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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-07A 3D-printed metal column for micro gas chromatography최선; 이지원; 최성; 표수열; 장재혁
2016-05A fully automated portable gas chromatography system for sensitive and rapid quantification of volatile organic compounds in water이지원; Menglian Zhou; Hongbo Zhu; Robert Nidetz; Katsuo Kurabayashi; Xudong Fan
2010-05A Novel Fabrication of Au-Coated Glass Capillaries for Chemical Analysis by Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering이지원; Kwan Kim; Kuan Soo Shin
2010-05A Novel Fabrication of Silver-Coated Glass Capillaries for Ready SERS-Based Detection of Dissolved Chemical Species이지원; Hyang Bong Lee; Kwan Kim; Kuan Soo Shin
2010-06A Three-Dimensional and Sensitive Bioassay Based on Nanostructured Quartz Combined with Viral Nanoparticles이종환; 김정숙; 박진승; 이원배; 이경은; 한성식; 이규백; 이지원
2013-05Cyanide SERS as a Platform for Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds and Hazardous Transition Metal Ions이지원; Kwan Kim; Kuan Soo Shin
2013-01Detection of a few of Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds by means of Raman Scattering of Isocyanide-Adsorbed Gold Nanostructures이지원; Kwan Kim; Kuan Soo Shin
2010-04Effect of Polar Organic Vapors on Surface Potential of Au Nanoparticle Aggregates Probed By Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering of 2,6-Dimethylphenylisocyanide이지원; Kwan Kim; Kyung Lock Kim; Dongha Shin; Kuan Soo Shin
2019-04Effects of alternate day fasting and exercise on cholesterol metabolism in overweight or obese adults: A pilot randomized controlled trial최만호; 조아라; 문주연; 김수; 안기영; 오민석; 전 져스틴; 정동혁; 이지원
2021-05Emission of particulate and gaseous pollutants from household laser processing machine이지원; 정상빈; 표수열; 고현식; 정재희
2016-09Engineered Human Ferritin Nanoparticles for Direct Delivery of Tumor Antigens to Lymph Node and Cancer Immunotherapy권익찬; 김광명; 류주희; 나진희; 고호경; 이보람; 안금영; 이영호; 오세진; 김태우; 변영로; 이지원
2014-08Engineered protein nanoparticles for in vivo tumor detection안금영; 고호경; 이보람; 이은정; 이종환; 변영로; 권익찬; 김광명; 이지원
2015-02Engineered Proteinticles for Targeted Delivery of siRNA to Cancer Cells이은정; 이소진; 강윤식; 류주희; 권구철; 조은지; 이지영; 권익찬; 김광명; 이지원
2016-08Enhanced In Vivo Tumor Detection by Active Tumor Cell Targeting Using Multiple Tumor Receptor-Binding Peptides Presented on Genetically Engineered Human Ferritin Nanoparticles김광명; 이은정; 권구철; 고호경; 이지연; 이지원
2015-07Flow-through microfluidic photoionization detectors for rapid and highly sensitive vapour detection이지원; Hongbo Zhu; Robert Nidetz; Menglian Zhou; Sanketh Buggaveeti; Katsuo Kurabayashi; Xudong Fan
2011-08Fluorescent Ferritin Nanoparticles and Application to the Aptamer Sensor김성은; 안금영; 박진승; 김경림; 이경은; 한성식; 이지원
2016-11Fully automated portable comprehensive 2-dimensional gas chromatography device이지원; Menglian Zhou; Hongbo Zhu; Robert Nidetz; Katsuo Kurabayashi; Xudong Fan
2020-12Fully integrated optofluidic SERS platform for real-time and continuous characterization of airborne microorganisms이지원; 최정안; 정재희
2021-08Identification of Thieno[3,2-d]pyrimidine Derivatives as Dual Inhibitors of Focal Adhesion Kinase and FMS-like Tyrosine Kinase 3송치만; 류성식; 조한나; 신인재; 윤호종; 전은혜; 이지원; 김영훈; 권남훈; 문영지; 김성훈; 김남두; 최환근; 심태보
2016-05In situ calibration of micro-photoionization detectors in a multi-dimensional micro-gas chromatography system이지원; Menglian Zhou; Hongbo Zhu; Robert Nidetz; Katsuo Kurabayashi; Xudong Fan
2022-03In-situ food spoilage monitoring using a wireless chemical receptor-conjugated graphene electronic nose이지원; 송현석; 김가영; 표수열; 김경호; 박철순; 박선주; 김진영; 서성은; 안지현; 하시영; 배준원; 문동석; 박태현; 권오석
2016-09Low-Power Miniaturized Helium Dielectric Barrier Discharge Photoionization Detectors for Highly Sensitive Vapor Detection이지원; Hongbo Zhu; Menglian Zhou; Robert Nidetz; Katsuo Kurabayashi; Xudong Fan
2011-05Lyophilization and enhanced stability of fluorescent protein nanoparticles김경림; 안금영; 박진승; 이경은; 전혜성; 이지원
2009-03Metal Enhanced Fluorescence of Rhodamine B Isothiocyanate from Micrometer-Sized Silver Powders이지원; Kwan Kim; Yoon Mi Lee; Kuan Soo Shin
2015-04Molecular imaging and targeted drug delivery using albumin-based nanoparticles이지영; 이장욱; 장혜윤; 이지원; 권익찬; 김광명
2018-08Nonimmunogenetic Viral Capsid Carrier with Cancer Targeting Activity윤홍열; 윤철주; 이보람; 조은지; 이효정; 권구철; 김태우; 이지원
2015-02Novel Fabrication of Au Nanoparticle Film on a Polyelectrolyte-coated Glass for Efficient Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering이지원; Myungchan Park; Kuan Soo Shin; Kwan Kim
2009-09Novel Fabrication of Au Nanoparticle Films on Planar and Curved Surfaces of Glass and Fiber Materials이지원; Kwan Kim; Hyang Bong Lee; Kuan Soo Shin
2018-01On-site monitoring of occupational exposure to volatile organic compounds by a portable comprehensive 2-dimensional gas chromatography device이지원; Stephanie K. Sayler; Menglian Zhou; Hongbo Zhu; Rudy J. Richardson; Richard L. Neitzel; Katsuo Kurabayashi; Xudong Fan
2012-03Organic Isocyanide-Adsorbed Gold Nanostructure: A SERS Sensory Device for Indirect Peak-Shift Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds이지원; Kwan Kim; Dongha Shin; Jeong-Yong Choi; Kuan Soo Shin