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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-12A combined molecular dynamics/micromechanics/finite element approach for multiscale constitutive modeling of nanocomposites with interface effects양범주; 신혜영; 이행기; 김형준
1993-01A study on the antiferromagnetism and exchange anisotropy for Co/Pd multilayered thin film by the analysis of the hall effect.김상록; 정진덕; 이행기; 이성래
2014-07An analytical model to predict curvature effects of the carbon nanotube on the overall behavior of nanocomposites양범주; H. Souri; 김성환; 유승화; 이행기
2014-12Effect of CNT Agglomeration on the Electrical Conductivity and Percolation Threshold of Nanocomposites: A Micromechanics-based Approach양범주; 조강진; 김광목; 이행기
2013-05Elastoplastic modeling of polymeric composites containing randomly located nanoparticles with an interface effect양범주; 황윤이; 이행기
2019-02Enhancement of the modulus of compression of calcium silicate hydrates via covalent synthesis of CNT and silica fume김영관; 양범주; 김영진; 김광목; 서준호; 이행기
2017-03Influences of CNT dispersion and pore characteristics on the electrical performance of cementitious composites양범주; 김광목; 조강진; 김은미; 이행기
2014-06Mechanical characteristics and strengthening effectiveness of random-chopped FRP composites containing air voids양범주; 하성국; 표석훈; 이행기
2012-06Micromechanics-based viscoelastic damage model for particle-reinforced polymeric composites양범주; 김봉래; 이행기
1995-02Microscopic factors for magnetoresistance in Co-Ag fine granular films.김용혁; 정진덕; 이행기; 이수열; 이성래
2018-08Multiscale Virtual Testing Machines of Concrete and Other Composite Materials: A Review양범주; Bezawit F. Haile; 박솔뫼; 이행기
2012-03Predictions of viscoelastic strain rate dependent behavior of fiber-reinforced polymeric composites양범주; 김봉래; 이행기
2014-03Strain rate and adhesive energy dependent viscoplastic damage modeling for nanoparticulate composites: Molecular dynamics and micromechanical simulations양범주; 신혜영; 김형준; 이행기
2017-03Structural strengthening and damage behaviors of hybrid sprayed fiber-reinforced polymer composites containing carbon fiber cores양범주; 김봉래; 하성국; 이행기; 박솔뫼
2016-09The electrically conductive carbon nanotube (CNT)/cement composites for accelerated curing and thermal cracking reduction양범주; 김광목; 류근우; 이행기
2015-02Thermo-mechanical analysis of road structures used in the on-line electric vehicle system양범주; 나원기; 장정국; 김형기; 이행기