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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-08A magnetite suspension-based washing method for immunoassays using Escherichia coli cells with autodisplayed Z-domains강민정; 김도훈; 봉지홍; 유구; 장서윤; 장영욱; 요아힘 요세; 변재철
2016-08Band-type microelectrodes for amperometric immunoassays강민정; 이가연; 장영욱; 고혁; 변재철
2018-11Capacitive biosensor based on vertically paired electrode with controlled parasitic capacitance강민정; 이가연; 박준희; 장영욱; 조성보; 변재철
2019-05Characterization of in-situ Synthesized CdSxSe1-x Ternary Alloy Nanowire Photosensor박재관; 강민정; 김홍래; 안병기; 장영욱; 변재철
2015-01Chemiluminescence lateral flow immunoassay based on Pt nanoparticle with peroxidase activity박종민; 정하욱; 장영욱; 김형석; 강민정; 변재철
2018-01Chronoamperometry-Based Redox Cycling for Application to Immunoassays강민정; 이가연; 박준희; 장영욱; 조성보; 변재철
2018-08“Drop-on-textile” patternable aqueous PEDOT composite ink providing highly stretchable and wash-resistant electrodes for electronic textiles임정아; 계민정; 조진한; 유재철; 장영욱; 한지혜; 이은지; 임호선
2017-09Gold Nanoislands Chip for Laser Desorption/Ionization (LDI) Mass Spectrometry강민정; 노주윤; 김조일; 장영욱; 박종민; 송현우; 변재철
2020-02Highly sensitive in situ-synthesized cadmium sulfid (CdS) nanowire photosensor for chemiluminescent immunoassays박재관; 강민정; 김홍래; 안병기; 장영욱; 변재철
2018-03Hollow Pt-Functionalized SnO2 Hemipill Network Formation Using a Bacterial Skeleton for the Noninvasive Diagnosis of Diabetes강종윤; 김철기; 정영모; 문희규; 전덕우; 박지현; 장영욱; 박형호; Richard B. Kaner
2017-06In situ-synthesized cadmium sulfide nanowire photosensor with a parylene passivation layer for chemiluminescent immunoassays박재관; 강민정; 임주희; 김홍래; 안병기; 장영욱; 이태걸; 손진경; 변재철
2016-01Microbead-based immunoassay using the outer membrane layerof Escherichia coli combined with autodisplayed Z-domains강민정; 김도훈; 봉지홍; 유구; 장서윤; 박민; 장영욱; 요아힘 요세; 변재철
2017-06Redox cycling-based immunoassay for detection of carcinogenic embryonic antigen강민정; 이가연; 박준희; 장영욱; 조성보; 변재철
2018-07Reproducibility control in photosensitivity of in-situ synthesised cadmium sulphide nanowire photosensors박재관; 강민정; 김홍래; 임주희; 안병기; 장영욱; 변재철
2014-10황화카드뮴 나노선 포토센서를 이용한 lateral flow 방식이 적용된 HRP의 화학적 발광 검출안병기; 장영욱; 김홍래; 이경호; 박재관; 변재철