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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1963-01An experimental study of chloroquine contents of chloroquine intoxicated animal blood and tissues and its histopathological findings임정규; 박찬웅; 김낙두; 천인숙
1985-01An experimental study on the adrenergic effect of higenamine in rabbit cardiovascular system김남수; 홍창의; 박찬웅; 임정규
2020-01Analysis of saponin composition and comparison of the antioxidant activity of various parts of the quinoa plant박현미; 임정규; 윤기선
1977-01Analysis of the relation of the positive inotropic action of several cardiotonics and aconiti tuber butanol fraction to the frequency of contraction of heart muscle임정규; 김명석; 신상구; 박찬웅
1973-01Anthelminthic effect of Trans-1,4,5,6-Tetrahydro-2-(3-hydroxystyryl)-1-methyl pyrimidine (CP-14,445) on Trichocephalus trichiurus박찬웅; 임정규; 심상정; 김명석; 정명희
1985-01Binding properties of higenamine on dopamine receptors of caudate nucleus in bovine brain박혜영; 임정규; 서유헌; 박찬웅
1989-01Catecholamine synthesizing enzymes in adult spontaneously hypertensive rats서유헌; 조현섭; 김헌식; 김성수; 최웅; 전양숙; 임정규; 박찬웅
1986-01Chronotropic actions of higenamine in the isolated right atrium of the rabbit노정일; 홍창의; 김봉기; 박찬웅; 임정규
1994-01Clinical pharmacokinetics of prednisolone and prednisone신재국; 윤영란; 차인준; 이경훈; 장인진; 신상구; 박찬웅; 임정규
1992-01Effect of higenamine on pulmonary aorta of rabbit박찬웅; 김봉기; 최진석; 임정규
1988-01Effect of higenamine on ³H-norepinephrine release in the rabbit pulmonary artery위봉애; 박찬웅; 김봉기; 임정규; 김명석; 명호진
2017-06Effect of starch on the identification of gums in Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) powder by GC-MS박현미; 손석연; 임정규; 윤기선
1984-01Effects of ginseng components on the actions of oxygen radicals to gelation of skin collagen박찬웅; 임정규; 이정수; 정명희
1984-01Effects of higenamine and its derivatives on the activity of rat brain mitochondrial monoamine oxidase서유헌; 박혜영; 임정규; 박찬웅
1979-01Effects of vibramycin precon PT-122M in surgical fields박찬웅; 임정규; 신상구; 장대수; 박정수
1993-03Ligand binding characteristics of [3H] dihydroalprenolol in cerebral cortical membranes of young and old senescence-accelerated mouse서유헌; 이인식; 김성수; 최웅; 박찬웅; 정명희; 임정규
1988-01Molecular cloning of human genomic DNA for epinephrine synthesizing enzyme, phenylethanolamine N-methyltransferase서유헌; 허성오; 전양숙; 김헌식; 임정규; 박찬웅
1977-01Nitrogen sparing effect of intravenous amino acid solutions박찬웅; 임정규; 이장규; 이진오; 박귀원
1984-01Pharmacokinetic comparison of oral bacampicillin and ampicillin임정규; 박찬웅; 신상구; 김용식
1987-01Pharmacokinetic study of pyrazinamide related to the mechanism of the renal excretion최은상; 신상구; 이선희; 최철희; 김용식; 임정규; 박찬웅
1989-01Pharmacokinetics of procainamide and N-acetylprocainamide장인진; 신재국; 신상구; 박찬웅; 임정규
1979-01Pharmacological action of ginseng홍사악; 임정규; 박찬웅; 차인준
1992-01Pharmacological evaluation of GS-389, a novel tetrahydroisoquinoline analog related to higenamine, on vascular smooth muscleK.C. Chang; 임정규; 박찬웅
1980-01Pharmacological studies of cefoperazone (T-1551)임정규; 홍사악; 박찬웅; 김명석; 서유헌; 신상구; 김용식; 김혜원; 이정수; 장기철; 이상국; 장우현; 김익상; 김낙두
1985-01Role of ascorbic acid in the depolymerization of hyaluronic acid by Fe++ and H2O2이정수; 정명희; 임정규; 박찬웅; 차인준
1984-01Roles of catecholamines in the regulation of stress-induced Hypothalamo-Pituitary Adrenal (HPA) axis stimulation서유헌; 임정규; 박찬웅
1983-01Roles of monoamine neurotransmitters in regulation of hypothalamic PITUITITARY-ADRENAL AXIS (HPA) (III): Role of 5-hydroxytyptamine in controlling the stress-induced elevation of corticosterone in rat서유헌; 임정규; 박찬웅
1981-01Studies on the mechanism of positive inotropic action of higenamine : interrelationship with calcium장기철; 임정규; 박찬웅; 김명석
1985-01Studies on the mechanism of reactive oxygen species inactivation of brain microsomal Na+-K+-ATPase정명희; 김정식; 손영숙; 최길수; 임정규; 박찬웅
1978-01Study on the pseudocholinesterase in Korean임정규; 김명석; 박찬웅