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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-05A glimpse into the interactions of cells in a microenvironment: the modulation of T cells by mesenchymal stem cellsJonghoon Choi; 황민태; 이종욱; 이관희
2012-10A Multi-faceted Approach to the Detection of Pancreatic Cancer황민태; 이종욱; 최종훈; 이관희
1986-01A study on the correction of spectral line overlaps for the determination of rare earth elements by x-ray fluorescence spectrometry.김영만; 김영상; 박윤창; 이종욱
1985-01A study on the determination of rare earth elements by inductively coupled plasma spectrometry.최범석; 김선태; 김영만; 이종욱
1989-01A study on the determination of trace impurities for specific grade acetone.이동기; 최범석; 김영만; 이종욱
1988-01Determination of germanium in ginseng radix by hydride generation-inductively coupled plasma spectrometry김선태; 이종욱; 최범석; 이병조
1990-01Determination of selenium in ginseng radix and ganoderma lucidum by hydride generation-inductively coupled plasma spectrometry.김선태; 이종욱; 최범석; 이병조
1985-12Effect of zinc on androgen metabolism in the rat ventral prostate이종욱; 박찬웅; 신상구; 송동권
2005-09Electrochemical factors affecting the magnetic properties of Co based magnetic alloys이종욱; 박호동; 이관희; 김긍호; 정원용
2005-09Electrochemical Formation and Characterization of III-V Compound Semiconductor InSb Nanowires이관희; 이종욱; 박호동; 정원용; 이종엽
2005-09Electrochemical Formation of III-V Compound Semiconductor InSb이정오; 이종욱; 이관희; 정원용; 이종엽
2012-09Engineering a Novel Inorganic/Organic Chimeric Biosensor: The Supersensitive Detection and Quantitative Analysis of Cell Biomarkers황민태; 이종욱; 최종훈; 이관희
2013-12Facile Solvothermal Preparation of Monodisperse Gold Nanoparticles and Their Engineered Assembly of Ferritin-Gold NanoclustersJonghoon Choi; 박성욱; Zoran Stojanovic; 한형섭; 이종욱; 석현광; Dragan Uskokovic; 이관희
2013-07Harnessing immunomagnetic separation and quantum dot-based quantification capacities for the enumeration of absolute levels of biomarker박호영; 황민태; 이종욱; Jonghoon Choi; 이관희
2012-04Highly Sensitive Quantitative Profiling of Cancer Cells via Protein-QD Hybrid Nanoprobes for Signal Amplification이종욱; 황민태; 김유찬; 석현광; 이관희
1997-08Identification of YH439 and its metabolites in rat urine by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry명승운; 허수정; 김명수; 박종세; 유중근; 채정석; 이종욱
2012-10Inorganic/Organic Composite Biosensors as a Platform for the Supersensitive Detection and Quantification of Pancreatic Cell Biomarkers황민태; 이종욱; 최종훈; 이관희
2013-05Interactions Between Mesenchymal Stem Cells and T Cells on a Single Cell Level최종훈; 황민태; 이종욱; 이관희
2013-10Nanoscale bacteriophage biosensors beyond phage display이종욱; 송장원; 황민태; 이관희
1989-01Purification and determination for the electronic grade reagents.김영만; 이충훈; 최범석; 이종욱
1991-01Purification of technical grade methanol and acetonitrile for HPLC use.이영희; 최범석; 이종욱; 김영만; 김선태
2013-09Quantification of cardiovascular disease biomarkers via functionalized magnetic beads and on-demand detachable quantum dots박호영; 이종욱; 황민태; 이관희
1989-01Quantitative analysis of Y₂O₃-Y₂O₂S binary mixture by x-ray diffraction method김영만; 정찬이; 김창홍; 이종욱
1988-01Simultaneous determinationof chemical ingredients in clay minerals by x-ray fluorescence spectrometry.김영만; 이경미; 정찬이; 이종욱
2013-08-09T7 박테리오파지를 이용한 표적-특이적 프로브 및 이를 이용한 바이오마커의 탐지석현광; 송장원; 이관희; 이종욱; 최종훈; 황민태
1987-01The determination of rare earth oxides by X-ray fluorescence spectrometry using empirical coefficient method.김영만; 최범석; 김선태; 이종욱
1990-01The simultaneous determination of chemical ingredients in silica minerals by X-ray fluorescence spectrometry using matrix correction method.김영만; 최범석; 이경미; 김선태; 이종욱
2013-09The solvothermal synthesis of magnetic iron oxide nanocrystals and the preparation of hybrid poly(L-lactide)-polyethyleneimine magnetic particlesZoran Stojanovic; Mojca Otonicar; 이종욱; Magdalena M. Stevanovic; 황민태; 이관희; 최종훈; Dragan Uskokovic
2013-09Think Modular: A Simple Apoferritin-Based Platform for the Multifaceted Detection of Pancreatic Cancer황민태; 이종욱; 이경은; 이관희
2014-03Think modular: A simple Apoferritin-based platform for the multifaceted detection of pancreatic cancer황민태; 이종욱; 이경은; 이관희