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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997-01A study about correlation between urinary androgen metabolites and bone mineral density in postmenopausal women원영준; 임승길; 권석호; 차봉수; 남수연; 이지현; 송영득; 김경래; 이현철; 허갑범; 정봉철
1997-01Altered hydroxylation of estrogens in patients with postmenopausal osteopenia임승길; 원영준; 이지현; 권숙호; 이은직; 김경래; 이현철; 허갑범; 정봉철
2019-12Atomic Force Microscopy Applications to the Next Generation Lithium-ion Batteries김형석; 공상혁; 이지현; 김형우
2020-01Development of electrode architecture using Sb-rGO composite and CMC binder for high-performance sodium-ion battery anodes김형석; 공상혁; 이지현
2020-03Effect of an Alkoxyliertes Beta Naphthol on Cu Electrodeposition for Application to Low-Resistivity Cu Interconnects서호영; 허미나; 이지현; 김진규; 홍기민
2021-08Effects of Cr doping on structural and electrochemical properties of Li4Ti5O12 nanostructure for sodium-ion battery anode천동원; 류승호; 김형석; 배지환; 김성철; 공상혁; 이지현; 남산
2021-07Electrochemical Evaluation of Surface Modified Free-Standing CNT Electrode for Li?O2 Battery Cathode김형석; 김인수; 이지현; 정현욱; 박민
1996-01Estrogen receptor gene polymorphism, urinary estrogen metabolites and bone mineral density in Korean postmenopausal women.이지현; 임승길; 원영준; 권석호; 차봉수; 송영득; 이현철; 허갑범; 정봉철
2010-05Exposure assessment of carbon nanotube manufacturing workplaces이지현; 이승복; 배귀남; 전기수; 윤진욱; 지준호; 성재혁; 이병규; 이종한; 양중선; 김현영; 강창수; 유일재
2005-10Identification of the aromatase inhibitors formestane, exemestane and anastrozole in urine by LC-MS/MS황용희; 이지현; 박서희; 김동현; 강민정
2016-12Large Electrostrain in K(Nb1-xMnx)O-3 Lead-Free Piezoelectric Ceramics강종윤; 김종현; 김대현; 이태호; 이태곤; 이지현; 김보연; 남산; 류정호
2008-06Monitoring Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Exposure in Carbon Nanotube Research Facility한정희; 이은정; 이지현; 소강표; 이영희; 배귀남; 이승복; 지준호; 조명행; 유일재
2001-04MRAM 최근 기술동향이우영; 신경호; 김창경; 이지현
1996-01Room temperature growth of Cu thin film by nozzle-type partially ionized beam deposition with various acceleration voltages.고석근; 윤영수; 정형진; 김기환; 이지현
2016-11Silver nanowire embedded colorless polyimide heater for wearable chemical sensors: improved reversible reaction kinetics of optically reduced graphene oxide장지수; 최선진; 김상준; 이지현; 김일두
2003-05Structural requirement of isoflavonones for the inhibitory activity of interleukin-5정상헌; 조수현; 당더흥; 이지현; 주정헌; 김미경; 이승호; 류재천; Youngsoo Kim