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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06A facile control in free-carbon domain with divinylbenzene for the high-rate-performing Sb/SiOC composite anode material in sodium-ion batteries김창삼; 정훈기; 김형우; 임효준; 김도원; 김기재; 변동진; 최원창
2018-03Effect of Sol-gel-assisted Consecutive Calcination Process on the Surface Structure and Electrochemical Performances of LiNbO3-coated 5 V Spinel Cathode Materials최원창; 권용욱; 김형우; 임효준; 변동진
2021-09Heterointerface Design of Hierarchical MoS2/ Silicon Oxycarbide Anode for Sodium-Ion Storage김상옥; 임효준
2022-01Hierarchical Heterostructured Anode Materials for High-Performance Sodium-Ion Batteries김상옥; 임효준
2021-04Hierarchically Designed Nitrogen-Doped MoS2/Silicon Oxycarbide Nanoscale Heterostructure as High-Performance Sodium-Ion Battery Anode김상옥; 류승호; 임효준; 최원창
2021-11Interfacial Modification of Sn by Silicon Oxycarbide Layer for High-Performance Sodium-Ion Battery Anode김상옥; 임효준
2017-08LiNbO3-coated LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 as a High-temperature Stabilized High-voltage Cathode Material for Lithium-ion Batteries최원창; 권용욱; 김형우; 임효준; 변동진
2020-11MoS2/Silicon oxycarbide heterostructure as an anode material for enhanced sodium-ion storage performance김상옥; 임효준
2021-01Novel approach for controlling free-carbon domain in silicone oil-derived silicon oxycarbide (SiOC) as an anode material in secondary batteries김상옥; 김형우; 임효준; 김기재; 최원창
2019-02Polydopamine-derived N-doped carbon-wrapped Na3V2(PO4)3 cathode with superior rate capability and cycling stability for sodium-ion batteries최원창; 김형석; 김형우; 임효준; 김기재; 변동진
2019-04Polydopamine-derived nitrogen-doped carbon-coated Na3V2(PO4)3 as high performance cathode materials for sodium-ion batteries최원창; 김도원; 김형우; 임효준
2018-06Sb Nanocrystals Embedded in SiOC Ceramic Materials as a High-Capacity and Long-life Anode for Sodium-ion Batteries최원창; 권용욱; 김도원; 이용호; 임효준
2021-10Scalable, colloidal synthesis of SnSb nanoalloy-decorated mesoporous 3D NiO microspheres as a sodium-ion battery anode강진구; 김상옥; 아리아노; 임효준
2020-05Self-assembled N-doped MoS2/carbon spheres by naturally occurring acid-catalyzed reaction for improved sodium-ion batteries김상옥; 김형우; 임효준; 최원창
2019-11Study on MoS2/Carbon Composite Anode Materials for High-Performance Sodium-Ion Batteries김상옥; 김형우; 임효준; 최원창
2021-04Study on SiOC-Coated MoS2 Composite Anode Material for High-Performance Sodium-Ion Battery김상옥; 임효준
2020-06Surfactant-based selective assembly approach for Si-embedded silicon oxycarbide composite materials in lithium-ion batteries김상옥; 정훈기; 김형우; 임효준; 김기재; 최원창; 장지혜
2018-03The MoS2-Embedded Carbon Sphere as an Anode Materials for Sodium Ion Battery최원창; 김도원; 김형우; 임효준
2019-11The MoS2/Carbon Composite Material as a High-Capacity Anode for Sodium Ion Storage김상옥; 김형우; 임효준; 최원창
2018-11The MoS2/Carbon Composite Materials as an Anode for Sodium-ion Batteries최원창; 장지혜; 임효준; 이용흠
2018-11Thermal stability of Sn anode material with non-aqueous electrolytes in sodium-ion batteries김상옥; 최원창; 김형석; 임효준; 이용호; 김기재; 이관영
2020-10-06옥시카바이드층을 갖는 코어-쉘 구조의 복합체를 포함하는 소듐이온전지용 음극 활물질 및 그의 제조방법김상옥; 김형석; 류승호; 심지민; 우주만; 이민아; 임효준; 임희대; 장원영; 제준환