanced Performance in EMI Shielding with a Higher Absolute EMI SE양철민; 이윤선; Sudesh Jayashantha Pothupitiya Gamage; Kihun Yang; Ramanaskanda Braveenth; Kanthasamy Raagulan; Hyun Suk Kim; Jai Jung Moon; Kyu Yun Chai
2014-11Pore Structure Control of Alkali-Activated Single-Walled Carbon Nanohorns for Energy Storage Applications위재형; 이승용; 이윤선; 양갑승; 김융암; 양철민
2020-04Synergistic Effects of Hybrid Carbonaceous Fillers of Carbon Fibers and Reduced Graphene Oxides on Enhanced Heat-Dissipation Capability of Polymer Composites양철민; 유재상; 이윤선; Sang Eun Shim
2022-04-14우수한 열전도성, 축열성 및 난연성을 갖는 난방용 건축재용 탄소 복합 소재 및 이의 제조 방법김남렬; 김민국; 김수경; 김지훈; 나원진; 박형범; 양철민; 유재상; 이민욱; 이윤선