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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-04Apparent fluid slip due to Stokes flow in confined spaces of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) microfluidic-chip전명석; 이태석
2004-04Applicability of Microchip-Based Streaming Potential for Electrokinetic Microbattery최낙원; 이태석; 전명석
1996-12CdZnTe를 이용한 HgCdTe 표면의 passivation에 관한 연구이태석; 최경구; 정용택; 김흥국; 김재묵; 김영훈; 송종형; 장진만; 송원선; 김선웅; 박만장; 서상희; 이상돈
2019-06Computer-aided patient-specific plate design software for cranial reconstruction surgery박세형; 조현철; 김영준; 손태근; 이태석; W.S. Jeong; J.W. Choi
2018-11Development of an augmented reality application for 3D object manipulation김영준; 이태석; 심응준; 김용수
2018-11Development of surgical assistant navigation system using Augmented Reality glasses김영준; 손태근; 이태석; 김용수
1998-07Electrical properties of MIS device on CdZnTe/HgCdTe이태석; 정용택; H.K. Kim; 김재묵; 송종형; S.Y. Ahn; J.T. Lee; Y.H. Kim; 김선웅; 박만장; S.D. Lee; 서상희
2003-10Electrokinetic microflow analysis based on Nernst-Planck approach for the case of electrolyte fluids전명석; 이태석
2019-06Electrokinetic microflow of non-Newtonian solutions in polyelectrolyte brush-grafted channels전명석; 전병진; 이태석
2005-11Electrokinetic Transport with Stokes Flow in Lab-on-a-Chip under Asymmetric Surface Conditions전명석; 이태석; 이강택
2006-11Electrokinetic Transport With Stokes Flow in Microfluidic-Chip Under Asymmetric Conditions of Channel Surface전명석; 이태석; 김일태
2003-04Electrokinetically flow-induced streaming potential through the charged microchannel of asymmetric membrane pores.이태석; 전명석
2004-05Electroviscous effect during electrokinetic microflows in hydrophobic-treated silica microcapillary with Navier's slip condition전명석; 이태석
2003-09Electroviscous effects and navier's liquid slip in electrokinetic microflows through charged microchannels.전명석; 이태석
2003-10Elelctrokinetic microflows of electrolyte solution in charged microfluidic channels전명석; 이태석
2015-11Flow fraction in charged rectangular microchannel to optimally design hydrodynamic filtration chip for cell sorting전명석; 정소현; 이태석
2005-12Microflow of dilute colloidal suspension in narrow channel of microfluidic-chip under Newtonian fluid slip condition전명석; 이태석; 이강택
2005-07Microflow of dilute colloidal suspension in serpentine channel of microfluidic-chip전명석; 이태석; 이강택
2005-11Microflow of dilute latex suspension in narrow channel of microfluidic-chip under Newtonian fluid slip condition전명석; 이태석; 이강택
2005-04Microfluidic analysis of electrokinetic streaming potential induced by microflows of monovalent electrolyte solution전명석; 이태석; 최낙원
2004-03Microstructure and shear modulus in concentrated dispersions of bidisperse charged spherical colloids전명석; 이상우; 이태석; 조재설
2004-06Newtonian fluid slip during electrokinetic flow in surface-treated microfluidic channel전명석; 이태석; 최낙원
2004-08Newtonian Fluid Slip during Electrokinetic Microflows in Surface-Modified Microfluidic Chip전명석; 이태석
2005-04Taylor dispersion of spherical colloid in laminar-flow microfluidic devices이태석; 전명석; 심민석
2005-07The Electrokinetic Microfluidic Flow in Multi-Channels with Emergent Applicability Toward Micro Power Generation이태석; 전명석; 최대기; 남석우; 임태훈
2003-10-09평행하지 않은 하전된 미세유동 및 나노유동 채널에서유체의 총괄흐름전위를 산출하는 방법과 이를 수행하는프로그램을 저장한 기록매체이태석; 전명석