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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-06Ab initio calculations on the atomic and electronic structures of oxygen-doped hexagonal Ge2Sb2Te5김세진; 이주휘; 이승철; 황철성; 최정혜
2013-12Ab initio study on the structural characteristics of amorphous Zn2SnO4이주휘; 강영호; 한승우; 황철성; 최정혜
2011-06Ab-initio phonon calculations on ZnSnO phases이주휘; 이승철; 황철성; 최정혜
2016-09Atomic and electronic structures of a-ZnSnO3/a-SiO2 interface by ab initio molecular dynamics simulations최정혜; 박재홍; 이주휘; 황철성
2011-06Behaviors of nitrogen in crystalline Ge2Sb2Te5김세진; 이주휘; 이승철; 황철성; 최정혜
2014-10Effect of oxygen vacancy on the structural and electronic characteristics of crystalline Zn2SnO4이주휘; 강영호; 황철성; 한승우; 이승철; 최정혜
2011-08Effects of magnitude and direction of the biaxial compressive strain on the formation and migration of a vacancy in Ge by using density functional theory이주휘; 나광덕; 이승철; 황철성; 최정혜
2010-04First-principles calculations on the formation and migration of the vacancy in strained Ge이주휘; 최정혜; 이승철; 황철성
2010-09Formation and migration of a vacancy in Ge under biaxial compressive strain by first-principles calculations이주휘; 나광덕; 최정혜; 이승철; 황철성
2015-07Growth, quantitative growth analysis, and applications of graphene on γ-Al2O3 catalysts박재현; 이주휘; 최정혜; 황도경; 송용원
2012-02Migration of nitrogen in hexagonal Ge2Sb2Te5: An ab-initio study김세진; 이주휘; 이승철; 박찬; 황철성; 최정혜
2012-01Properties of Atomic Layer Deposited HfO2 Films on Ge Substrates Depending on Process Temperatures정형석; 김효겸; 유일혁; 이상영; 이주휘; 박진호; 장재혁; 전상호; 정윤장; 조덕용; 이내인; 박태주; 최정혜; 황철성
2012-09Reduction of Charge Trapping in HfO2 Film on Ge Substrates by Atomic Layer Deposition of Various Passivating Interfacial Layers정형석; 유일혁; 김효겸; 이상영; 이주휘; 최유진; 정윤장; 이내인; 박태주; 최정혜; 황철성
2013-09Structural Characteristics of the Various Phases of Zinc Tin Oxides by First-principles Calculations이주휘; 이승철; 황철성; 최정혜
2011-10Structural, electronic, and thermodynamic properties of inverse spinel phase Zn2SnO4이주휘; 이승철; 황철성; 최정혜
2013-10Study on the defects in metal-organic chemical vapor deposited zinc tin oxide thin films using negative bias illumination stability analysis김언기; 라상호; 김정환; 정윤장; 정지심; 황은석; 이주휘; 박태주; 최정혜; 황철성
2015-02Symmetry-dependent interfacial reconstruction to compensate polar discontinuity at perovskite oxide interfaces (LaAlO3/SrTiO3 and LaAlO3/CaTiO3)이주휘; 최종권; 문선영; 박재홍; 김진상; 황철성; 백승협; 최정혜; 장혜정
2012-07The Impact of Carbon Concentration on the Crystalline Phase and Dielectric Constant of Atomic Layer Deposited HfO2 Films on Ge Substrate정형석; 전상호; 김효겸; 유일혁; 이상영; 이주휘; 정윤장; 조덕용; 이내인; 박태주; 최정혜; 한승우; 황철성
2013-06Theoretical and experimental studies on the electronic structure of crystalline and amorphous ZnSnO3 thin films이주휘; 조덕용; 정지심; 김언기; 라상호; 황철성; 최정혜
2013-10Thermodynamic stability of various phases of zinc tin oxides from ab initio calculations이주휘; 이승철; 황철성; 최정혜
2010-10상변화 재료에서의 첨가제에 대한 제일원리계산최정혜; 김세진; 이주휘; 이승철; 정병기; 박찬