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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-10A simple method for choosing the parameters of a two degree-of-freedom tuned vibration absorber장선준; M J Brennan; E Rustighi; H-J Jung
2011-09A tunable rotational energy harvester for low frequency vibration장선준; 김인호; 정형조; 이윤표
2011-05An energy harvesting system using the wind-induced vibration of a stay cable for powering a wireless sensor node정형조; 김인호; 장선준
2013-07Analyses on Working Frequency of a γ-type Free-piston Stirling Engine장선준; 심규호; 이윤표
2011-05Broadband energy-harvesting using a two degree-of-freedom vibrating body김인호; 정형조; 이보미; 장선준
2010-06Comparing the performance of optimally tuned dynamic vibration absorbers with very large or very small moement of inertia장선준; M J Brennan; E Rustighi
2009-08Conditions for the planes of symmetry of an elastically supported rigid body장선준; 최용제
2009-10Design of 2DOF energy harvesting device장선준; 정형조; M J Brennan; E Rustighi
2009-10Design of 2DOF vibrational energy harvester for civil structures장선준; 정형조
2011-03Design of a 2DOF vibrational energy harvesting device장선준; E. Rustighi; M.J.Breman; 이윤표; H-J Jung
2010-07Development of 2DOF Energy harvester장선준; 이윤표; D.D. Jang; H.J.JUng
2014-06Experimental Feasibility Study on Low-Temperature Differential Stirling Engines with Water Spray Heat Transfer장선준; 이윤표; 심규호
2007-06Geometrical design method of multi-degree-of-freedom dynamic vibration absorbers장선준; 최용제
2005-07Geometrical design theory of a 6 DOF vibration absorber장선준; 최용제
2009-08Theoretical investigation of 2DOF vibrating system and its application to dyanmic vibration absorber장선준; M J Brennan; E Rustighi; 정형조
2012-05Triangular relationship between vibration modes of an elastically supported rigid body with a plane of symmetry장선준; 김준우; 최용제
2007-01Vibration design of a rigid body supported by orthogonal springs장선준; 이준호; 최용제
2011-07-21다자유도 진동기반 광대역 에너지 수확장치김인호; 윤석진; 정형조; 이윤표; 장선준
2011-10-07스터링 엔진 구동장치신동욱; 신유환; 이윤표; 장선준
2012-02-22스터링 엔진의 시동 장치신유환; 이윤표; 장선준
2013-01-29에너지 하베스터김준우; 윤석진; 이윤표; 장선준; 최용제
2011-05-24열교환부가 개량된 스터링 엔진이윤표; 장선준; 조복희