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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-045-Methylsophoraflavanone B inhibits adipocyte differentiation through an activation of GATA-2 transcription factor노주원; 김철영; 이희주; 당가 셀렌게; 이샛별; 강경수
2013-018-Hydroxycalamenene isolated from the rhizomes of Reynoutria elliptica exerts neuroprotective effects both in vitro and in vivo조형; 이희주; 김철영; 손진기; 정상훈
2012-09A compound isolated from the rhizomes of Reynoutria elliptica protects transformed retinal ganglion cells (RGC-5) against oxidative stress in vitro and in vivo조형; 이희주; 김철영; 김경아; 손진기; 정상훈
2011-04A2E Photooxidation Inhibitory Prenylated Isoflavonoids from Cudrania tricuspidata메즈박; 이희주; 전제승; 정동화; 김철영
2019-11Abnormal lattice behavior of MgH2 in isotope labeled LiBD4-MgH2 composites at the melting of LiBD4심재혁; 박미래; 조인화; 강승기; 최용남; 이희주; 노도영
2017-07Achillea asiatica extract and its active compounds induce cutaneous wound healing노주원; 이희주; 김명석; 반츠라크치; 둘람자브 밧수렌; 직지드 툰삭
2007-08Aldose Reductase and Advanced Glycation Endproducts Inhibitory Effect of Phyllostachys nigra정상훈; 이정민; 이희주; 김철영; 이은하; 엄병헌
2006-12Aldose reductase inhibitory effect of Phyllostachys nigra and its antioxidative capacity정상훈; 이정민; 이희주; 김철영; 이은하; 엄병헌
2006-11Analysis of antioxidants in bamboo trees by the high performance liquid chromatography coupled to an online-ABTS+ based assay김철영; 이희주; 이정민; 이은하; 정상훈; 엄병헌
2008-02Anti-Allergic Prenylated Flavonoids from the Roots of Sophora flavescensWenying Quan; 이희주; 김철영; 노주원; 엄병헌; 옥민호; 김경만
2010-03Anti-inflammatory activity of Angelica keiskei through suppression of mitogen-activated protein kinases and nuclear factor-κB activation pathwaysLee Hyoung Joo; Choi Tae Won; Kim Hyun Jung; Nam Dongwoo; 정상훈; 이은하; 이희주; Shin Eun Myoung; Jang Hyeung-Jin; Ahn Kyoo Seok; Shim Bum Sang; Choi Seung-Hoon; Kim Sung-Hoon; Sethi Gautam; Ahn Kwang Seok
2010-02Anti-inflammatory effects of gomisin N, gomisin J, and schisandrin C isolated from the fruit of Schisandra chinensis오수연; 김용훈; 배덕성; 엄병헌; 판철호; 김철영; 이희주; 이재권
2011-05Antifungal activity of ethanol extract and its fractions from Hosta capitata on human pathogenic and airborne fungi윤지호; 이샛별; 이희주; 김철영; 노주원
2015-05Antimicrobial air filters using natural Euscaphis japonica nanoparticles황기병; 허기준; 윤지호; 이정은; 이희주; 노주원; 배귀남; 정재희
2009-10Antioxidant phenolic compounds from Crepidiastrum denticulatum and Artemisia dubia이희주; 노주원; 김철영; 정상훈
2011-05Antioxidant, antiapoptotic and antigenotoxic activities of the wild vegetable Crepidiastrum denticulatum in tert-butyl hydroperoxide-injured HepG2 cells강경수; 조은혜; 이희주; 사랑게렐; 윤지호; 김철영; 유지혜; 김영진; 김종환; 안수용; 김재록; 노주원
2009-05Antioxidative compounds from Thuja orientalis by online HPLC-ABTS+ assay and their aldose reductase and advanced glycation endproducts inhibitory activities정상훈; 이은하; 이희주; 송대근; 이주영; 판철호; 엄병헌
2014-04Apigenin isolated from Daphne genkwa Siebold et Zucc. inhibits 3T3-L1 preadipocyte differentiation through a modulation of mitotic clonal expansion김미애; 강경수; 이희주; 김명석; 김철영; 노주원
2010-08Application of Fluorescence Pulse Width Analysis for Evaluation of Nuclear Size: A Case Study of Phytochemical-Induced Nuclear Enlargement강경수; 이희주; 조은혜; 김철영; 둘람자브 바슈렌; 지기쥬렌 툰삭; 이샛별; 유지혜; 노주원
2013-10Bi-functional Chemopreventive Effects of Adenocaulon himalaicum Through Induction of Detoxification Enzymes and Apoptosis윤지호; 이샛별; 강경수; 이은하; 이희주; 정상훈; 노주원
2010-10Bi-Functional Induction of the Quinone Reductase and Cytochrome P450 1A1 by Youngiasides via Nrf2-ARE and AhR-XRE Pathways윤지호; 이샛별; 이희주; 김철영; 김미애; 손영창; 노주원
2013-08Bifunctional Chemopreventive Effects of Adenocaulon himalaicum Through Induction of Detoxification Enzymes and Apoptosis윤지호; 이샛별; 강경수; 이은하; 이희주; 정상훈; 노주원
2009-10Bifunctional induction of youngiaside A, B and C for Cancer Chemoprevention through the both Nrf2/ARE and AhR/XRE Pathway in Caco-2 Human Colorectal Cancer Cells윤지호; 이샛별; 이희주; 김철영; 김미애; 손영창; 노주원
2013-06Bioaccessibility of Polyphneols from Youngia denticulata, edible wile vegetable, during Simulated Digestion이희주; 차광현; 노주원; 판철호
2014-06Bioavailability of Hydroxycinnamic Acids from Crepidiastrum denticulatum Using Simulated Digestion and Caco-2 Intestinal Cells이희주; 차광현; 김철영; 노주원; 판철호
2009-05Cancer Chemopreventive Effect by Crepidiastrum denticulatum is exerted through Transcriptional Regulation of Quinone Reductase through Nrf2윤지호; 이샛별; 이희주; 김철영; 김미애; 손영창; 노주원
2008-10Cancer Chemopreventive Effects of Korean Wild Vegetables through a Transcriptional Regulation of Quinone Reductase윤지호; 이샛별; 이희주; 노주원
2009-05Cancer chemopreventive effects of prenyl and lavandulyl flavonoids isolated from Sophora flavescens강경수; 이샛별; 이희주; 조은혜; 윤지호; 유지혜; 김철영; 노주원
2015-10Cassia tora Seed Extract and Its Active Compound Aurantio-obtusin Inhibit Allergic Responses in IgE-Mediated Mast Cells and Anaphylactic Models김명석; 임수지; 이희주; 노주원
2011-08Cell and nuclear enlargement of SW480 cells induced by a plant lignan, arctigenin: evaluation of cellular DNA content using fluorescence microscopy and flow cytometry강경수; 이희주; 유지혜; 조은혜; 김철영; 김민균; 노주원