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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-0317β-estradiol inhibits high-voltage-activated calcium channel currents in rat sensory neurons via a non-genomic mechanism이동윤; 채영규; 배은희; 김기환; 나승열; 오태환; 임혜원
1999-0117β-estradiol inhibits high-voltage-activated calcium currents in rat sensory neurons via a non-genomic mechanism이동윤; 임혜원
2006-0420(S)-ginsenoside Rh2, a newly identified active ingredient of ginseng, inhibits NMDA receptors in cultured rat hippocampal neurons이은영; 김선오; 정광철; 추민경; 김동현; 남길수; 임혜원
2004-073,4-Dihydroquinazoline derivatives as novel selective T-type Ca2+ channel blockers이용섭; 이범훈; 박성준; 강순방; 임혜원; 박진용; 이정하; 정성우; 이재열
2015-093-Benzamides and 3,4,5-trimethoxyphenyl amines as calcium channel blockers임혜원; 강보희; 오정애; 이지윤; 윤태영; 박혜영
2007-013D pharmacophore based virtual screening of T-type calcium channel blockers무니크말레디; 추현아; 조용서; 임혜원; 고훈영; 이정하; 정성우; 배애님
2011-125-HT6 receptor ligands, EMD386088 and SB258585, differentially regulate 5-HT6 receptor-independent events윤형문; 임혜원
2010-115-ht6 receptor-mediated morphological changes via rho family-dependent pathways윤형문; 민보람; 정광철; 임혜원
2016-115-HT7 receptor modulators: Amino groups attached to biphenyl scaffold determine functional activity임혜원; 추현아; 이정은; 김영재; 박혜리; 태진성; 김학중; 민선준
2017-065-Hydroxytryptamine 6 Receptor (5-HT6R)-Mediated Morphological Changes via RhoA-Dependent Pathways임혜원; 추현아; 박미경; 김한나; 김영재; Md. Ataur Rahman; Kang Ho Lee; Hyung-Mun Yun; Jung-Hwa Hong
2015-10A brief method for preparation of gintonin-enriched fraction from ginseng임혜원; 최선혜; 정석원; 김현숙; 김현중; 이병환; 김준용; 김정현; 황성희; 김형춘; 나승열
2009-05A role for Leu247 residue within transmembrane domain 2 in ginsenoside-mediated α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor regulation이병환; 최선혜; 표미경; 신태준; 황성희; 김보라; 이상목; 이준호; 이준희; 이희선; 채한; 한규훈; 김형춘; 임혜원; 양준환; 나승열
2009-05A role for the Val291 residue within the transmembrane domain 2 in diltiazem- and TMB-8 [3,4,5-trimethoxybenzoic acid 8-(diethylamino)octyl ester]-mediated 5-hydroxytryptamine type 3A receptor regulations이병환; 최선혜; 표미경; 신태준; 황성희; 김보라; 이준호; 임혜원; 김형춘; 나승열
2005-07A study of the cardiovascular aginig effect on the pulse shape신상훈; 임혜원; 박영재; 박영배
2004-12A study of the pu신상훈; 박영배; 임혜원; 김기왕
2005-07A study of the pulse diagnosis research trend in China II: clinical application신상훈; 김기왕; 임혜원; 박영재; 박영배
2019-07Actions of Neuropeptide Y on Synaptic Transmission in the Lateral Habenula임혜원; 천명현; 박호영; 정지혜
2007-04Activation of NMDA receptors increases proliferation and differentiation of hippocampal neural progenitor cells주재열; 김병우; 이정식; 박진용; 김선오; 윤영주; 이상훈; 이석호; 임혜원; 손현
2019-05Acutely elevated O-GlcNAcylation suppresses hippocampal activity by modulating both intrinsic and synaptic excitability factors임혜원; 황홍익
2015-08Amyloid-β Oligomers May Impair SNARE-Mediated Exocytosis by Direct Binding to Syntaxin 1a.양유수; 김재욱; 김혜윤; 류나연; 이세진; 김영수; 임혜원; Shin, Yeon-Kyun
2013-11An increase in voltage-gated sodium channel current elicits microglial activation followed inflammatory responses in vitro and in vivo after spinal cord injury정길영; 이지영; 임혜원; 오태환; 윤태영
2007-06An inhibitory compound against the interaction between Gαs and the third intracellular loop region of serotonin receptor subtype 6 (5-HT6) disrupts the signaling pathway of 5-HT6최윤희; 강하탄; 이원규; 김태현; 임혜원; 유연규
2010-12Analgesic effect of highly reversible ω-conotoxin FVIA on N type Ca2+ channels이승규; 김윤지; 백성근; 최희우; 이주연; 정현호; 류재하; 서홍원; 나흥식; 김현정; 임혜원; 김재일
2021-03Antioxidant Compound, Oxyresveratrol, Inhibits APP Production through the AMPK/ULK1/mTOR­Mediated Autophagy Pathway in Mouse Cortical Astrocytes남길수; 임혜원; 조윤정; Md. Ataur Rahman
2013-11Aryl Biphenyl-3-ylmethylpiperazines as 5-HT7 Receptor Antagonists김지연; 김영재; 태진성; 염미영; 문봉진; Xi-Ping Huang; Bryan L. Roth; 이강호; 임혜원; 추일한; 정유훈; 금교창; 남길수; 추현아
2005-08Arylaminomethylpyrazole Derivatives as Ca2+ Channel Blockers남길수; 최인성; 임혜원; 최경일
2019-01Ascorbic Acid Mitigates D-galactose-Induced BrainAscorbic Acid Mitigates D-galactose-Induced Brain임혜원; 서미순; 남석민; 서진석; 남상섭; 조익현; 장병준; 김현중; 최선혜; 나승열
2000-12Background nonselective cationic current and the resting membrane potential in rabbit aorta endothelial cellsSung Jin Park; Young Chul Kim; Suk Hyo Suh; 임혜원; Jae Hoon Sim; Sung Joon Kim; Insuk So; 김기환
2018-09Brain stimulation patterns emulating endogenous thalamocortical input to parvalbumin-expressing interneurons reduce nociception in mice임혜원; 김종현; 정수영; 김수현; 허여울; 정다희; 서태윤; 선석규; 권영우; 마론빅슨; 정용안; 김진석; 조제원
1999-05Calcium influx and activation of calpain I mediate acute reactive gliosis in injured spinal cordShen Du; Andrew Rubin; Suzanne Klepper; Charles Barrett; 김영중; 임혜원; 배은희; 박찬웅; George J. Markelonis; 오태환