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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-07Asymmetry in electrical properties of Al-doped TiO2 film with respect to bias voltage전우진; 라상호; 이웅규; 안철현; 정민정; 김상현; 조철진; 김성근; 황철성
2021-04Computational and Histological Analyses for Investigating Mechanical Interaction of Thermally Drawn Fiber Implants with Brain Tissue윤경호; 김강현; 성창훈; 이정준; 원준희; 전우진; 서승범; 박성준
2016-01Frustration of Negative Capacitance in Al2O3/BaTiO3 Bilayer Structure김유진; 박민혁; 이영환; 김한준; 전우진; 문태환; 김금도; 정두석; Hiroyuki Yamada; 황철성
2015-05High-concentration boron doping of graphene nanoplatelets by simple thermal annealing and their supercapacitive properties염다영; 전우진; 뉴옌 카 투; 여소영; 이상수; 성봉준; 장혜정; 임정아; 김희숙
2021-01Highly sustainable mechanical/electrical resistance switching behaviors via one-dimensional Ag/TiO2 core-shell resistive switchable materials in flexible composite이상수; 박종혁; 김민성; 김영진; 신근영; 전우진
2020-06Modulated filamentary conduction of Ag/TiO2 core-shell nanowires to impart extremely sustained resistance switching behavior in a flexible composite이상수; 박종혁; 김민성; 김영진; 전우진; 황철성
2012-12One-Dimensional TiO2@Ag Nanoarchitectures with Interface-Mediated Implementation of Resistance-Switching Behavior in Polymer Nanocomposites오기원; 전우진; 이상수
2018-05Resistance Switching Capable Polymer Nanocomposites Employing Networks of One-Dimensional Nanocarbon Wrapped by TiO2 Conformal Layer이상수; 김영진; 전우진
2011-11Simple preparation of boron-substituted and reduced graphene oxide by thermal annealing and its electrical properties김희숙; 전우진; 염다영; 이상수; 성봉준
2020-11Sustainable resistance switching performance from composite?type ReRAM device based on carbon nanotube@titania core?shell wires이상수; 김민성; 황지현; 김영진; 김태환; 전우진
2021-06Sustained complementary resistive switching capability deployed by structure-modulated electric field confinement of core-shell nanowires in a simple polymer composite이상수; 박종혁; 김민성; 최한형; 김영진; 전우진; 방준하
2013-02Titanium dioxide thin films for next-generation memory devices김성근; 김경민; 정두석; 전우진; 윤경진; 황철성
2013-11Variation in the threshold voltage of amorphous-In2Ga2ZnO7 thin-film transistors by ultrathin Al2O3 passivation layer라상호; 김언기; 정지심; 황은석; 이승준; 전우진; 유연우; 최정혜; 황철성
2011-03-21저항 변화를 이용한 비휘발성 기억소자 및 그 제조방법이상수; 전우진