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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-06A Controller for the Compensation of the Time-delay in the Hybrid Thrust Active Magnetic Bearing이종민; 김우연; 강민수; 김승종
2010-05A Measurement Method of Electromagnetic Force Delay in Ferromagnetic Material김우연; 강민수; 이종민; 배용채; 김승종
2013-12A new machine condition monitoring mehtod based on likelihood change of a stochastic model황규환; 이종민; 황요하
2006-10A New Online Rotor Condition Monitoring Method using FBG Sensors and C-lens Beam Coupler황요하; 이인재; 이종민; 배준기; 이상배
2006-07A New Online Rotor Condition Monitoring Method Using FBG Sensors and No Telemetry System황요하; 이인재; 이종민; 이상배
2008-06A novel online rotor condition monitoring system using fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensors and a rotary optical coupler이종민; 황요하
2008-10A PM-type Linear Motor Capable of Self Magnetic Levitation김우연; 김승종; 이종민; 정성종
2001-06A research on characteristics of semi-active muffler using difference of transmission paths이종민; 김경목; 손동구; 이장현; 황요하
2004-07A small damper using composite operational modes of MR fluid김승종; 조창현; 이종민; 황요하; 김문상
2004-05A Small MR Brake for Force Feedback Devices김승종; 조창현; 이종민; 황요하; 김문상
1991-01A study of the characteristics of hydraulic active suspension송창섭; 이종민
2004-04A Study on Discrete Hidden Markov Model for Vibration Monitoring and Diagnosis of Turbo Machinery이종민; 황요하; 송창섭
1993-01A study on the reproduction of acoustic characteristics of a car's exhaust noise using digital filtering technique.황요하; 이종민; 조재환
1998-11A study on the vibration characteristics of cantilever beam with a combined shear/squeeze mode damper서민석; 이종민; 김창호; 최동훈
2016-01All-Electrical Measurement of Interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction Using Collective Spin-Wave Dynamics이종민; 장차운; 민병철; 이서원; 이경진; 장준연
1998-05An analysis and test results of damping characteristics of ER dampers with two different valve types.장보영; 이종민; 김창호; 박영필
2004-11Analysis of Damped Vibration Signal using Empirical Mode Decomposition Method이인재; 이종민; 황요하; 허건수
2005-02Analysis of Damped Vibration Signal Using Empirical Mode Decomposition Method이인재; 이종민; 황요하; 허건수
2005-07Analysis of Damped Vibration Signal Using Empirical Mode Decomposition Method황요하; 이인재; 이종민; 허건수
1997-01Analysis of severe booming noise on a SNV황요하; 이종민; H. Kim
1998-12Angular dependence of the Hall conductivity in YBa ₂ Cu ₃ O//x films with columnar defects김동호; 박종혁; 김영환; 이종민; 한택상; J. D. Hettinger; D. J. Miller; K. E. Gray
2003-01Application of hidden markov model using AR coefficients to machine diagnosis이종민; 황요하; 김승종; 송창섭
2002-07Application of muffler techniques to reduce noise of cement factory raw mill stack황요하; 이종민; 김승종; 우창호
2017-05Balance Rehabilitation Training Method Standing on One-leg or Two-leg with Lower Limb Exoskeleton Robot이종민; 김승종; 김형민; 최태진; 최준혁; 정은석; 이지연; 전민호
2019-05Bayesian inference of aqueous mineral carbonation kinetics for carbon capture and utilization이웅; 나종걸; 박성언; 백지현; 이동우; 유윤성; 김인준; 박진원; 이종민; Minjun Kim
2009-09Bending and Strain Sensitivities in a Helicoidal Long-Period Fiber Gratings정호중; 신우진; 김준기; 박승한; 고도경; 이종민; 오경환
2018-05Clinical Test of Gait Rehabilitation Training with Lower-limb Exoskeleton based on Gait Intention according to EMG Signals for Post-stroke Hemiparetic Patients이종민; 최준호; 김형민; 최태진; 최준혁; 김승종; 김지은; 이지연; 전민호
2008-08Conceptual Design and Simulation for the Production of Hydrogen by WGS Reaction in Coal Gasification System이윤주; 이상득; 홍석인; 이종민; 문동주
2008-06Conceptual Design and Simulation for the Production of Hydrogen by WGS reaction in coal gasification system이윤주; 성대진; 이상득; 홍석인; 이종민; 문동주
2007-11Conceptual design for the Production of Hydrogen in Coal Gasification System이윤주; 강정식; 성대진; 이상득; 이종민; 홍석인; 문동주