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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-12A Kinetic study of the decross-linking of cross-linked polyethylene in supercritical methanol이홍식; 정주형; 조항규; 구종민; 홍순만; 김화용; 이윤우
2015-12A Kinetic Study on the De-Crosslinking and Decomposition of Silane-Cross-Linked Polyethylene in Supercritical Methanol홍순만; 구종민; 백범기; 홍기영; 이홍식; 이윤우
2009-10Biodiesel Production from Vegetable Oil in Supercritical Methanol이홍식; 유성진; 김재훈; 이윤우
2008-02Decrosslinking of cross-linked polyethylene using supercritical methanol홍순만; 조항규; 구종민; 이장훈; 박완용; 이홍식; 이윤우
2013-04Effect of Solvents on De-Cross-Linking of Cross-Linked Polyethylene under Subcritical and Supercritical Conditions이홍식; 정주형; 홍기영; 조항규; 백범기; 구종민; 홍순만; 김재훈; 이윤우
2016-03Hydro- and solvothermolysis of kraft lignin for maximizing production of monomeric aromatic chemicals이홍식; 제정호; 하정명; 서동진
2015-10Hydrothermal synthesis of metal nanoparticles using glycerol as a reducing agent김민수; 신유환; 손원수; 강지문; 이홍식; 이윤우
2009-12Physical and Rheological Properties of Thermoplasticized Crosslinked-Polyethylene Foam in Supercritical Methanol조항규; 홍순만; 백경열; 구종민; 이홍식; 이윤우
2015-12Production of aromatic compounds from oil palm empty fruit bunchesby hydro- and solvothermolysis이홍식; 이현주; 하정명; 김재훈; 서동진
2013-07Production of renewable diesel by hydrotreatment of soy bean oil: Effect of reaction parameters김석기; Steffen Brand; 이홍식; 김연제; 김재훈
2014-03Production of renewable diesel via catalytic deoxygenation of natural triglycerides: Comprehensive understanding of traction intermedieates and hydrocarbons김석기; 한재영; 이홍식; 염태우; 김연제; 김재훈
2007-10Recrystallization of acetaminophen in supercritical carbon dioxide이홍식; Guanghua Li; 노경호; 황승상; 홍순만; 이윤우
2009-05Recycling of cross-linked polyolefin by decrosslinking reaction in supercritical fluid이홍식; 정주형; 조항규; 구종민; 홍순만; 김화용; 김재훈; 이윤우
2009-04Side reactions in the synthesis of biodiesel fuel in supercritical methanol이홍식; 유성진; 이윤우; 김재훈
2012-12Simultaneous carbon capture and nitrogen removal during supercritical water oxidation신영호; 이홍식; 밤방; 김재훈; 김대성; 이현욱; 윤용석; 이윤우
2016-05Solid-state polymerization and characterization of a copolyamide based on adipic acid, 1,4-butanediamine, and 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid이현주; 김낙균; 엔다; 이홍식; 한상훈; 김재훈; 김우년
2012-12Solid-State Polymerization of Semi-aromatic Copolyamides of Nylon-4,T and Nylon-4,6: Composition Ratio Effect and Thermal Properties김영준; 엔다; 이홍식; 김재훈
2013-09Supercritical ethanol as an enhanced medium for lignocellulosic biomass liquefaction: Influence of physical process parameters스테펜 브랜드; 수산티; 김석기; 이홍식; 김재훈; 상병인
2009-08Synergetic effect of copper-plating wastewater as a catalyst for the destruction of acrylonitrile wastewater in supercritical water oxidation신영호; 이홍식; 이영호; 김재훈; 김재덕; 이윤우
2010-10Synthesis of biodiesel from rapeseed oil using supercritical methanol with metal oxide catalysts유성진; 이홍식; Bambang Veriansyah; 김재훈; 김재덕; 이윤우
2009-05Synthesis of biodiesel using supercritical methanol이홍식; 유성진; 김재훈; 김재덕; 이윤우
2014-10Synthesis of Hydrous Ruthenium Oxide Nanoparticles in Sub- and Supercritical Water and Their Capacitive Properties안토니우스; 아궁; 이홍식; 백성민; 정경윤; 민병권; 김재훈
2016-03Synthesis of manganese oxide microparticles using supercritical water김민수; 홍승아; 신내철; 채근화; 이홍식; 최선; 신유환
2009-04Transesterification of rapeseed oil to biodiesel in supercritical methanol with different heterogeneous catalysts유성진; 이홍식; 김재훈; 이윤우
2012-10Vegetable oil aided hydrothermal synthesis of cerium oxide nanocrystals김민수; 이홍식; 신영호; 안기호; 윤용석; 김재훈; 이윤우
2013-02-12고상중합 방법을 이용한 바이오매스 유래 퓨란계 코폴리아미드의 제조방법김재훈; 박종민; 이홍식; 엔다
2008-10-23폐 저밀도 폴리에틸렌계 발포체의 재생방법구종민; 박완용; 이윤우; 이장훈; 이홍식; 조항규; 홍순만
2014-10-24퓨란계 코폴리아미드의 제조방법김재훈; 엔다; 이현주; 이홍식; 한상훈