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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-121,4-Dioxane-fused 4-anilinoquinazoline as inhibitors of epidermal growth factor receptor kinase이재열; 박용규; 서선희; 소인섭; 정경희; 양범석; 이숙자; 박호군; 이용섭
2002-05[1,4]dioxano[2,3-g]quinazolines as inhibitors of epidermal growth factor receptor kinase이재열; 양범석; 이용섭
2002-02[1,4]dioxano[2,3-g]quinazolines as inhibitors of epidermal growth factor receptor kinase이재열; 양범석; 이용섭
2003-122-Arylethenylchromones derivatives : synthesis and anticancer activity문창상; 이경원; 이지용; 이재열; 정봉영; 이경태; 이용섭
2004-073,4-Dihydroquinazoline derivatives as novel selective T-type Ca2+ channel blockers이용섭; 이범훈; 박성준; 강순방; 임혜원; 박진용; 이정하; 정성우; 이재열
2003-06-303,4-디히드로퀴나졸린 유도체 및 그의 제조 방법이용섭; 이재열
2001-06-284-(페닐아미노)-[1,4]디옥사노[2,3-g]퀴나졸린 유도체 및그의 제조방법박호군; 서선희; 양범석; 이용섭; 이재열
2001-096-hydroxy-1,3-dioxin-4-one and 4-hydroxypyrone derivatives as HIV protease inhibitors이재열; 김순남; 이용실; 이종교; 박호군; 이용섭
2000-126-Hydroxy-1,3-dioxin-4-ones as non-peptidic HIV protease inhibitors이용섭; 이용실; 이재열; 김순남; 이종교; 박호군
2000-11-296-히드록시-1, 3-디옥신-4-온 고리를 가진인간면역결핍바이러스 프로테아제 억제 화합물 및 그의제조방법박호군; 이용섭; 이재열
2002-127-substituted-[1,4]dioxano[2,3-g]quinazolines as inhibitors of epidermal growth factor receptor kinase이재열; 박용규; 서선희; 양범석; 박호군; 이용섭
2011-12A Concise Synthesis of Tetrabenazine: An Intramolecular Aza-Prins-Type Cyclization via Oxidative C-H Activation손영욱; 권태희; 이재균; 배애님; 이재열; 조용서; 민선준
2018-02A new rigid diindolocarbazole donor moiety for high quantum efficiency thermally activated delayed fluorescence emitter이재균; 김광종; 김경헌; Raju Lampande; 안대현; 임준범; 문지수; 이재열; 이주용; 권장혁
1997-11An efficient synthesis of 3-(E)-hydroxypropenyl cephem derivatives, key intermediates for 3-(E)-ammoniopropenylcephalosporin antibiotics이용섭; 이재열; 정진현; 박호군
1999-01Angular position substituted ring-fused azepino[5,4,3-cd]indole derivatives민병준; 박용규; 이숙자; 이재열; 박호군; 이용섭
1999-02Asymmetric synthesis of benzo[α]quinolizidine and indolo[2,3-α]quinolizidine derivatives from L-glutamic acid or L-pyroglutamic acid이용섭; 조대주; 강수성; 최정훈; 이재열; 박호군
1997-01Asymmetric synthesis of both enantiomers of novel tetracyclic heterocycle, furo[3',2':2,3]pyrrolo[2,1- α ]isoquinoline derivative via a diastereospecific N-acyliminium ion cyclization이재열; 이용섭; 정봉영; 박호군
1996-01Asymmetric synthesis of both enantiomers of pyrrolidinoisoquinoline derivatives by a diastereoselective N-acyliminium ion cyclization of chiral hydroxylactams.이용섭; 박호군; 이재열; 이숙자; 강동욱
1997-05Asymmetric synthesis of furo-pyrrolo-isoquinoline and furo-indolizino-indole derivatives via a diastereoselective N-acyliminium ion cyclization이용섭; 이재열; 박호군
1999-04Asymmetric synthesis of furo[3,2-i]indolizines from L-malic acid이용섭; 이재열; 김동운; 박호군
1997-07Asymmetric synthesis of pyrrolidinoisoquinoline alkaloids via diastereoselective N-acyliminium ion cyclization of chiral enamides이재열; 이용섭; 박호군
2002-01Caffeic acid phenethyl ester inhibits nitric oxide synthase gene expression and enzyme activity송윤선; 박은희; 허강민; 류영수; 이용섭; 이재열; 김용만; 진창배
2003-12Catechol-substituted L-chicoric acid analogues as HIV integrase inhibitors.이재열; 윤권중; 이용섭
2015-02Characterization of Caffeoylglucoside Derivatives and Hypouricemic Activity of the Ethyl Acetate Fraction from Aster glehni손민정; 진창배; 이용섭; 이재열; 김형자
2000-04Chiral synthesis of benzo[a]quinolizidine and indolo[2,3-a]quinolizidine derivatives using N-acyliminium ion cyclization이용섭; 김순남; Dae Joo Cho; 강수성; 최정훈; 이재열; 박호군
2008-01Chromone and Chromanone Derivatives as Strand Transfer Inhibitors of HIV-1 Integrase박장현; 이승욱; 김상훈; 신서영; 이재열; 신차균; 유경호; 이용섭
2002-12Costunolide triggers apoptosis in human leukemia U937 cells by depleting intracellular thiols.최정혜; 하주훈; 박재훈; 이재열; 이용섭; 박희준; 최종훈; Yutaka Masuda; Kazuyasu Nakaya; 이경태
2019-06Cyclic Hydrazide-Functionalized Poly(ethylene oxide) Frameworks for the Synthesis of pH-Cleavable Drug- Carriers and Their Applications for the Stabilization of Gold Nanoparticles김세훈; 이건창; 서동화; 김정규; Abu B. Siddique; 박현종; 김현준; 강호정; 이재열; 임지우; 김정안
2013-09Design and synthesis of novel series of 5-HT6 receptor ligands having indole, a central aromatic core and 1-amino-4 methyl piperazine as a positive ionizable groupFasai hayat; 조성진; 임혜원; Ambily Nath Indu Viswanath; 배애님; 이재열; 주동준; 박혜영
2001-09Design and synthesis of styrylquinazoline derivatives: a new class of HIV-1 integrase inhibitors박장현; 이숙자; 이재열; 박호군; 이용섭