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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-052DEG를 이용한 산화물 전자빔 나노 패터닝 제어장혜정; 백승협; 문선영; 이광엽; 김진연; 김도향; 장호원
2020-063D architectures of single-crystalline complex oxides김진상; 최지원; 강종윤; 원성옥; 장혜정; 백승협; 김성근; 김신익; 최형진; 이광엽; 정인기; 영서광; 정수영; 노창재; 이종석
2011-113D reconstruction of anode in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell using FIB-SEM김강철; 김혜령; 이종호; 손지원; 김도향; 장혜정
2012-103D structural analysis of LSC-GDC composite cathode with different powder process김강철; 김혜령; 이종호; 손지원; 김도향; 장혜정
2021-043D 프린팅 방법으로 제조된 다층 재료의 적층 순서에 따른 미세구조 및 기계적 특성 변화장혜정; 최하늘; Nana Kwabena Adomako; John J Lewandowski; 김정한; 박진우
2019-113D 프린팅 방법으로 제조된 페라이트-오스테나이트 스테인리스강 경사조성재료의 미세조직 연구장혜정; 최하늘; 신기승; 윤지현; 박용호; 김정한
2019-11A comprehensive study on the mechanism of ferroelectric phase formation in hafnia-zirconia nanolaminates and superlattices최정혜; 장혜정; 이광엽; Min Hyuk Park; Han Joon Kim; Jaehong Park; Young Hwan Lee; Yu Jin Kim; Taehwan Moon; Keum Do Kim; Seung Dam Hyun; Hyun Woo Park; Cheol Seong Hwang
2012-11A new absorption band and visible absorption properties in V-doped TiO2 nanopowder지현석; 박훈; 이건배; 장혜정; 안재평; 박종구
2012-10A Study on Structural and Electrochemical Properties of Overcharged Ni-based Cathode Materials for Li-Ion Batteries장원영; 김동현; 장혜정; 조병원; 이종원; 정경윤
2015-10A Study on the Relationship between Microstructure and Mechanical Properties in High Entropy Alloys임가람; JS Lee; 장혜정; 김진연; 나영상
2012-11Addition effects of erbia-stabilized bismuth oxide on ceria-based carbonate composite electrolytes for intermediate temperature--solid oxide fuel cells백승석; 이내성; 김병국; 장혜정; 송선주; 박준영
2012-02Al-AlN composite manufactured by gas reaction method for high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion김효진; 박경원; 장혜정; 이건재; 이재철; 안재평
2013-04Al-Ni-Co-Y계 비정질 합금의 점도 및 열적 안정성 연구나민영; 임가람; 박성현; 김강철; 장혜정; 김원태; 김도향
2017-06Alternative sample preparation method for large-area cross-section view observation of lithium ion battery장혜정; 정영우; 김지영; 조혜영
2012-10Analysis of microstructure changes in graphene after annealing나민영; 최종권; 이승모; 김재현; 장혜정
2019-05Anionic Redox Activity as a Key Factor in the Performance Degradation of NaFeO2 Cathodes for Sodium Ion Batteries정경윤; 장혜정; 조민경; 김형석; 김지영; 굴람 알리; 디키 수산토; 남경완
2020-01Anomalous behavior of glass-forming ability and mechanical response in a series of equiatomic binary to denary metallic glasses장혜정; Jung Soo Lee; Hyun Seok Oh; Wan Kim; Chae Woo Ryu; Jin Yeon Kim; J.L. Gu; K.F. Yao; B.S. Murty; Eun Soo Park
2009-05Application of spinodal decomposition to produce metallic glass matrix composite with simultaneous improvement of strength and plasticity김민욱; 안재평; 석현광; 에릭플러리; 장혜정; 김도향; 차필령; 김유찬
2019-08Atomic and Electronic Reconstruction at the a-LAO/STO Interface by e-beam Induced Crystallization장혜정; 백승협; 이광엽; 김신익; 한경탁; 김영민; 김도향
2019-08Atomic doping site and dielectric property in perovksite oxide nanosheets최지원; 장혜정; 김양희; 임해나; 최하늘; 이광엽; 노종욱
2014-11Atomic scale analysis of interface of oxide heterostructure using Cs-corrected STEMJong Kwon Choi; Joohwi Lee; 백승협; 문선영; 박재홍; 최정혜; 장혜정
2019-02Atomic-scale crystal patterning in the oxide film by the electron beam irradiation장혜정; 백승협; 김신익; 이광엽; 한경탁; 김영민; 김도향
2013-10Atomically resolved mapping of polarization and strain across ferroelectric oxide interfaces by Z-contrast imaging장혜정; Stephen J. Pennycook; Albina Y. Borisevich
2021-01Atomically sculptured heart in oxide film using convergent electron beam장혜정; 백승협; 이광엽
2011-06Atomically-resolved mapping of polarization and electric fields across ferroelectric-oxide interfaces by Z-contrast imaging장혜정; S.V. Kalinin; A.N. Morozovska; M. Huijben; Y.H. Chu; P. Yu; R. Ramesh; E.A. Eliseev; G.S. Svechnikov; S.J. Pennycook; A. Borisevich
2021-11Calibration of high magnification in the measurement of critical dimension by AFM and SEM장혜정; 나민영; 류서경; 곽계영; 김태건; 우진천; 김경중
2018-12Characterization of Cr (VI) - containing solid phase particles in dry dust deposition in Daejeon, South Korea채근화; 장혜정; 배지환; Pyeong-Koo Lee; Soonyoung Yu; Min-Ju Kang; Gitak Chae
2016-03Comprehensive Study on Critical Role of Surface Oxygen Vacancies for 2DEG Formation and Annihilation in LaAlO3/SrTiO3 Heterointerfaces문선영; 문천우; 장혜정; 김태민; 강종윤; 최현진; 김진상; 백승협; 장호원
2018-05Controlling Amorphous Structure with Electron Beam장혜정; Hyun Seok Oh; Je In Lee; Eun Soo Park
2018-09Controlling Atomic Scale Epitaxial Crystallization by an Interfacial Conductivity of the Insulating Oxides under an Electron Beam장혜정; 백승협; 이광엽; 문선영; 김진연; 김도향; 장호원