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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-04A Cuff-Shaped Enzymeless Glucose Sensor Integrated with Chronically Implantable Peripheral Nerve Cuff Electrode for Inflammation Monitoring이이재; 박성진; 강지윤; 이수현
2015-04A Study for the Stimulus Cuff Electrode with Conducting Polymer이이재; 박성진; 강지윤; 이수현
2017-03Biofunctionalization of Nerve Interface via Biocompatible Polymer-Roughened Pt Black on Cuff Electrode for Chronic Recording강지윤; 이수현; 이이재; 김한준; 도선희
2017-11Biological assessments of multifunctional hydrogel-decorated implantable neural cuff electrode for clinical neurology application강지윤; 이수현; 이이재; 김한준; 허동녕; 이상진; 권일근; 도선희
2016-12Characterization of nerve-cuff electrode interface for biocompatible and chronic stimulating application강지윤; 이수현; 이이재; 김한준; 도선희
2019-07Diagnosing Alzheimer's Disease through Detection of Tau Protein in Human Blood Using Ultrasensitive Nano-Gap Sensor: From CSF to Blood강지윤; 이수현; 이이재; 박재영; 서보겸; 서혜원; 조수현; 서상원
2018-10Enzyme-loaded paper combined impedimetric sensor for the determination of the low-level of cholesterol in saliva강지윤; 이수현; 이이재; 신경식; 엄규식
2016-01Enzymeless glucose sensor integrated with chronically implantablenerve cuff electrode for in-situ inflammation monitoring이이재; 박성진; 윤광석; 강지윤; 이수현
2015-08Fabrication and Characterization of Stimulus Nerve Cuff Electrode with Highly Roughened Surface for Chronic Implant이이재; 송강일; 강지윤; 이수현
2017-02Flexible and Highly Biocompatible Nanofiber- Based Electrodes for Neural Surface Interfacing이수현; 이이재; 허동녕; 김한준; 허민; 이상진; 이동현; 도선희; 권일근
2020-10Flexible Dopamine Sensor with Electrophoretic Deposited Graphene Oxide/PEDOT:PSS Composite for Brain Disorder Monitoring이이재; 고승현; 김승욱
2021-10Flexible sensor with electrophoretic polymerized graphene oxide/PEDOT:PSS composite for voltammetric determination of dopamine concentration이이재; 고승현; 김승욱
2015-08Functional nerve cuff electrode with controllable anti-inflammatory drug loading and release by biodegradable nanofibers and hydrogel deposition박성진; 이이재; 허동녕; 권일근; 윤광석; 강지윤; 이수현
2020-09Highly-efficient microfluidic ultrasonic transducers assisted gDNA T extraction system in whole blood for POCT applications이병철; 이수현; 최낙원; 이이재; 이형빈; 오민택; 손국희
2015-01Implantable Nerve Cuff Electrode with Conductive Polymer for Improving Recording Signal Quality at Peripheral Nerve박성진; 이이재; 윤광석; 강지윤; 이수현
2016-05Long-term Evaluation of Black Pt Deposited Stimulating Cuff Electrodes in Sciatic Nerve Implant강지윤; 이수현; 이이재; 김한준; 도선희
2016-04Long-term In-vivo Evaluation of Chronically Implanted Nerve Cuff Electrode with Anti-inflammatory Drug Loaded Microparticles/PEG/PEDOT강지윤; 이수현; 이이재; 허동녕; 김한준; 권일근; 도선희
2016-07Multifunctional hydrogel coatings on the surface of neural cuff electrode for improving electrode-nerve tissue interfaces강지윤; 이수현; 이이재; 허동녕; 송수진; 김한준; 고완규; 이상진; 이동현; 박성진; Lijie Grace Zhang; 도선희; 권일근
2016-05Nerve Electrode Using Electrospinning Polyimide Nanofiber to Realize Intimate Contact and Enhanced Oxygen Permeability강지윤; 이수현; 이이재; 허동녕; 권일근
2020-12Non-invasive Ring Electrode with a Wireless Electrical Recording and Stimulating System for Monitoring Preterm Labor이수현; 이창혁; 이이재; 드미트로 코토브; 왕은진; 황정호; 안기훈; Hee Youn Kim
2019-07Non-invasive Ring-type Electroceuticals for Treatment of Preterm Labor이수현; 이창혁; 이이재; 드미트로 코토브; 황정호; 안기훈
2016-07Novel and Highly Electro-catalytic Sensor with Hybrid PEDOT/black Pt Electrode for Sensitive Hydrogen Peroxide Determination강지윤; 이수현; 이이재
2016-05Screen printed flexible aptasensor based on MoS2 nanopaticles for detection of E.coli이수현; 김병찬; 이이재; 엄규식; 김민호; 송민영
2020-02Sensitive and non-invasive cholesterol determination in saliva via optimization of enzyme loading and platinum nano-cluster composition강지윤; 이수현; 이이재; 엄규식; 서혜원; 심준섭
2021-05Strong enzyme immobilization associated by anatase TiO2 sputtered on platinum black nanoclusters to improve sensitivity and long-term stability of electrochemical cholesterol sensor강지윤; 이수현; 이이재; 이민교
2021-03-26인공지능 학습을 통해 광용적맥파로부터 대동맥판막협착증 및 기타 심혈관 질환 위험도를 판단하는 방법 및 시스템김선애; 이이재
2020-11-26호흡기 질환 센싱 패치 및 시스템, 그리고 호흡기 질환 정보 제공 방법서성철; 이경열; 이수현; 이이재; 이창혁