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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-01Bi-axial grown amorphous MoSx bridged with oxygen on r-GO as a superior stable and efficient nonprecious catalyst for hydrogen evolution조성무; 이성호; 이철호; 윤진문; 엄광섭; 이도창; 조한익; Thomas F. Fuller
2021-11Defect-Controlled, Scalable Layer-by-Layer Assembly of High?k Perovskite Oxide Nanosheets for All Two-Dimensional Nanoelectronics최지원; 채근화; 백승협; 김성근; 류소연; 임해나; 김연호; 김영훈; 이철호
2014-04Dielectrophoresis of graphene oxide nanostructures for hydrogen gas sensor at room temperatureJianwei Wang; Budhi Singh; Jin-Hyung Park; Servin Rathi; In-yeal Lee; Sunglyul Maeng; 조한익; 이철호; Gil-Ho Kim
2014-06Exfoliated and Partially Oxidized MoS2 Nanosheets by One-Pot Reaction for Effi cient and Stable Organic Solar Cells윤진문; 노용진; 이철호; 나석인; 이성호; 조성무; 조한익; 김동유
2016-10Facile synthesis of fluorine doped graphene as an anode material for lithium ion batteries이성호; 조한익; 이윤기; 이철호; 김병석
2020-11Fe-based non-noble metal catalysts with dual active sites of nanosized metal carbide and single-atomic species for oxygen reduction reaction이성호; 유성종; 장주혁; 이윤기; 강길성; 손수영; 이철호; 이도창; 조한익
2014-07Fluorine-functionalized and simultaneously reduced graphene oxide as a novel hole transporting layer for highly efficient and stable organic photovoltaic cells김수현; 이철호; 윤진문; 노용진; 김석순; 이성호; 조성무; 조한익; 나석인
2016-09Highly crumpled graphene nano-networks as electrocatalytic counterelectrode in photovoltaics이상수; 박종혁; 고민재; 손정곤; 손해정; 김재엽; 정한솔; 신근영; 이장열; 이철호
2017-12Highly durable platinum nanoparticles on carbon derived from pitch-based carbon fibers for oxygen reduction reaction이성호; 이철호; 강길성; 이윤기; 채근석; 이도창; 조한익
2015-11Highly Efficient Copper-Indium-Selenide Quantum Dot Solar Cells: Suppression of Carrier Recombination by Controlled ZnS Overlayers김재엽; 양지웅; 유정호; 백운혁; 이철호; 손해정; 현택환; 고민재
2018-05Hybrid materials of upcycled Mn3O4 and reduced graphene oxide for a buffer layer in organic solar cells이성호; 여준석; 이철호; 강길성; 노용진; 박새미; 이도창; 나석인; 조한익
2009-05Hydrogenation of Bio-Oil Synthesized through Pyrolysis of Biomass허빈; 송기창; 김태순; 이철호; 박영권; 서동진; 전종기
2017-11Identification of active site in Mo3S13 nanocluster for electrochemical hydrogen production조성무; 이성호; 이철호; 조한익; 이도창
2017-11Improving durability of platinum catalyst with isotropic pitch based activated carbon fibers for oxygen reduction reaction이성호; 이철호; 강길성; 이윤기; 채근석; 이도창; 조한익
2015-10Incorporation of heteroatom doped-GQDs as interfacial layer for highly stable and efficient perovskite solar cells강길성; 이철호; 이성호; 조성무; 한재량; 조한익
2016-11Infection-specific phosphorylation of glutamyl-prolyl tRNA synthetase induces antiviral immunity이철주; 이은영; 이현철; 김현권; 장송이; 박성준; 김용훈; 김정환; 황정원; 김재훈; 김태환; Abul Arif; 김선영; 최영기; 이철호; 정재유; Paul L Fox; 김성훈; 이정수; 김명희
2017-04Inorganic Rubidium Cation as an Enhancer for Photovoltaic Performance and Moisture Stability of HC(NH2)(2)PbI3 Perovskite Solar Cells손해정; 이필립; 배승환; 박윤희; 정인영; 이진우; 이철호; 고민재
2019-12Insight into the superior activity of bridging sulfur-rich amorphous molybdenum sulfide for electrochemical hydrogen evolution reaction이성호; 강길성; 이윤기; 이철호; 박관규; 이도창; 조한익
2013-09Inverse Agonist of Nuclear Receptor ERRγ Mediates Antidiabetic Effect Through Inhibition of Hepatic Gluconeogenesis김돈규; 강길태; 류동렬; 고민섭; 김요나; 김서성; 박진영; 김용훈; 심태보; 이인규; 최철수; 박승범; 이철호; 구승회; 최흥식
2008-04Low-frequency noise characterization of ZnO nanorod back-gate field-effect transistor structure이정일; 유병용; 이철호; 이규철; 손승훈; 김규태; Gerard Ghibaudo
2016-08Low-temperature solution-processed Li-doped SnO2 as an effective electron transporting layer for high-performance flexible and wearable perovskite solar cells고민재; 손해정; 김재엽; 박민우; 이철호; 장승순
2016-06Maximized performance of dye solar cells on plastic: a combined theoretical and experimental optimization approach고민재; 유기천; 리위롱; Sol Carretero-Palacios; 김종학; Alberto Jime´nez-Solano; 이철호; Herna´n Mı´guez
2018-05Molybdenum sulfides on carbon substrates for electrochemical hydrogen production이성호; 이철호; 조한익; 이도창
2015-06Multi-terminal transport measurements of MoS2 using a van der Waals heterostructure device platformXu Cui; 이관형; Young Duck Kim; Ghidewon Arefe; Pinshane Y. Huang; 이철호; Daniel A. Chenet; Xian Zhang; Lei Wang; Fan Ye; Filippo Pizzocchero; Bjarke S. Jessen; Kenji Watanabe; Takashi Taniguchi; David A. Muller; Tony Low; Philip Kim; James Hone
2014-05Multifunctional Polyimide/Graphene Oxide Composites Via In Situ Polymerization주가등; 임준; 이철호; 조한익; 김환철; 박병남; 유남호; 이성호
2014-11Nitrogen-doped and simultaneously reduced graphene oxide with superior dispersion as electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction이철호; 윤진문; 이성호; 조성무; 유성종; 조은애; Myung-Seob Khil; 조한익
2013-04Nitrogen/Iodine Co-Doped Graphene for Electrochemical Electrodes이철호; 조한익; 이성호; 길명섭; 조성무
2019-08Palladium on yttrium-embedded carbon nanofibers as electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction in acidic media이성호; 이윤기; 이철호; 박하늘; 정용식; 조한익
2021-02Porous reduced graphene oxides derived by selective removal and formation of oxygen functional groups and their electrochemical capacitances이성호; 황상엽; 이철호; 이해리; 손수영; 조한익
2001-01Predispersed Solvent Extraction (PDSE) of Cu(II) ion using CLA consisted of amine extractants함형철; 이동우; 홍원희; 이철호