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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-10A novel simulation architecture of configurational-bias gibbs ensemble monte carlo for the conformation of polyelectrolytes partitioned in confined spaces.전명석
2002-06A Numerical analysis for estimations of osmotic pressure of colloidal suspension and gradient diffusion coefficient of particles from permeate flux experiments전명석
2006-10Aggregation of gold nanoparticles김태훈; 전명석; 이강택
2006-11Aggregation of Gold Nanoparticles: Experiments and Modeling김태훈; 전명석; 주상우; 이강택
1997-10Analysis on a hydrophobic hollow-fiber membrane absorber and experimental observations of CO//2 removal by enhanced absorption전명석; Kew Ho Lee
2002-10Analysis on electrokinetic flows in a charged rectangular microchannel곽현욱; 전명석
2000-04Analysis on electrokinetic principle and zeta-potential of ionic fluid flows through cone-shaped channel이상엽; 전명석; 김재진; 양승만
1992-09Analysis on the apparent slip and depleted layer of polymer flow in narrow-bore capillaries박천일; 전명석; 김동학; 박오옥
2005-04Apparent fluid slip due to Stokes flow in confined spaces of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) microfluidic-chip전명석; 이태석
2004-04Applicability of Microchip-Based Streaming Potential for Electrokinetic Microbattery최낙원; 이태석; 전명석
1992-04Approximate analysis on the electrostatic potential distributions around a colloidal particle and measurement of the surface charge density.전명석; 박오옥
1991-07Approximate analytic expressions of the electrostatic double-layer potential distribution between suspended rodlike polymer particles.전명석; 박오옥
2006-10BioMEMS 기반의 μTAS 응용을 위한 미세전기 유체역학(electro-microfluidics)이인택; 전명석
2002-05Brownian dynamics simulations for static and dynamic behaviors of a polyelectrolyte chain confined in slit-like spaces곽현욱; 전명석
2014-12Brownian Dynamics Simulations of Biological Polymer Chain전명석; 염민선
2006-04Brownian dynamics simulations on conformation and diffusion of a single polyelectrolyte chain in confined spaces (일반초청강연)전명석
2004-05Brownian Dynamics Simulations on Hindered Diffusion of Polyelectrolyte Chain with FENE Spring in Confined Spaces최종훈; 전명석
2014-07Cell Deformation by Viscoelastic Flow Focusing in Microfluidic Channels정희경; 김재헌; 우덕하; 전명석; 장미숙
2004-02Chain Conformation of Charged Polyelectrolyte in Solvents by Employing Efficient Hybrid Simulations of Molecular Dynamics and Monte Carlo Scheme전명석; 이현수
2004-02Change of surface property and flux of polycarbonate membrane by surface modification with fluorine민광준; 설용건; 김홍곤; 전명석
2003-12Change of Water Permeability by Fluorination of Polycarbonate Membrane Surface민광준; 설용건; 전명석; 김홍곤
2007-10Characterizing the conformational evolution and diffusion of xanthan in solvent by single molecule imaging이덕의; 전명석; 김종엽
2006-11Coarse-grained modeling of Xanthan polyelectrolyte and Brownian dynamics simulations of its conformation in confined spaces전종구; 전명석
1999-09Computer simulation study on the concentration distribution of spherical colloids within confined spaces of well-defined pores전명석
1993-10Concentration-depleted layers due to colloidal force and its influence on the xanthan fractionation전명석; 박오옥; 양승만
2000-10Configurational-bias gibbs ensemble Monte Carlo study of the partitioning of polyelectrolytes박병준; 전명석; 김재진
2008-08Conformation and diffusion of a single polyelectrolyte chain in confined spaces of nano/microchannels: simulation and experiment전명석; 이덕의; 김종엽
2009-05Conformation and translational diffusion of a xanthan polyelectrolyte chain: Brownian dynamics simulation and single molecule tracking전명석; 김종엽; 이덕의
2013-10Conformational dynamic behavior of single polyelectrolyte chains confined in micro and nanochannels윤규; 정현욱; 전명석
2010-10Conformational dynamics of a single chain of submicron-sized polyelectrolyte in simple flow fields이정용; 전명석; 정현욱; 현재천