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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-03-30BNNT 정제장치 및 방법고재형; 안석훈; 장세규; 주용호
2021-12Boron Nitride Nanotube-Based > Separator for High-Performance Lithium-Sulfur Batterie장세규; 임홍진; 김홍식; 김희주; 황현진; 박재우; 이태규; 조성용; 전영시
2017-11Boron nitride nanotubes as a heat sinking and stress-relaxation layer for high performance light-emitting diodes김명종; 장세규; 서태훈; 김준희; 이건희; 박아현; 조현진; S. Chandramohan; 전성란; 서은경
2017-10Boron Nitride Nanotubes: Properties, Nano-dispersions, and Applications장세규; 임홍진; 김범준
2017-03Characteristic correlation between liquid crystalline epoxy and alumina filler on thermal conducting properties유남호; 고문주; 안석훈; 여현욱; 장세규; Akherul Islam; 한재량
2020-02Chemically resistant and thermally stable quantum dots prepared by shell encapsulation with cross-linkable block copolymer ligands윤숙영; 이도창; 박성남; 허준; 양희순; 배완기; 방준하; 장세규; 고재완; 정병국; 장준혁; 정준영
2016-04Curing Studies of Liquid Crystalline Epoxy and Various Aromatic Diamine Hardeners: Development of High Thermal Conductive Polymer Resin유남호; 고문주; 안석훈; 여현욱; 장세규
2016-05Development of Composite Material with High Thermal Conductivity by Using New Liquid Crystalline Epoxy Resin유남호; 고문주; 안석훈; 여현욱; 장세규; 김영수; 정진; 이승히
2017-03Development of Highly Thermal Conductive Liquid Crystalline Epoxy Resins for High Thermal Dissipation Composites유남호; 고문주; 안석훈; 여현욱; 장세규; 김영수; Jin Jung; Seung Hee Lee
2017-04Development of Liquid Crystalline Epoxy Composites with High Thermal Conductivity고문주; 여현욱; 장세규; Akherul Islam
2019-10Dual growth mode of boron nitride nanotubes in high temperature pressure laser ablation김명종; 이헌수; 안석훈; 장세규; 탕 비엣 팜; 김준희; 조현진; 황재훈; Cheol Park; 김철생
2020-04Effect of Polymeric In Situ Stabilizers on Dispersion Homogeneity of Nanofillers and Thermal Conductivity Enhancement of Composites장세규; 임홍진; Md. Akherul Islam; Md Monir Hossain; 윤홍석; 서태훈; 한재량; 김범준; 김명종
2016-01Engineering the Shape of Block Copolymer particles by Surface-modulated Graphene Quantum Dots장세규; 양현승; 구강희; 신재만; 이준혁; 박찬호; 조한희; 김범준
2018-10Enhanced Thermal Conductivity of Liquid Crystalline Epoxy Resin using Controlled Linear Polymerization유남호; 고문주; 안석훈; 장세규; 임홍진; 모하메드 아커룰 이슬람; 한재량; 여현욱
2020-08Entropy-Driven Assembly of Nanoparticles within Emulsion-Evaporative Block Copolymer Particle: Crusted, Seeded, and Alternate Layered Onions장세규; 허몽; 구강희; 이영준; 신재만; 김은지; 윤홍석; 김범준
2018-04Facile Fabrication of Thermostable and Micro-Porous Cryogel using Boron Nitride Nanotube Dispersion for Potential Catalytic Supports장세규; 임홍진; 김범준
2021-06Fluorescence Switchable Block Copolymer Particles with Doubly Alternate-Layered Nanoparticle Arrays장세규; 김태완; 수맹; 이영준; 구강희; 신도중; 이도창; 윤홍석; 김범준
2018-04High-performance, recyclable ultrafiltration membranes from P4VP-assisted dispersion of flame-resistive boron nitride nanotubes김명종; 장세규; 임홍진; 서봉임; 윤홍석; 김지한; 김범준
2019-03Highly stable boron nitride nanotube (BNNT) dispersions and pastes for thin film coatings and fibers장세규; 임홍진; 김범준
2017-05Highly thermal conductive resins formed from wide-temperature-range eutectic mixtures of liquid crystalline epoxies bearing diglycidyl moieties at the side positions유남호; 고문주; 안석훈; 여현욱; 장세규; 김영수; Kwang-Un Jeong; Seung Hee Lee
2021-10Insight into BN Impurity Formation during Boron Nitride Nanotube Synthesis by High-Temperature Plasma이헌수; 장세규; 조현진; 김근수; Gabriela Sigouin; Martin Couillard; Mary Gallerneault; 문세연; 김명종; 신호민
2020-08Interfacial Instability-Driven Morphological Transition of Prolate Block Copolymer Particles: Striped Football, Larva to Sphere장세규; 이성한; 신재만; 구강희; 이영준; 윤홍석; 김범준
2019-09Light-Responsive, Shape-Switchable Block Copolymer Particles장세규; 이준혁; 구강희; 김진우; 이영준; 김범준
2019-03Liquid Crystalline Epoxy Resin with Improved Thermal Conductivity by Intermolecular Dipole-Dipole Interactions유남호; 고문주; 안석훈; 장세규; 김채빈; Iseul Jeong; Dong-Gue Kang; Kwang-Un Jeong; Dai-Soo Lee
2018-12Mechanistic Study on the Shape Transition of Block Copolymer Particles Driven by Length-Controlled Nanorod Surfactants장세규; 구강희; 류지호; 김진우; 윤홍석; 남종용; 신재만; 김영권; 이원보; 김범준
2015-10Monodipserse Nanostructured Spheres of Block Copolymers and Nanoparticles via Cross-Flow Membrane Emulsification신재만; 김민수; 양현승; 구강희; 장세규; 염경호; 이기라; 김범준
2018-10Multidimensional Design of Anisotropic Polymer Particles from Solvent­Evaporative Emulsion장세규; 구강희; 신재만; 윤홍석; 이기라; 김범준
2016-01Nanoparticles as structure-directing agents for controlling the orientation of block copolymer microdomain in thin films장세규; 김세영; 왕현석; 최수형; 김범준; 방준하
2017-10Noncovalent Functionalization of Boron Nitride Nanotubes through Polymer Wrapping김명종; 안석훈; 장세규; 김윤정; 이설희; 이효중
2019-09Optimizing filler network formation in poly(hexahydrotriazine) for realizing high thermal conductivity and low oxygen permeation유남호; 고문주; 안석훈; 장세규; 이승기; 김채빈; 황선빈; 이장건