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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-103D Woven-Like Carbon Micropattern Decorated with Silicon Nanoparticles for Use in Lithium-Ion BatteriesDa-Young Kang; Cheolho Kim; Donghee Gueon; Gyulim Park; 김정섭; 이중기; Jun Hyuk Moon
2014-04A coordination chemistry approach for shape controlled synthesis of indium oxide nanostructures and their photoelectrochemical propertiesDipak V. Shinde; Do Young Ahn; Vijaykumar V. Jadhav; Deok Yeon Lee; Nabeen K. Shrestha; 이중기; 이화영; Rajaram S. Maneb; Sung-Hwan Han
1995-01A cycled trickle-bed reactor for SO//2 oxidation.이중기; R. R. Hudgins; P. L. Silveston
2016-09A facile general route for ternary Fe2O3@TiO2@nanometal (Au, Ag) composite as a high-performance and recyclable photocatalyst이중기; 우재영; Sung-Eun Kim; Soo-Yeon Kang; Byoung Koun Min; Sang-Wha Lee
2017-04A gradient activation method for direct methanol fuel cells이중기; 김지영; Guicheng Liu; Zhaoyi Yang; Martin Halim; Xinyang Li; Manxiang Wang; Qiwen Mei; Xindong Wang
2018-06A novel flexible micro-ratchet/ZnO nano-rods surface with rapid recovery icephobic performance이중기; 리우 구쳉; 우재영; Manxiang Wang; Wenbo Yu; Yupei Zhang; Yu Chen; Yanbin Yun; Lei Wang; Bo Wang
2016-06A novel photoanode with high flexibility for fiber-shaped dye sensitized solar cellsGui-Cheng Liu; Xue Gao; Hui Wang; 김아영; Zhenxuan Zhao; 이중기; Dechun Zou
1998-08A novel precursor for the sol-gel and CVD methods to prepare alumina permselective membranes김주희; 최광진; 이중기; 심상준; 김영대; 조영상
2015-12A polymerized C-60 coating enhancing interfacial stability at three-dimensional LiCoO2 in high-potential regime이중기; 최원창; 차이룰 후다야; 마틴 할림; Johannes Proll; Heino Besser; Wilhelm Pfleging; Hans J?rgen Seifert
2021-09A Shape-Variable, Low_Temperature Liquid Metal-Conductive Polymer Aqueous Secondary Battery이중기; 렌렌; Hao Fu; Guicheng Liu; Lingyun iong; Manxiang Wang; Jeongwoo Lee; Woochul Yang
2014-09A simple, room temperature, solid-state synthesis route for metal oxide nanostructuresSupriya A. Patil; Dipak V. Shinde; Do Young Ahn; Dilip V. Patil; Kailas K. Tehare; Vijaykumar V. Jadhav; 이중기; Rajaram S. Mane; Nabeen K. Shrestha; Sung-Hwan Han
1998-01A study of deposition rate and characterization of BN thin films prepared by CVD진용기; 이상렬; 남영우; 이중기; 박달근
2010-05A study of Li-ion diffusion kinetics in the fullerene-coated Si anodes of lithium ion batteries아리; 이중기
2009-06A study of the encapsulated Fe3O4 nanoparticles with silica thin layer as a high capacity anode material for lithium secondary batteries박상은; 이상화; 양다니엘; 이중기
2016-09A study on anode diffusion layer for performance enhancement of a direct methanol fuel cell이중기; 김지영; Gui-Cheng Liu; Xinyang Li; Meng Wang; Manxiang Wang; Xindong Wang
2018-11A study on artificial passivation film coating for the excellent stable Zn metal anode이중기; 김지영; 김한성
2009-06A study on characteristics of hydrogenated amorphous/nanocrystalline silicon thin film on porous anodic alumina substrate김상옥; Aliaksandr KHODIN; 이중기
2005-01A study on effect of heat treatment on electrochemical characteristics of silicon-coated graphite이명로; 변동진; 전법주; 이중기
2016-11A Study on Electrochemical Stability of LixSiyOz Thin Film Coated Lithium Metal Anode이중기; 김아영; 김지영; 김한성
2002-10A study on HPLC-SMB for optical separation of racemic pelubiprofen양재승; 정소영; 박태진; 이중기; 조영상
1992-01A study on the catalytic gasification of coal with steam in a fluidized-bed reactor.박달근; 이중기; 임태훈; 서동진
2003-06A study on the characteristics of plasma blacks prepared by plasma pyrolysis over metals coated honeycomb catalysts박수엽; 이중기; 유경선; Wonihl Cho; 백영순
2007-03A study on the effect of structure and P-doping of Si thin film as an anode for lithium rechargeable batteriesJin O Song; Heung Taek Shim; Dong Jin Byun; 이중기
2002-05A study on the electrochemical characteristics of LiCoO ₂ -plasma black composite electrodes for Li-ion battery윤세라; 이중기; 백영순; Wonihl Cho; 주재백; 손태원; 조병원; 박달근
2011-07A study on the electrochemical performance of LiMn2O4/AC-based Li-ion capacitors김상옥; 이중기
2005-07A study on the plasma carbon black as support of Pt catalyst for PEMFCYoung Sook park; Oleh M. Vovk; 이중기
2018-11A Study on the polyvinylalcohol gel type electrolyte for zinc-polyaniline secondary battery이중기; 왕만상; 심가영; 리우 구쳉; 변동진
2009-12A study on TiO2-coated Cr2O3 electrode as an anode material for lithium ion batteries김상옥; 이중기
2013-05Activated carbon from orange peel waste as supercapacitor electrodesArenst Andeas Arie; 이중기
2013-11Active material and electrode design of silicon anode material김정섭; 변동진; 이중기