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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-12A method of pipe joining using shape memory alloys지광구; 한준현; 장우양
1999-12Damping mechanism and application of Fe-Mn based alloys지광구; 장우양; 백승한; 신명철
2002-04Effect of betatizing on grain growth and transtormation characteristics of a CuAlNi SMA ribbon with fiber structre장우양; 이영수; 지광구; 이은구
2003-11Effect of betatizing time on the grain growth and transformation characteristics in rapid-solidified Cu-12.7Al-3.9Ni based SMA ribbons with different solidification structures장우양; 지광구; 이영수
2006-06Effect of grain size on amount of deformation-induced epsilon martensite and shape memory effect in Fe-Mn alloy지광구; 한준현; 김윤배; 장우양
2012-03Effect of Grain Size on the Shape Recovery in a Melt-spun Fe-24%Mn-4%Si-5%Cr-5%Co SMA Ribbon김형준; 지광구; 강후원; 이종국; 양권승; 장우양
2004-12Effect of Heat Treatment Temperature on Amount of Stress-Induced e Martensite in an Fe-Mn Alloy지광구; 한준현; 장우양
2008-05Effect of heat treatment temperature on oxidation behavior in Ni-Ti alloy김규석; 지광구; 김완철; 장우양; 한승희
2006-12Effect of Microstructure on Martensitic Transformation and Cyclic Deformation Characteristics in a Cu-Al-Ni Based Alloy with Unidirectional Solidified Structure양권승; 김근형; Kabilan M; 지광구; 장우양
1998-06Effect of microstructure on shape memory effect and transformation behavior in an Fe-32Mn-6.5Si alloy이지영; 지광구; 최종술; 장우양; 신명철
2002-04Effect of microstructure on shape-memory effect in Fe-32Mn-6.5Si alloy지광구; 장우양; 정영훈; 신명철
2008-01Effect of oxidation on transformation and deformation behavior in Ni-Ti alloy김규석; 지광구; 김윤배; 장우양; 한승희
2009-09Energy-saving and quickly-responding SMA actuator지광구; 김윤배; 한준현; 박제민; 장우양
2001-11Formation of texture and anisotropy of shape memory effect in Fe-Mn-Si-Co-Cr alloy지광구; 송준오; 장우양; 신명철; 최종술
2001-02Fromation of texture and deformation-induced anisotropy of shape memory effect in an cold rolled Fe-Mn-Si alloy송준오; 지광구; 장우양; 최종술; 신명철
2007-12Generation and control of two way shape memory effect for SMA coil spring지광구; 한준현; 김윤배; 장우양
2002-06Llo →Ni//5Al//3 transformation in martensitic Ni-Al alloys지광구; 송시연; 장우양
2012-03Martensitic transformation and reponse characteristics in bias-SMA spring actuators with thermal cycling지광구; 최원일; 김경훈; 장우양
2004-11Measurement of volume fraction of ε martensite in Fe-Mn based alloys지광구; 한준현; 장우양
2003-08Measurement of volume fraction of ε martensite using specific volume difference in Fe-Mn based alloys.지광구; 한준현; 장우양
2006-11Microstructural Change and Martensitic Transformation in a Rapidly Solidified Cu-Al-Ni Based SMA Ribbons with Heat Treatment지광구; 박정수; 이영수; 장우양
1991-07Microstructural changes by deformation and shape memory effect in Fe-15Mn-5Cr-5Co-3Si.신명철; 지광구; 장우양; 홍종휘
2002-04Microstructural control and characterization of CuAlNi-based SMA fabricated by continuous casting process장우양; S.H. Lee; 지광구; 정서홍; 김규식; 이은구
2008-05New method for improving properties of SMA coil springs지광구; 한준현; 김윤배; 이동헌; 장우양
2010-08New SMA Actuator with High Energy Efficiency and Quick Response지광구; 한준현; 박제민; 장우양
2010-08New SMA Actuator with High Energy Efficiency and Quick Response박제민; 지광구; 한준현; 장우양
2003-09Preferred orientation of rolling-induced ε martensite in an Fe-Mn-Si alloy지광구; 장우양; 정영훈
1992-04Preferred orientation of εmartensite in Fe-15Mn-5Cr-5Co-3Si alloy.신명철; 지광구; 장우양; 양권승
1998-01Recovery behavior in Fe-32Mn-6.5Si alloy지광구; 이지영; 장우양; 신명철; 최종술
1996-01Recovery behavior in Fe-32Mn-6.5Si alloy.지광구; 신명철; 이지영; 장우양; 최종술