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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-052-Bromo-4,5-Dimethoxy Chalcone Inhibits Cisplatin-induced LLC-PK1Kidney Cell Death이재욱; Dahee Lee; Heesu Lee; Ki Sung Kang
2019-083,3'-Diindolylmethane improves intestinal permeability dysfunction in cultured human intestinal cells and the model animal Caenorhabditis elegans차광현; 강경수; 판철호; 송대근; 이재욱; 홍성철; 김주연; 레 응옥 트람 안; 이소영
2019-03A cell type-selective apoptosis-inducing small molecule for the treament of brain cancer이재욱; Natasha C. Lucki; Genaro R. Villa; Naja Vergani; Michael J. Bollong; Brittney A. Beyer; Justin L. Anglin; Stephan H. Spangenberg; Emily N. Chin; Amandeep Sharma; Kevin Johnson; Philipp N. Sander; Perry Gordon; Stephen L. Skirboll; Heiko Wurdak; Peter G. Schultz; Paul S. Mischel; Luke L. Lairson
2019-03A small molecule Nec-1 directly induces amyloid clearance in the brains of aged APP/PS1 mice.이재욱; 박근완; 홍성철; 황지현; 양승훈; 신지수; 신남우 네오; 이세진; 백승엽; 김경화; 조일환; 김영수
2007-05Adsorption dynamics of hydrogen sulfide in impregnated activated carbon bed최도영; 이재욱; 장성철; 공경택; 안병성; 최대기
2008-09Adsorption dynamics of hydrogen sulfide in impregnated activated carbon bed최도영; 이재욱; 장성철; 안병성; 최대기
2005-04Adsorption Dynamics of Water Vapor on Acid Treated Activated Carbon최도영; 심왕근; 김태영; 정흥조; 최대기; 이재욱
2006-08Adsorption equilibrium and dynamics of Hydrogen mixture on heterogeneous adsorbents최도영; 안의섭; 장성철; 이재욱; 최대기
2021-11anticancer effects of seaweed-derived bioactive compounds이재욱; Heesu Lee; Basakr Selvaraj
2015-04Biological evaluation of sulforaphane analogues as protective agents against cisplatin induced cytotoxicity in kidney cells문성원; 김태정; 함정엽; 이재욱
1994-02Characterization and processing of blends of poly(ether imide) with thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer.서용석; 홍순만; 황승상; 박태석; 김광웅; 이상묵; 이재욱
2017-04Chemical biology approach for the identification of cell protecting molecules이재욱; 김동회; 이희수
2018-02Chemical characterization of cytotoxic indole acetic acid derivative from mulberry fruit (Morus alba L.) against human cervical cancer이재욱; Jae Sik Yu; Seoung Rak Lee; Chang-Ik Choi; Tae Su Jang; Ki Sung Kang; Ki Hyun Kim; Dahae Lee
2019-02Chemical Control of Mammalian Circadian Behavior through Dual Inhibition of Casein Kinase Iα and δ이재욱; 박근완; Tsuyoshi Hirota; Daisuke Ono; Sato Honma; Ken-ichi Honma; Steve A. Kay
2015-02Chemo- and Stereoselective Reduction of β-Keto-α-oximino Nitriles by Using Baker's Yeast모길웅; 강순방; 김유승; 이용섭; 이재욱; 금교창
1995-02Compatibilizing effect of a poly(ester imide) on the properties of the blends of poly(ether imide) and a thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer: 1. Compatibilizer synthesis and thermal and rheologica서용석; 홍순만; 황승상; 박태석; 김광웅; 이상묵; 이재욱
1995-02Compatibilizing effect of a poly(ester imide) on the properties of the blends of poly(ether imide) and a thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer: 2. Morphology and mechanical properties of the in situ서용석; 홍순만; 황승상; 박태석; 김광웅; 이상묵; 이재욱
2020-08Constituents of Gastrodia elata and Their Neuroprotective Effects in HT22 Hippocampal Neuronal, R28 Retinal Cells, and BV2 Microglial Cells권학철; 이재욱; 권재영; 이계림; 김혜미; 장대식
2015-09Development of small-molecule cryptochrome stablilizer derivatives as modulators of the circadian clock이재욱; Tsuyoshi Hirota; Anupriya Kumar; 김남중; Stephan Irie; Steve A. Kay
2013-08Discovery of potent modulators of circadian rhythms by high throughput chemical screening이재욱
2016-08discovery synthesis and evlauation of 2,4-diaminoquinazolines as a novel class of pancreatic beta cell protective agents against endoplasmic reticulum stress이재욱; Honglian Duan; Daleep Arora; Yu Li; Hui-Ying Lim; Weidong Wang; 문성원
2015-04Diversity-oriented approach for chemical biology이준석; 이재욱; 강남영; 하형호; 장영태
2020-04Effect of germination environment on the biochemical compounds and antiinflammatory properties of soybean cultivars이재욱; Hyang Lan Eum; Yeri Park; Tae Gyu Yi; Keon-Soo Ha; Ik-Young Choi; Nam Il Park
2014-06Effect of Heat Treatment on the Thermoelectric Properties of Bismuth-Antimony-Telluride Prepared by Mechanical Deformation and Mechanical Alloying이득희; 이재욱; 정성진; 백승협; 김주헌; 김동익; 현도빈; 김진상
2015-06Effect of Sn Doping on the Thermoelectric Properties of n-type Bi2(Te,Se)3 Alloys이재욱; 이득희; 권범진; 현도빈; 남산; 백승협; 김진상
2013-09Efficient Thermal Deglycosylation of Ginsenoside Rd and Its Contribution to the Improved Anticancer Activity of Ginseng김영주; Noriko Yamabe; 최필주; 이재욱; 함정엽; 강기성
2020-07Enhancement of neuroprotection antioxidant capacity and water solubility of crocins by transglucosylation using dextransucrase under high hydrostatic pressure이재욱; 목일균; Thi Thanh Hanh Nguyen; 김동회; 임상윤; 정호영; 임태윤; kunal Pal; 김도만
2017-07Evaluation of guggulsterone derivatives as novel kidney cell protective agents against cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity함정엽; 김태정; 이재욱; Dahae Lee; Ki Hyun Kim; Tae Su Jang; Ki Sung Kang
2016-01gambogic acid induces apoptotic cell death in T98G glioma cellsMya Thida; Dae Won Kim; Thi Thu Thuy Tran; Minh Quan Pham; Heesu Lee; Inki Kim; 이재욱
2017-10Gambogic Acid-induced Autophagy and the MAPK Pathway in T98G Glioblastoma Cells이재욱; 김동회; Dae Won Kim; Heesu Lee