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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-043차원 구조 고용량 박막 이차전지용 전극 소재임해나; 최지원
2019-08Atomic doping site and dielectric property in perovksite oxide nanosheets최지원; 장혜정; 김양희; 임해나; 최하늘; 이광엽; 노종욱
2019-01Atomically thin, large area aluminosilicate nanosheets fabricated from최지원; 임해나; 류소연; 배현정; 고유민; 권도균
2019-06Continuous Composition Spread and Electrochemical Studies of Low Cobalt Content Li(Ni,Mn,Co)O2 Cathode Materials최지원; 임해나; JongSeok Jung; Narendra Singh Parmar; Jae-Seung Lee
2017-03Critical increase in Na-doping facilitates acceptor band movements that yields similar to 180 meV shallow hole conduction in ZnO bulk crystals최지원; 나렌드라 싱; 임해나
2015-10Crystal Structure and Optical Properties of Al-Doped ZnO Large-Area Thin Films Using 1500 mm Dual Cylindrical Cathodes이진주; 하종윤; 임해나; 최원국; 최지원
2021-11Defect-Controlled, Scalable Layer-by-Layer Assembly of High?k Perovskite Oxide Nanosheets for All Two-Dimensional Nanoelectronics최지원; 채근화; 백승협; 김성근; 류소연; 임해나; 김연호; 김영훈; 이철호
2021-03Design of dispersion-free dielectrics as engineering perovskite unit cells of최지원; 류소연; 임해나; 남산
2017-07Dielectric properties of single crystal Sr2Nb3O10 dielectric nanosheet thin films by electrophoretic deposition (EPD) and post deposition treatments최지원; 류소연; 임해나; Young-Shin Lee; Byeong-Kwon Ju
2020-04Directly integrated all-solid-state flexible lithium batteries on polymer substrate최지원; 백승협; 임해나; 유승호; 성영은
2012-11Electrochemical properties of Li[Li0.2Mn0.54Co0.13Ni0.13]O2 cathode thin film by RF sputtering for all-solid-state lithium battery임해나; 공우연; 김영철; 윤석진; 최지원
2013-05Electrochemical Properties of Sn-Substituted LiMn2O4 Thin Films Prepared by Radio-Frequency Magnetron Sputtering공우연; 임해나; 윤석진; 남산; 최지원
2018-08Exploration of Si-doped SnO2 composition and properties of oxide/Ag/oxide multilayers prepared using continuous composition spread by sputtering최지원; 임해나; 장주희
2013-05Fabrication and Electrochemical Properties of Hemisphere Structured 3D Li(Li0.2Mn0.54Co0.13Ni0.13)O2 Cathode Thin Film for All-Solid-State Lithium Battery임해나; 공우연; 윤석진; 김영철; 최지원
2015-09Li Storage of Calcium Niobates for Lithium Ion Batteries임해나; 유승호; 류소연; 성영은; 최지원
2016-01LiMn2O4-based Cathode Thin Films for Li Thin-film Batteries최지원; 임해나; Dong-Wook Shin
2015-11Optical Properties and Electrochemical Performance of LiFePO4 Thin Films Deposited on Transparent Current Collectors이현석; 임해나; 김광범; 최지원
2015-07Surface and Electrical Properties of 2 wt% Cr-doped Ni Ultrathin Film Electrode for MLCCs임해나; 이진주; 최지원
2013-05Synthesis and dielectric properties of HCa2Nb3O10 layered structure ceramics임해나; 류소연; 남산; 황성주; 윤석진; 최지원
2015-02Synthesis and dielectric properties of strontium substituted calcium niobate ceramics임해나; 류소연; 성영은; 최지원
2014-06Three-dimensional hemisphere-structured LiSn0.0125Mn1.975O4 thin-film cathodes임해나; 공우연; 윤석진; 남산; 장호원; 성영은; 하종윤; Albert V. Davydov; 최지원
2013-05-27고유전율과 저유전손실 특성을 가지는 비스무트 니오베이트 유전체 조성물강종윤; 김성근; 김진상; 류소연; 백승협; 윤석진; 임해나; 최지원
2020-12-02나이오베이트 유전체를 포함하는 나노시트 및 이를 포함하는 유전체 박막강종윤; 김성근; 김진상; 류소연; 백승협; 송현철; 윤정호; 임해나; 최지원
2014-02-04리튬 이온 이차 전지의 음극 박막강종윤; 김성근; 김진상; 바이샤리 아룬 패틸; 백승협; 윤석진; 임해나; 최지원
2013-03-08리튬 이온 이차전지용 실리콘/알루미늄 적층 다층 음극 박막 및 그 제조방법강종윤; 김성근; 김진상; 바이샬리 패틸; 백승협; 윤석진; 임해나; 최지원