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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-073D Pose and Curvature Estimation of Bendable Interventional Device using Single-view X-ray Image이득희; 임성환; 하준형
2013-103D Preoperative Surgical Planning Software for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction최진혁; 임성환; 김영준; 이득희; 박세형; 박신형; 왕준호
2013-10A New Method for Robotic calibration of HIFU Transducer차오름; 임성환; 이득희
2019-03A Simple Insertion Technique to Reduce the Bending of Thin Bevel-Point Needles임성환; Changhan Jun; DORU PETRISOR; GREGORY CHIRIKJIAN; JIN SEOB KIM; Dan Stoianovici
2014-04A study on the neural signal recording efficiency of nerve cuff electrode using conductive polymers박성진; 임성환; 송강일; 추준욱; 강지윤; 윤광석; 이수현
2017-01A Surface Tension Magnetophoretic Device for Rare Cell Isolation and Characterization임성환; Emma E. van der Toom; James E. Verdone; Changhan Jun; Doru Petrisor; Jean J. M. C. H. de la Rosette; Theo M. de Reijke; Michael A. Gorin; Dan Stoianovici
2016-07Arthroscopically blind anatomical anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using only navigation guidance: a cadaveric study박세형; 이득희; 김영준; 박신형; 문상원; 이병훈; 임성환; 왕준호
2010-04Assessment for the Feasibility of External-Fixation Pin Guidance Using Laser Navigation임성환; Takehito Douke; Shinya Onogi; Yoshikazu Nakajima; Mamoru Mitsuishi; Ichiro Sakuma; Masahiko Bessho; Isao Ohnishi; Kouzou Nakamura
2014-09Development of 3-Dimensional Surgical Planning and Navigation System of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction김영준; 임성환; 조현철; 이득희; 박세형; 이병훈; 이은수; 왕준호
2014-02Development of Surgical Navigation System for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction임성환; 최진혁; 이득희; 박세형; 박신형; 문상원; 왕준호
2018-01Endoscopic Stone Measurement During Ureteroscopy임성환; Wesley W. Ludwig; Dan Stoianovici; Brian R. Matlaga
2012-10Implantable nerve cuff electrode deposited with electrospun nanofiber to control drug release for long-term implantation이수현; 박성진; 임성환; 황교선; 강지윤
2020-09Integrated, Real-Time Digital Measurement during Ureteroscopic Procedures for Nephrolithiasis: A Workflow Feasibility Study임성환; Kevin Koo; Tareq Aro; Russell E.N. Becker; Jared S. Winoker; Doru Petrisor; Dan Stoianovici; Brian R. Matlaga
2013-09Markerless Surgical Robotic System for Intracerebral Hemorrhage(ICH) Surgery: Tool Calibration and Its Evaluation임성환; 박세형; 이득희
2018-01MR Safe Robot Assisted Needle Access of the Brain: Preclinical Study임성환; Changhan Jun; Jean-Paul Wolinsky; Tomas Garzon-Muvdi; Doru Petrisor; Kevin Cleary; Dan Stoianovici
2017-02MR Safe Robot, FDA Clearance, Safety and Feasibility Prostate Biopsy Clinical Trial임성환; Dan Stoianovic; Chunwoo Kim; Doru Petrisor; Changhan Jun; Mark W. Ball; Ashley Ross; Katarzyna Jadwiga Macura; Mohamad E. Allaf
2018-01Multi-Imager Compatible, MR Safe, Remote Center of Motion Needle-Guide Robot임성환; Dan Stoianovici; Changhan Jun; Pan Li, Doru Petrisor; Stanley Fricke; Karun Sharma; Kevin Cleary
2013-05Needle Calibration for Intracerebral Hemorrhage Surgical Robotic System임성환; 박세형; 이득희
2014-05Nerve Cuff Electrode Integrated with Micro-holes to Reduce Apoptosis for Long-term Implantation박성진; 임성환; 강지윤; 윤광석; 도선희; 이수현
2014-06Neurosurgical Robotic Guidance System using Visual Servoing이득희; 임성환; 조현철; 신상균; 박세형
2013-10Non-Invasive Patient Registration Based on 3D Feature Points of Vein임성환; 박세형; 이득희
2020-05Personalized Renal Collecting System Mockup for Procedural Training under Ultrasound Guidance임성환; Tareq Aro; Doru Petrisor; Kevin Koo; Brian Matlaga; Dan Stoianovic
2014-06Robotic guide system for reducing human alignment error in computer-assisted anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction임성환; 최진혁; 김영준; 이득희; 박세형; 왕준호
2019-09Robotic Transrectal Ultrasound-Guided Prostate Biopsy임성환; Changhan Jun; Doyoung Chang; Doru Petrisor; Misop Han; Dan Stoianovici
2018-01Robotically Assisted Long Bone Biopsy under MRI Imaging: Workflow and Phantom Study임성환; Kevin Cleary; Changhan Jun; Reza Monfaredi; Karun Sharma; Stanley Thomas; Fricke NuclEng; Luis VargasRT; Doru Petrisor; Dan Stoianovici
2018-11Robotically Assisted Long Bone Biopsy under MRI: Cadaver Study Results임성환; Karun Sharma; Pan Li; Doru Petrisor; Stanley Fricke; Dan Stoianovici; Kevin Cleary
2013-06Surgical Tool Alignment Guidance by Drawing Two Cross-Sectional Laser-Beam Planes임성환; Yoshikazu Nakajima; Takeyoshi Dohi; Toshihiko Sasama; Yasuyuki Momoi; Nobuhiko Sugano; Yuichi Tamura; Ichiro Sakuma; Mamoru Mitsuishi; Tsuyoshi Koyama; Kazuo Yonenobu; Satoru Ohashi; Masahiko Bessho; Isao Ohnishi
2014-02The Needle Guide Device Calibration for Markerless ICH Surgical Robotic System신상균; 임성환; 조현철; 박세형; 이득희
2013-08-13환자와 3차원 의료영상의 비침습 정합 시스템 및 방법이득희; 박세형; 임성환