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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-123D Deformable Spatial Pyramid for Dense 3D Motion Flow of Deformable Object허준화; 임화섭; 안상철
2020-11-043차원 응시점 정보 기반 관심객체 검출 및 사용자 시·지각 메타데이터 제공장치 및 그 방법강민구; 김익재; 임화섭; 조대용
2014-12A Fast TGV-l1 RGB-D Flow Estimation노준하; 임화섭; 안상철
2018-01Cascaded fingertip detection and classification for human-projector interaction on tabletop surfaces안상철; 임화섭; 최욱; 손영준
2019-12CNN-Based Denoising, Completion, and Prediction of Whole-Body Human-Depth Images임화섭; 장재원; 권영찬; 최욱
2019-06Co-recognition of multiple fingertips for tabletop human-projector interaction안상철; 임화섭; 최욱; 손영준
2016-10Depth-based Fingertip Detection for Human-Projector Interaction on Tabletop Surfaces안상철; 임화섭; 손영준; 최욱
2016-02Embedded Deformation 기반 3D Flow Evaluation안상철; 임화섭; 장인엽
2016-03Extensible Multiplex Real-time PCR of MicroRNA Using Microparticles정승원; 김준선; 이동진; 오은해; 임화섭; 김광표; 최낙원; 김태송; 김상경
2018-01Fast and robust 3D textured model reconstruction on mobile platforms임화섭; 양현석
2020-04Feasibility Analysis of Deep Learning-Based Reality Assessment of Human Back-View Images임화섭; 권영찬; 장재원; 최욱
2015-06Generalized Deformable Spatial Pyramid: Geometry-Preserving Dense Correspondence Estimation허준화; 임화섭; 박창수; 안상철
2013-09Image Unprojection for 3D Surface Reconstruction: A Triangulation-based Approach성민혁; 임화섭; 김형곤; 안상철
2014-11Interactive Retexturing from Unordered Images이종호; 임화섭; 이성오; 차영운; 김형곤; 안상철
2013-05Interframe consistent multifrequency phase unwrapping for time-of-flight cameras최욱; 이승규; 임화섭
2019-07IR Surface Reflectance Estimation and Material Type Recognition using Two-stream Net and Kinect Camera안상철; 임화섭; 이석영; 이승규
2015-10Multi-body ICP: Motion Segmentation of Rigid Objects on Dense Point Clouds김영지; 임화섭; 안상철
2017-08Offline In-Hand 3D Modeling System Using Automatic Hand Removal and Improved Registration Method안상철; 임화섭; 양현석; 강준석
2012-08Putting Real-World Objects into Virtual World: Fast Automatic Creation of Animatable 3D models with a Consumer Depth Camera임화섭; 이성오; 이종호; 성민혁; 차영운; 김형곤; 안상철
2014-09RGB-D Fusion: Real-time Robust Tracking and Dense Mapping with RGB-D Data Fusion이성오; 임화섭; 김형곤; 안상철
2018-03RGBD Camera based Material Recognition via Surface Roughness Estimation안상철; 임화섭; 김정준; 이승규
2019-01Simple method for generating evaluation data for scene flow algorithms안상철; 임화섭; 장인엽
2016-10Simultaneous Segmentation, Estimation and Analysis of Articulated Motion from Dense Point Cloud Sequence안상철; 임화섭; 김영지; 김아영
2012-11Spin Image Revisited: Fast Candidate Selection using Outlier Forest Search차영운; 임화섭; 이성오; 김형곤; 안상철
2016-09Surface reflectance estimation and segmentation from single depth image of ToF camera안상철; 임화섭; 이승규; 김정준
2012-11Web Image-based Super-resolution이종호; 안상철; 임화섭; 김익재; 김재완; 김형곤
2012-07-16대상 물체의 3차원 메쉬 모델의 텍스쳐 생성 장치 및 방법김형곤; 안상철; 이종호; 임화섭
2012-08-03영상을 활용하여 깊이 정보를 획득하는 영상처리장치 및 영상처리방법김형곤; 성민혁; 안상철; 이성오; 임화섭
2014-02일차 쌍대 알고리즘 기반 색상-깊이 광류 추정노준하; 임화섭; 안상철