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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-02Anisotropically organized three-dimensional culture platform for reconstruction of a hippocampal neural network윤의성; 오수진; 이창준; 최낙원; 허은미; 정소현; 임선경; 김소현
2015-03Collagen-based brain microvasculature model in vitro using three-dimensional printed template김정아; 김홍남; 임선경; 정석; 강지윤; 최낙원
2019-02Dedifferentiated Schwann cells secrete progranulin that enhances the survival and axon growth of motor neurons이철주; 서준교; 신지혜; 형수진; 이보윤; 임선경; 박종철; 허은미
2014-03Direct Interaction and Functional Coupling between Human 5-HT6 Receptor and the Light Chain 1 Subunit of the Microtubule-Associated Protein 1B (MAP1B-LC1)김순희; 김동혁; 이강호; 임선경; 허은미; 정광철; 임혜원
2016-11Effects of Microtubule Stabilization by Epothilone B Depend on the Type and Age of Neurons허은미; 장은혜; 심애리; 임선경
2017-06Functional Characterization of Resting and Adenovirus-Induced Reactive Astrocytes in Three-Dimensional Culture오수진; 이창준; 최낙원; 허은미; 우준성; 전희정; 임선경; 정순영
2016-06Inflammatory signals induce the expression of tonicity-responsive enhancer binding protein (TonEBP) in microglia.허은미; 임선경; Ga Ram Jeong; Yun-Hee Bae; Eun Su Park; Byung Kwan Jin; Hyug Moo Kwon; Beom-Joon Lee; Youngmin Bu; Byoung Dae Lee
2019-01Structural and Molecular Basis for Katanin-Mediated Severing of Glutamylated Microtubules김은경; 신상철; 장은혜; 임선경; 진경식; 허은미