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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-03A double wall reactor for supercritical water oxidation: Experimental results on corrosive sulfur mustard simulant oxidation밤방; 김재덕; 이종철
2016-09A Drone based Firefighter Supporting Navigation System using IR-UWB and Inertial Sensor이택진; 이정호; 김강호; 오세용; 정재봉; 이종철
1999-04Analysis of the methadone and pethidine in urine of an addict by SPME-GC/NPD and GC/MS명승운; 민혜기; 김승기; 김명수; 이종철; 김택제
1998-11BS/channeling studies on the epitaxially grown Pt(111) films on Al//2O//3(0001)이종철; 김신철; 김효배; 정광호; 김긍호; 최원국; 송종한
2007-03Chemical Agent Disposal Technology by a 2-step process(II)이종철; 밤방; 송은석; 김재덕
2005-11Corrosion of Metals in HF containing MPA Solutions under Supercritical Water Oxidation Condition송은석; 김재덕; 이종철
2005-05Destruction Kinetics of OPA by Supercritical Water OxidationBambang Veriansyah; 김재덕; 이종철
2007-07Destruction of chemical agent simulants in a supercritical water oxidation bench-scale reactor밤방; 김재덕; 이종철
2005-11Destruction of Methylphosphonic Acid by Supercritical Water송은석; 김재덕; 홍대식; 이종철
2006-07Destruction of OPA from Munitions Demilitarization in Supercritical Water Oxidation: Kinetics of Total Organic Carbon Disappearance밤방; 김재덕; 이종철; 홍대식
2013-09Dielectrophoresis-Magnetophoresis Force Driven Magnetic Nanoparticle Movement in Transformer Oil Based Magnetic Fluids이종철; 이상엽
2000-08Estimation of impurities from commercially available glycyrrhizin standards by the HPLC/ESI-MS명승운; 민혜기; 김명수; 김영림; 박성수; 조정희; 이종철; 조현우; 김택제
2002-04Fabrication of high-aspect-ratio in-plane actuator using UV-LIGA process김종용; 채경수; 정대석; 김태엽; 문성욱; 이종철
2016-11Feasibility Study of Electrical Generation Concept Based on Magnetic Nanofluid Flows이상엽; 이원호; 이세희; 이종철
2016-07High-throughput and rapid quantification of lipids by nanoflow UPLC-ESI-MS/MS: application to the hepatic lipids of rabbits with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease정봉철; 변슬기; 이종철; 서홍석; 문명희
2005-11High-tunability and low-microwave-loss Ba0.6Sr0.4TiO3 thin films grown on high-resistivity Si substrates using TiO2 buffer layers김현석; 김호기; 김일두; 김기병; 이종철
2006-05Hydrothermal Decomposition Rate of Thiodiglycol in Supercritical Water밤방; 김재덕; 이종철; 홍대식
2006-03Integration of coplanar (Ba,Sr)TiO3 microwave phase shifters onto Si wafers using TiO2 buffer layers김기병; 윤태순; 이종철; 김현석; 김호기; 김일두
2012-09Lithography-free centimeter-long nanochannel fabrication method using an electrospun nanofiber array박석희; 신현준; 김용환; 양동열; 이종철; 이상엽
2006-12Low frequency and microwave performances of Ba0.6Sr0.4TiO3 films on atomic layer deposited TiO2/high resistivity Si substrates김현석; 김일두; 김기병; 윤태순; 이종철; Harry L. Tuller; 최원열; 김호기
1999-01MeV4He++ channeling studies of epitaxially grown Pt films on Al2O3(0 0 0 1)송종한; 최원국; 김긍호; 이종철; 김신철; 김효배; 이명호; 정광호; 황정남
2007-08New Tunable Microwave Ba0.6Sr0.4TiO3/MgO Phase Shifters using Interdigital Capacitors and Slit-Inductors윤태순; 김현석; 김기병; 김일두; 김호기; 이종철
2005-09OPA oxidation rates in supercritical waterBambang Veriansyah; 김재덕; 이종철; 이윤우
2006-08Orientation effect on microwave dielectric properties of Si-integrated Ba0.6Sr0.4TiO3 thin films for frequency agile devices김현석; 현태선; 김호기; 김일두; 윤태순; 이종철
2016-10Particle Tracing Simulations of Dielectrophoretic and Magnetophoretic Flows in Magnetic Nanofluids이상엽; 이원호; 김성민; 이종철
2006-05Pentachlorophenol Oxidation Rates in Supercritical Water김재덕; 한승호; 밤방; 이종철; 이창하
2007-12Pentachlorophenol oxidation rates in supercritical water한승호; 밤방; 김재덕; 이종철
2019-12Physicochemical properties of mealworm (Tenebrio molitor) powders manufactured by different industrial processes노주원; 손양주; 이종철; 황인경; 김수희
2012-10Positive and negative effects of dielectric breakdown in transformer oil based magnetic fluids이종철; 이원호; 이세희; 이상엽
2012-05Proliferation Characteristics of CHO-K1 cells Upon Microfluidic Media Flows맹준호; 정효은; 신현준; 이종철; 정석; 이상엽