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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-102D WSe2/MoS2 van der Waals heterojunction photodiode for visible-near infrared broadband detection황도경; 이효선; 안종태; 심우영; 임성일
2016-02Black Phosphorus-Zinc Oxide Nanomaterial Heterojunction for p-n Diode and Junction Field-Effect Transistor황도경; 이영택; 전표진; 임준영; 김진성; 임성일
2001-07Blue and red luminescence from Si ion-irradiated SiO2/Si/SiO2 layers.손정훈; 김태곤; 신상원; 김효배; 이원석; 임성일; 송종한; 황정남; 채근화
1998-09Defect vs. Nanocrystal luminescence emitted in Si-implanted SiO2 layers정준용; 임성일; 오민석; 김효배; 채근화; 황정남; 송종한
2006-06Device Isolation of Ultraviolet-Detecting ZnO-Based Transistors using Energetic B Ions배희선; 임성일; 송종한
2015-09Dual Gate Black Phosphorus Field Effect Transistors on Glass for NOR Logic and Organic Light Emitting Diode Switching김진성; 전표진; 이준영; 최경희; 이희성; 조영석; 이영택; 황도경; 임성일
1998-12Effects of BF2 and B implantation-doping on crystalline degradation of pseudomorphic metastable Ge0.06Si0.94임성일; 오민석; 주민호; 김효배; 김현경; 송종한
2000-01Effects of Implatation conditions on defect related photoluminescence from si-implanted SiO2 layers김효배; 김태곤; 손정훈; 채근화; 임성일; 황정남; 송종한
2015-03Enhanced device performances of WSe2-MoS2 van der Waals junction p-n diode by fluoropolymer encapsulation전표진; 민성욱; 김진성; Syed Raza Ali Raza; 최경희; 이희성; 이영택; 황도경; 최형준; 임성일
2003-06Formation and characterizations of ultra-shallow p+-n junctions using B10H14 ion implantation전기영; 김지수; 황정남; 임성일; 송종한; 송재훈; 최원국; 김현경
2011-02High Performance N-type Organic-inorganic Nanohybrid Semiconductors for Flexible Electronic Devices”조상호; 박예록; 한규석; 이병훈; 이광희; 임성일; 성명모
2018-12High-Performance 2D MoS2 Phototransistor for Photo Logic Gate and Image Sensor박민철; 황도경; 곽기성; 강지훈; 최현태; 안종태; 이영택; 주병권; Seyed Hossein Shokouh; 임성일
2015-11High-performance a MoS2 Nanosheet-based Nonvolatile Memory Transistor with a Ferroelectric Polymer and Graphene Source-Drain Electrode이영택; 황도경; 임성일
2017-08Homogeneous 2D MoTe2 p-n Junctions and CMOS Inverters formed by Atomic-Layer-Deposition-Induced Doping황도경; 임준영; Atiye Pezeshki; 오세훈; 김진성; 이영택; 유상혁; 이관형; 최형준; 임성일
2019-09Impact of H­Doping on n­Type TMD Channels for Low­Temperature Band­Like Transport황도경; 안종태; Han Sol Lee; Sam Park; June Yeong Lim; Sanghyuck Yu; Yumin Sim; Je-Ho Lee; Maeng-Je Seong; Sehoon Oh; 최형준; 임성일
2008-10Improving the Gate Stability of ZnO Thin-Film Transistors with aluminum oxide dielectric layers오민석; 이기문; 송종한; Byoung H. Lee; Myung M. Sung; D. K. Hwang; 임성일
2008-07Low-Voltage Ultraviolet Detectors Using ZnO Thin-Film Transistor isolated by B ion implantation배희선; 임성일; 송종한
2017-12Mixed-Dimensional 1D ZnO-2D WSe2 van der Waals Heterojunction Device for Photosensors최원국; 박민철; 송진동; 황도경; 한재현; 이효선; 이영택; 전표진; 안종태; 임준영; 임성일
2021-11Near-Infrared Self-Powered Linearly Polarized Photodetection and Digital Incoherent Holography Using WSe2/ReSe2 van der Waals Heterostructure박민철; 황도경; 박수형; 김대연; 최성원; 나현수; 안종태; 김지훈; 고결; 장지수; 권남희; 배희선; 홍성재; 강지훈; 주병권; Ting-Chung Poon; 임성일
2016-05Non-Lithographic Fabrication of All-2D α-MoTe 2 Dual Gate Transistors최경희; 이영택; 김진성; 민성욱; 조영석; Atiye Pezeshki; 황도경; 임성일
2016-08Nonvolatile Charge Injection Memory Based on Black Phosphorous 2D Nanosheets for Charge Trapping and Active Channel Layers최원국; 임정아; 황도경; 주현수; 이영택; 이준영; 이연진; 임성일
2015-10Nonvolatile Ferroelectric Memory Circuit Using Black Phosphorus Nanosheet-Based Field-Effect Transistors with P(VDF-TrFE) Polymer이영택; 권혁재; 김진성; 김홍희; 이윤재; 임정아; 송용원; 이연진; 최원국; 황도경; 임성일
2015-03Novel hydrogen gas sensing by palladium electrode on dielectric capacitor coupled with an amorphous InGaZnO thin-film transistor이영택; 이준영; 황현철; 정회봉; 이우영; 배희선; 임성일
2001-01Optical and electrical properties of Ge-implanted SiO₂ layers on n-Si and p-Si이원석; 정준용; 김효배; 채근화; 황정남; 임성일; 송종한
2001-07Optimum oxygen concentration for the optoelectronic properties of IR sensitive VOx thin films박경민; S. Yi; 문성욱; 임성일
2014-08PbS quantum dot sensitized InGaZnO metal oxide hybrid phototransistor for near infrared detection황도경; 이희성; 이윤재; 최원국; 임성일
2000-01Photoluminescence from Si ion irradiated SiO2/Si/SiO2 films with elevated substrate temperature김효배; 손정훈; 채근화; 정준용; 이원석; 임성일; 송종한; 황정남
2000-03Photoluminescences from Si nanocrystals in ion-beam-mixed Si/SiO₂ layers채근화; 손정훈; 김효배; 임성일; 여인환; 황정남
2001-07Photoresponse of Si detector based on n-ZnO/p-Si and n-ZnO/n-Si structures김현영; J. H. Kim; Y. J. Kim; 채근화; 황정남; 송종한; 임성일
2014-02Quantum-dot sensitized metal oxide semiconductor hybrid phototransistor for near infrared detection황도경; 이희성; 이윤재; 최원국; 임성일