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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-012-Nitrobenzoate 2-Nitroreductase (NbaA) Switches Its Substrate Specificity from 2-Nitrobenzoic Acid to 2,4-Dinitrobenzoic Acid under Oxidizing Conditions김용학; 송우석; 고하영; 차창준; 이철주; 유명희; Peter Lau; 이강석
2006-103D QSAR studies of dioxins and dioxin-like compounds using CoMFA and CoMSIA아색; 이철주; 박현성; 조승주
2007-10A Comprehensive Identification of Synaptic Vesicle Proteins in Rat Brains by cRPLC/MS-MS and 2DE/MALDI-TOF-MS이원규; 김혜정; 민혜기; 강운범; 이철주; 이상원; 김익영; 이승택; 권오승; 유연규
2009-02A gonadotropin-releasing hormone-II antagonist induces autophagy of prostate cancer cells김동기; 양지숙; Kaushik Maiti; 황종익; 김경진; 신동승; 안영희; 이철주; 강병철; 권혁방; 전준; 성재영
2009-06A previously uncultured, paper mill Propionibacterium is able to degrade O-aryl alkyl ethers and various aromatic hydrocarbons소레누르; 김용학; 이철주; 유명희; Karl H Engesser
2016-10A proteogenomic approach for protein-level evidence of genomic variants in cancer cells이철주; Kabir Mohammad Humayun; 염정훈; 안희성; 임병호; 김선영
2010-10A proteomic approach based on multiple parallel separation for the unambiguous identification of an antibody cognate antigen문주희; 김용학; 유종한; 배진희; 노동영; 유명희; 이철주
2007-10A proteomic approach to investigate potential biomarkers differentially expressed proteins between breast cancer tissues and normal tissues김동현; 노동영; 유명희; 이철주
2009-06A proteomics approach to identify the proteins involved in FADD-DED mediated cell death in Escherichia coli소레누르; 이진희; 이성기; 조성원; 김용학; 김기선; 이철주
2014-06A Splicing Variant of NME1 Negatively Regulates NF-κB Signaling and Inhibits Cancer Metastasis by Interacting with IKKβ유동주; 박초롱; 이현복; 문미진; 강주희; 이철주; 오성현; 안규리; 성재현; 황종익
1994-01A study on the polyvinylalcohol fiber (I) : effect of spinning method on the fiber properties김병철; 김승규; 민병길; 이철주; 손태원
2008-06Activation of NF-κB by alloferon through down-regulation of antioxidant proteins and IκBα유명점; Vadim Anikin; 홍석호; 전혜성; 유연규; 유명희; Sergey Chernysh; 이철주
2018-08AHNAK Loss in Mice Promotes Type II Pneumocyte Hyperplasia and Lung Tumor Development이철주; Jun Won Park; Il Yong Kim; Ji Won Choi; Hee Jung Lim; Jae Hoon Shin; Yo Na Kim; Seo Hyun Lee; Yeri Son; Mira Sohn; Jong Kyu Woo; Joseph H Jeong; Yun Soo Bae; Je Kyung Seong
2016-08Aldehyde dehydrogenase inhibition combined with phenformin treatment reversed NSCLC through ATP depletion이철주; 강준희; 이선형; 이재선; 보아스 남; 성태화; 선재경; 장현철; 홍경만; 김수율
2016-11Aldehyde dehydrogenase is used by cancer cells for energy metabolism이철주; 안희성; 강준희; 이선형; 홍동원; 이재선; 안주현; 성태화; 이창헌; 장현철; 홍경만; 이재호; 김수율
2007-08Alloferon potentiates immune cells by down-regulating antioxidant proteins and IkappaBalpha류명점; Anikin V; 홍석호; 전혜성; 유명희; Chernysh S; 이철주
2006-12Alloferon potentiates immune cells by down-regulating antioxidant proteins and IkBa류명점; 홍석호; 유연규; 전혜성; 유명희; Chernysh S; 이철주
2019-12An SDS-PAGE based proteomic approach for N-terminome profiling이철주; 플라산트; 주신영; 권유미
2000-01Analysis of chemical structure of fluoro-containing copolyamic acid methyl esters and its effect on the thermal imidization process박승구; 박수영; 이철주
2015-03Analysis of multi-tRNA synthetase complex by mass spectrometry박성준; 안희성; 이철주
2010-09Analysis of nuclear high mobility group box 1 (HMGB1)-binding proteins in colon cancer cells: clustering with proteins involved in secretion and extranuclear function이한나; 신나라; 송미영; 강운범; 염정훈; 이철주; 안영희; 유종신; 백영기; 김호근
2008-05Analysis of Phosphopeptides from Breast Cancer Cell line MCF7 through Improved Titanium Dioxide Enrichment method이철주; 카비르
2008-08Analysis of serum glycoproteins relevant to breast cancer by an indirect approach using Hs578T cells안영희; 강운범; 유명희; 이철주
2004-06Analysis of yeast proteome differentially expressed during accumulation of misfolded proteins이철주
2004-10Analysis of yeast proteome differentially expressed during accumulation of misfolded proteins이철주
2009-06Application of MRM and mTRAQ Labeling to the Verification Process of Candidate Biomarkers Discovered by Cleavable ICAT Reagent강운범; 안영희; 김경곤; 이종원; 김용학; 신병희; 김상화; 김준; 유명희; 김영수; 이철주
2005-09ATP-의존성 단백질분해효소의 기질단백질 분해 메커니즘이철주
2009-05Autoantibody to Tumor Antigen, Alpha 2-HS Glycoprotein: A Novel Biomarker of Breast Cancer Screening and Diagnosis이재교; 장종욱; 한원식; 이종원; 고은영; 김동현; 배지연; 유종한; 이철주; 유명희; 노동영
2001-08Barbituric acid-based NLO chromophores for photorefractive materials장웅상; 박기홍; 김재경; 이철주; 김낙중
2014-02Both targeted mass spectrometry and flow sorting analysis methods detected the decreased serum apolipoprotein e level in Alzheimer's disease patients한선호; 김준석; 이영주; 최희선; 김종원; 나덕률; 양은경; 유명희; 황대희; 이철주; 묵인희